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22/1/15 08:40 am
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So I started new job yesterday, and will be working 10-4:30 Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Everyone is very nice, there is no dress code, and I think I can do most things but don't have access to any of the programs or websites so far.

last night's dream of novices nuns on the run was brought to you by Call the Midwife and Up the Women )
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House viewings are arranged for tomorrow. My phone has been sent for repair. I don't know how long for - they need the parts, and when J asked they just said "a couple of days." "A couple of working days?" "Eh. A couple of days." All the reviews of the place mention poor service, but it's also bloody cheap. I can put up with poor service for a repair that costs less than half the price of the other place I asked. I've been missing it more than I expected, which is partly having had a smartphone for much longer than last time I had to go without it and partly a reflection of how lax I've got about fiddling with it at work.

ETA J, meanwhile, dreamt he ran the pea_facts twitter, which was just made up facts about peas. He should do this, y/y?

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6/1/15 07:03 pm
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Decs are down. Tree is still up (naked) because we want to go to the cinema tonight and haven't got time for hacking and sawing at it. I always want to keep the tree at this time of year; it just seems like a nice addition to the house plants. And it was a lovely tree this year, really narrow and tall and dense.

We're off to see Birdman later. Should be good :)

Notice etc are work are all sorted. My request to become a casual has been denied (which feels a bit passive aggressive from HR, which means it probably is!) which isn't necessarily a bad thing because at least this way it's a clean break. Of course, it does mean I need another job in Leeds. I've applied to lego, since there's a lego store there, but their online application is design for all possible lego jobs all over the world, which makes it a bit strange! None of Leeds' museums appear to be hiring, or even owning up to the fact they employ people, so it's probably back to shop work for me. Might drop a CV into some of the cinemas as well.

I've also taken more holiday than I get on pro rata, but it's already booked so there neh (it'll just turn into unpaid leave!). I technically have two days back at work after the holiday, but I think I'll take those as unpaid leave as well. Not a sensible decision financially, but more sensible in terms of having a few days before starting new work. Might have my leaving do after I get back though, since otherwise I'll be having it then getting up at 5:30 the next day to catch a plane!

We're going to check out two houses in Leeds on friday, and Armley Museum (because J's phd means going to all the museums all the time!). Then I'm doing my taxes on Saturday. Yes I am. Honest. Cross my heart.

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22/11/14 12:36 pm
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Just done a massive FList purge, especially of old comms and people who haven't updated since 2009. If you are, in fact, still here and still watching, shout and I'll add you back. I've also deleted a load of RL people since I have more contact with them through other means, but I've left my sister's journal even though she hasn't used it in literally a decade because it seems weird to delete your own sister.

It's still a bit strange having J at home. Like, we have two days off together every single week, instead of once every two months! He starts his PhD on the 1st, and in the meantime is writing a football book. He's doing basicall all of the cooking and cleaning, which is fun :)

I have been doing a little bit of writing, on a book of ghost stories J and I brainstormed together. So far with have a Bridget-Jones-esque woman having her hair stolen by a wax doll and an accountant being wanted by a pearl necklace he took from a shipwreck. It's inspired by the Whitby Museum, which is brilliant. It's stuffed to the gills with wax dolls, ammonites with snakes' heads carved on them, hangman charms, random stuff brought back by explorers (like a headhunters skull and accessories, a stuffed turtle, and a pouwhenua - a lot of stuff that really should have been left where it was!), bits of shipwrecks, corsets, and a leech barometer. You know, normal museum stuff.

I had first aid training the last two days. The world's most annoying woman was in the group. "Our Ruth is like me," she says, "she values her privacy," the 54 year old woman who works as a technician at a local school, who has three sons (middle one a drug addict who left home at 15) and two granddaughters, one of whom just got out of a bad relationship and works at 60 hours a week -- at the designer outlet, who's father died at 61 of a hearth conditions, who doesn't believe in calling ambulances except when absolutely necessary, who judges her neighbour for texting while pushing a pram, thinks byron burger is too expensive and will only eat beef and lamb cooked until there is no pink left. I knew this woman for a day and a half. I know more about her life than I do about saving lives now. And she was shit at CPR!

I potentially have a new job, working for CAB in Leeds. It's part time, so I'd still be at the museum as well, but it'd be a step away. It's only maternity cover, but I'm kinda pleased about that because if I hate it I only have to stick it out for a year, and it's a nice big organisation so there'll be plenty of internal opportunities. We'll probably be moving to Leeds (which is where J's PhD is anyway) because it's much cheaper - we could save a couple of grand a year and live somewhere bigger. We're going to be very skint, but we have the savings and I need to make an effort to move forwards, not just stay in the increasingly uncomfortable comfort zone (but the museum is a subject for a locked post!).

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13/9/14 06:34 pm
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Freaking out a little because I've been offered an interview by the military museum for activities coordinator, which I'd love, but the interview dates are while I'm in Cornwall. I now have to phone a Wing Commander and ask for special treatment, which is going to be fun.

I'll say one thing - apparently I write an awesome covering letter. First the Enid Blyton Boarding School, now an interview with a Wing Commander. Applying only for slightly weird jobs is apparently working for me as well.

I think I'm going to ask if I can have an interview first thing on Monday, and rebook our train. If not, then first thing on Tuesday will have to do, and J and I will spend as much time traveling as relaxing seeing my parents.

In other news, my anxiety has been bad recently. I think I've over the peak today, but it's definitely a cyclical thing. I'm going to a Legs, Bums and Tums class on monday at one of the local gyms - it's a nice gym because it doesn't charge the earth for classes for non-members, but it's a scary gym because it's full of very intense patrons who look at you weirdly for not being intense - which required a phone call to book, so at least the anxiety isn't being social anxiety right now. I think I'm saving that up for calling the Wing Commander. Anyway, I'm going to the gym because exercise is supposed to be good, a sort of serotonin reset, before I try going to the doctor. I'd rather do yoga, but my preferred yoga teacher doesn't have anything I can get to easily from work, what with all the office staff having moved back in and the odds of leaving work at 5:30 like I'm meant to have massively dropped. I have done yoga at this gym, but it was scary yoga, not relaxing yoga.

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7/2/08 04:36 pm
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It's been a weird couple of days in terms of work. Yesterday there was a power failure in the morning, so I came home again, and then went back. The afternoon was not great, since I had a rather boring shift on my own, and everyone was running around setting up for an evening do (which meant there were frequently people, but I couldn't talk to them). Today I had a half day, expecteding to be covering for people in training. Turns out, I was training, but having been told to come in from 12:30 to 5:30 the training was actually 1:30 to 4 (only it ended up being 12:45 to 3:30). I am really looking forwards to the studios opening, since it means more talking to people, plus getting to play with swords and candles and cakes.

Also, it's weird coming home and it being both warm and light outside.

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21/6/07 04:13 pm
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I have a job! References providing, anyway. Where [livejournal.com profile] rhube works, though I probably shan't see her at all. Anyway, employed is me! W00t!

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23/9/05 05:31 pm
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Ah, the most recent cooking experiment. Apparently we're killing enyay's bandwidth, and we're number one in FYRMacedonia (see, pie_girl, I remember!). And the lamp is all greasy, but otherwise useable.

Got called iyesterday because they needed help at work today, and I turn up to find that not only do we have christmas stuff to be labelled, catalogues to be made up, mail orders to do, but also the till has decided to stop working. Made for an interesting morning. Well, actually, it didn't, because all I did was catalogue. And then rearrange the pegboard.For all that I love my job, 90% of the time is extremely dull. I spent most of the time self-analysing. I'm nuts, obviously.

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20/9/05 10:43 am
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I feel like it's been too long since I've updated with anything substantial. So we'll start with the very large spider. The spider which was to large to fit under a pint glass without breaking it's legs. And, of course, decided to be in a corner, so any such attempt to glass it would be fairly futile. Well, would have been, had not Toast (who I had roped in despite him being no keener on spiders than I am) discovering that it was a very docile spider, and just sort of fell into the large container. It's now living a very long way away.

Work, yesterday, was entertaining. I wouldn't have been in at all if it wasn't for this coachload of Americans who were going to be coming at some point during the day. As usual, I set off a bit early, so I dawdled slightly so I wouldn't have to wander around waiting for the boss (D) to come down stairs, see me, and let me in. Got there maybe seven minutes before our opening time, and peered through the door.

"Ah," thinks I, "the lights are on. D's already in. I can see someone moving about." I squint into the gloom. "That's a woman," realise I. "That's... that's many women. The shop is full of people. Oh god, the Americans are here!!"

Turns out they'd run into D at the hotel they were all staying at for the Dolls House Show, and asked if they could come at 9, before the shop opened. By the time he got home on Sunday he figured it was too late to call anyone, and besides, S (our supervisor) would be in at 9:15. So, he gets there at 8:40, and there's already one woman on the doorstep! The rest appear ten minutes later, and S didn't get in til about 9:20, just before I did. The entire first hour was manic, with the three of us scanning and packing stuff and getting everyone's selections mixed up, and poor St (co-worker) who turned up on time running around opening cabinets. We're not a small shop, and there were thirty or forty people trying to browse and buy.

The tea was well deserved by the time they were mostly done. We spent a mostly lazy day after that, doing some bagging and labelling and stuff. We'd earnt more that morning than we usually did all week. It was quite a last day for St, who's going back to America now her husband has finished his degree. It was funny when the Americans kept failing to notice she was American too, since though she still has a strong American accent to us, apparently to them she sounded very English. I'm going to miss her, since we got on really well and she's one of the few people there around my age (the other being R, who is in her mid teens). From now on there's going to be a roughly 25 year age gap between me and the next youngest, I think. We had cake and tea and poppadoms at about three, which was nice (S is a great supervisor - she always brings stuff like that for us to nibble during the afternoon), and after work we went to the Evil Eye, which a lot of the others complained about since it's the sort of place their kids and grandkids hang out. I can reccomend people avoid the Spiced Lassi and the Virgin Mary, unless they have a taste for curry sauce. We went on to a tapas bar, and then wandered home. I'm glad my route and St's coincided, since it gave me more of a chace to say goodbye.

We probably won't be getting anyone to replace St, unless my timetable is truly cruel. I just wish I knew what it was! I hate leaving D hanging like this, and I'd also like to know my reading list, and so on. It's really not that long til term begins. I still need to get the magazine sorted (I want to have it finished byt the 1st of Oct, so we have plent of time to make small changes and get it printed) and finish off these essays.

Grr at Uni, Woo at Work, Ooh at Spider.

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7/8/05 10:46 am
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I really have not been updating often enough. I keep meaning too, like the night after Toast got me drunk and I talked very loudly for a very long time about Batman comics and entirely failed to watch Batman Returns. And I sure some other stuff happened that I meant to post about.

Regardless, yesterday was brilliant. There was work, which is always okay (though I don't get on with one of the other Saturday worked very well; compeltely different personalities). It started with one of the regulars coming in to get stuff to make Gryffindor Common Room. Fair enough! I spent most of the day bagging all the new items, which isn't interesting but keeps me out of the way of the customers. And then my favourite bit! I got to make up a scene in the shop-shadowbox. I got to play!! And then, and then and thenandthen, I got cake!!!

I love my job ^_^

So, after play and cake, I came home to Dalek building (I love my house ^_^ ) and there was food and icecream and AMVs and pub. All in all, a most magnificent day!

I was meant to be doing the tidying up this morning (since I keep missing things like the washing up) but some how it's magically done itself. Or, you know, Toast did, as according to the note he left. I feel all looked after, but also all guilty.

Alas, I am going back to Surrey on Wednesday (not sad for everyone, I know) and going camping on Friday for about a fortnight, which means I won't even see Surrey peoples. I'll miss the departures of all those who are leaving York forever this Summer too :(

Plans for the day: Get dressed. Update many and varied websites. Possibly go and watch anime. Finish tidying my room (things are now sorted into piles on my bed, ready to actually be put away)

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18/4/05 06:42 pm
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You know, the mag people still haven't got back to me. I've got no idea whether they received the files or not. I probably won't know until I see the actual magazine, since I don't feel particular inclined to email and find out. I just think it's always nice to let people know if you've received something, you know? I have being having this issue with other people at the moment, and I know I don't always follow my own rules here, but I try and keep things within a reasonable timeframe. I reply to most emails within a week, even if I haven't got much to say.

This is going to be a ranty post, but without venom. I'm never really that bothered by the thigns I rant about. Next up: work!

I think it was Friday, the first grr. I'm starting to recognise regular customers now. A couple came in, who I recognised, and wanted to return some things without a receipt. I told them I wasn't meant to do that, but said I'd so it anyway. The man kept pointing out they'd spent a lot of money on hte house. Well, who hasn't? They're expensive. And I'd alrady told him I'd do the refund. So the couple browse for a bit, then the man stops to talk to the other person working with me. Tells her I won't do the refund (in a joking sort of way) and described me as her 'assistant'.

I may be the most recent employee (until tomorrow, when two new people start), but I'm on equal fotting with other employees. We're all sales assistants. Yes, I'm considerably younger than most of the staff. Doesn't change a thing. I'd appreciate it if people didn't try to undermind my authority (I had every right to refuse completely, but I'm not a twit) and didn't assume I was inferior to other employees. David and Helen are the supervisors. Everyone else is a sales assistant.

Similar thing today, when a differnt couple decided to insist on having David (I'm assuming they knew him, at least slightly, since they didn't call him 'the manager') called down over slate tiles. Steph and I had both explained that the slate was expensive, and we didn't have the country mix in grey. Slate is grey, antique is red, and country mix is sort of orangey. You don't get orange slate, do you? It's real slate, and it's tiny, so of course it's expensive. I think they were hoping David would somehow produce, from mid air, a cheap slate. They went away disappointed in that respect.

Tomorrow, or soon, I shall probably go and purchase a nice little housey for myself. Dinky little Georgian shop and some glue, expect there's really no point gluing it together until I've got walls and floor sorted out. There's some really nice wallpapers, but I foresee complexity, and I've already made it hard enough for myself by deciding to brick the front.

I still feel guilty about spending so much money on something, especillay something that's going to continue eating money. If I don't do it now, though, I won't do it at all, and I'd like to. I've earnt £105 this weeked from extra shifts, so I've got plenty of cash floating around, and I'll still have enough to eat for the week. Otherwise it'll just filter away on other things. And I'm getting this £25 of booktokens, so that'll satisfy any other selfish desires.

Maybe if i read tomorrow, and go on wednesday, adn buy comics too? Coz that'll help spending guilt. ::eyeroll::

Oh, and because, once more, people prove there's nothing so strange as fact: Police advise against lying down in roads

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16/1/05 09:15 am
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I have accidentally not quite turned into a social butterfly. In that I'm going to Hull today! And have spent every night this week out drinking.

Friday night: saw Hellboy. Loved it, apart from the bringing certan characters back from the dead at the end and the FBI agent who just kinda meandered around the others. What was the point of him? Blue, though, was cool.

Then went and drank two double vodkas and lemonades in about five minutes, followed by another shortly after, having not eaten for seven hours. Still assumed I'd be fine the next morning. I woke up at about 5AM with a stomach ache. At 6, I took two paracetamol, on a stomach that had had nothing but alcohol in it for fifteen hours by then. 8AM got up, got dressed, had breakfast, was ill, had an orange, went to work.

Saturday: Far too exciting. Elderly woman collapsed in a diabetic fit. I'm behind the Till, so what I hear is:

"Do you mind if my mother sits down for a bit?"

"No, that's fine. Wouold you like a glass of water?"

"Yes, thank you."

"Call an ambulance!"

When you're behind hte till you can't see most of the shop (brilliant design, I know), so while other people helped her I was trying to help customers and failing to remember how you escaped the supervisor options screen. My mind is goiong "someone's going to die right next to me". I thought it was a heart attack. Paramedic turned up in about five minutes, followed by the ambulance five mintues later. I'm very impressed with York!

Less exciting, but good in a 'didn't need any more drama, thank you very much' way, were the four Japanese men who spent two hours in the shop. Every doll's house they wanted was out of stock, unfortunately. Brilliant guys though, cracking sense of humour, even if only one of them spoke English (and spoke it well enough to understand York colloquialisms). They insisted on taking a photo of us next to hte model of the house they bought, saying "Now she will know exactly what it is meant to look like, with three beautiful English ladies".

We've also had two people quite this week, so there's a fair chance I'll be keeping my job, and an ex-regular-customer committed suicide the day before his court hearing where he was going to be accused of rape. See? Interesting day. Oh, and I may have my housing sorted ouot for next year too ^_^

Then got back, then went out of drinks. Again.

Today, going to Hull! Going to see The Deep Blue Sea. And I have to wrap this up, because it's about time I left!

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22/7/04 06:10 pm
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Today's planned timetable:
9:30 Arrive at Debenham's for Till training
13:00 leave
Spend rest of day bumming around at home.

Today's actual timetable:
9:20 arrive at Debenham's
9:40 Get sick of waiting for someone to come to desk, so go to Customer Services to find someone
9:50 End up in main office
10:20 someone arrives to deal with Till training
10:30 person finally finds till training manual
10:40 person (Jo) realises we have not had an induction day
10:45 Jo establishes that till training is hence illegal, and takes us on store tour because till training can't commence without that anyway
10:55 Jo complains to manager about being illegal, but told to go ahead anyway
11:00 finally begin till training
15:00 finish till training
15:15 talk to our manager about illegality and generally ballsing up of day. asked to work in store
15:30 eat very hurried lunch under mistaken impression I only had half hour before having to work
16:15 start working, having spent previous hour learning how Debenham's have cut our till off making till training useless until till reattached
17:30 finish work
18:00 get home and start bumming about as planned.

Not the most efficient of days, really. And I was wondering this morning how till training could possibly last til 1pm! The girl I trained with seemed nice, and she'll be the one I work the most with, so I think we'll get on okay. Though she does seem extremely two-faced. She'd worked with the girl who trained us, Jo. Jo seemed really nice, easy to get on with. My first thought on seeing herwas that she was gay, but then I reprimanded myself and told myself she just happened to dress boyishly. Turns out she is gay (little self congratulatory moment there, because generally I'm completely blind to sexuality), and when she worked with my coworker at the local leisure centre she'd got a lot of stick for it. Coworker was lovely to her face, and they spent rather a long time chatting about coworker's best friend, who has my name, who Jo fancies. When Jo wasn't around my coworker kept referring to her as a complete dick. Not a homophobia thing, but just a hate thing. Jo was lovely! So I can be a bit paranoid that she is slagging me off behind my back, but then, I never care when people do so it's no skin off my nose.

This whol thing has been terribly organised. Generaly, you get an induction day months in advance and till training doesn't take place until after you've stared working at Debenham's. I only found out I was going there on Sunday. I'm going to have to spend Tuesday doing induction, when we had originally planned to open. The supervisor's haven't had the right training, only two other girls will get till training before it opens and our manager leaves for the Dominican Republic tomorrow. They've got to have knowqn about the new store for ages, so why weren't any staff sorted out then?

There was also very brief mention of picking up uniforms. I had heard nothing of that before then, so I'm going to wait and see and if I don't get handed something on Sunday I'll find out on Monday. Next week is going to be insane for me. Working four days out of five (all of which ought to be hectic because we're opening this new section) and packing for cruise, missing out on seeing family who came down specially to give me rpesents (sorry, only one other person is available to work that day and you can't have just one person on the floor) and then bang, holiday. Bet I forget something vital.

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21/7/04 07:04 pm
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I had a weird dream last night.

Heh, now how many people have deja vu? ^_^

Read more... )

So, meeting with supervisor. Actually went and had tea with her, which was odd. She talked a fair bit about herself. She's getting her vows renewed in the Carribbean, for example. Anyway, got a lot of things sorted out, like when I start (always good). Had a look, afterwards, at where I think it's going to be. Really tiny section. Teensy. Enough space for about four rails. I think I can cope with that!

I have to go in at 9:30 tomorrow for till training. Until 1, weirdly. How long an till training take? Will have to set alarm though, which I haven't done for a while.

Most food has started to smell of vomit to me. I thought it was just meat, especially red, but today it was pizza. Milk isn't much better, though we're still working our way through something of a backlog in htat respect. I'm sure this isn't a good thing, but at least it gives me an excuse to stick to salads. If they start smelling (of anything!) I'm going to be a bit freaked out.

Bought Chloe a legal DVD of Donnie Darko, and me a video of 2001:A Space Odessey. I see what people mean about the trippy. And there is excessive amounts of time watching ships in space with very loud classical music, and then loads of stuff going on with absolutely no sound at all. It makes no more sense than the book, though HAL is very chilling.

Updated C&S, and started working on DD again, which is odd. Abandoned Chloe to babysitting for kids the kids who love me and are expecting me, so pain for her tonight. I wanted to watch The Long Firm a little too badly. I'm also curious as to whether I ought to stay up and watch Red Dwarf, or whether that will make me too tired for tomorrow. I ought to be able to cope, I'm sure.

I do see what Anna meant about long entries. But can she summarise this into one sentence?

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20/7/04 06:23 pm
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The other night I had a dream which included catching a spider and putting hairbrushes away. It bugs me that I can't remember the rest. There is, in fact, a spider in a shoeboxin my room, because I found him at midnight inches from where I'd be sleeping, and I haven't decided what to do with him yet.

When Rosie gets back I won't be working with her any more. I'm moving to a new DP in Debenhams, which means no one's going to come and see me either :( But apparantly it'll be less hectic. I've got to meet the head 'for coffee' tomorrow. Bit... weird. I was just kind of expecting a phone call telling me when to turn up. Oh, and I'm finally going to get paid - turns out they lost my bank details I gave them when I started, so I've got to bring those tomorrow as well. But still, money!

First thing I'm doing is ordering the George Romero's Trilogy of the Dead. Wanted to see that for aaaages. Been reading the SFX horror special, so now I've got this huge list of horror films I want to see, several of which aren't even in English. I can see a Horror phase coming on.

^__^ I have £5 boots! I also have £12 sandals so flat I won'tget either back or foot ache from wearing them at work, but mostly I'm in love with the boots. Marked down from £40 for a teensy bit of watermarking. Quite high, brown leather (or it looks like, anyway), and a bit tight around the legs. Been wearing them everywhere. £5. I love my shopping skills XP

I'm sure I had other stuff to say, but I'm distracted by my boots again, and the prospect of actually getting money for work.


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