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21/7/04 07:04 pm
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I had a weird dream last night.

Heh, now how many people have deja vu? ^_^

I had to meet new supervisor for meeting (which actually did happen, and i will babble about in a second) but for some reason it was at college, which looked nothing like college (all one builing, huge library, next to the sea, in built roller coaster), and mum was with me. We had to do an induction thing, which I found odd at the time because surely I'd done one last year when I start lower sixth. We took the roller coaster. Once done, I panicked, realising the induction had begun at eleven, which was when I was meant to be meeting my new supervisor. She was in the library, so I had to leg it up there to talk to her and apologise. I think we talked, though I don't remember, and eventually I went outside onto the quay next to the library, and watched people walk down steps into the sea.

There was more to it, like being upset that someone had taken the blue toilet out of the dining room, but I don't remember most of it. It was one of those dreams where everything completely makes sense at the time, and you know things that are blatantly wrong, like me thinking I was a year younger and that place actually was college.

So, meeting with supervisor. Actually went and had tea with her, which was odd. She talked a fair bit about herself. She's getting her vows renewed in the Carribbean, for example. Anyway, got a lot of things sorted out, like when I start (always good). Had a look, afterwards, at where I think it's going to be. Really tiny section. Teensy. Enough space for about four rails. I think I can cope with that!

I have to go in at 9:30 tomorrow for till training. Until 1, weirdly. How long an till training take? Will have to set alarm though, which I haven't done for a while.

Most food has started to smell of vomit to me. I thought it was just meat, especially red, but today it was pizza. Milk isn't much better, though we're still working our way through something of a backlog in htat respect. I'm sure this isn't a good thing, but at least it gives me an excuse to stick to salads. If they start smelling (of anything!) I'm going to be a bit freaked out.

Bought Chloe a legal DVD of Donnie Darko, and me a video of 2001:A Space Odessey. I see what people mean about the trippy. And there is excessive amounts of time watching ships in space with very loud classical music, and then loads of stuff going on with absolutely no sound at all. It makes no more sense than the book, though HAL is very chilling.

Updated C&S, and started working on DD again, which is odd. Abandoned Chloe to babysitting for kids the kids who love me and are expecting me, so pain for her tonight. I wanted to watch The Long Firm a little too badly. I'm also curious as to whether I ought to stay up and watch Red Dwarf, or whether that will make me too tired for tomorrow. I ought to be able to cope, I'm sure.

I do see what Anna meant about long entries. But can she summarise this into one sentence?
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