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19/3/08 09:32 am
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So LJ is run by bastards, and IJ is eye-bleedingly ugly, and JournalFen is all about the comms. None of these are things that are making my happy right now.

LibraryThing pleases me, though.

It's quite sweet, really. You catalogue your own books, and you can get reccomendations based on them, see how many other people I have them (I am one of only two people to have Roman York, for example, and one of ten and a half thousand to the The Odyssey), read reviews and summaries, and generally just have mutual booksquee. Adding books can be a bit of a pain if, like me, you tend to buy second hand and from British publishers. But you can search by ISBN, which really helps (especially if you persuade Amazon to list everything you've ever purchased from them, which is why my list is mainly made up of course books). They've borrows CSS Zen Garden's idea for a hihgly customisable user interface, too, which is nice ^_^

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20/2/05 11:35 am
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So I went to bed last night, got up, turned on the desk light and scribbled down the first four lines of the following. I love random midnight inspiration.

Is there anybody there, said the Traveller )

On that note, I love the poem I borrowed the title from. Had to sing it once, and there's a church at home which had the first few lines in darker brick covering one side.

And now I'm in the mood, typing up Friday's writing game. Because I wrote slashy fluff at writer's soc ^_^

quote, last line )

If it wasn't for the essay, I might actually get some proper writing done today/this week. For once, I'm in the mood. But no, to the library it is, and the only writing I shall do which isn't copying stuff out of text books will be that long overdue thank you card to my gran.
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In what world walk you?
I walk where sky is darkening blue.
Wait you for me, or I for you?

Been reading Tennyson. I now have to finish Mary Barton by Tuesday. I'm working Saturday and Monday, and I think I'm out doing birthday things tomorrow.
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Inspired by [livejournal.com profile] da_roz between English lessons:

Analytical Jam
Poetry is a lot like cake;
Both have many layers.
But unlike poetry, you can't make
Up layers that aren't there
In cake.

The rhythm's slightly off (really, it needs to be po'try instead of poetry in the third line) but I'm quite pleased with that.

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22/5/03 07:43 pm
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Ever get a phrase stuck in your head so that it keeps going round and rond until you do something with it? Happens to me alarmingly often, so here's what I did with one of those lines:
Random poem )

Side note: I love the little creative emoticon I've got. ^_^

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18/5/03 09:37 pm
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Sorry, just needed somewhere to keep this until I have time to finish it.

The first few lines of a poem:
Where you're livin' in a world where it ain't gonna happen
And everything you want ain't everything you need
When your dreamin' 'n your wishin' 'n your hopin' 'n your schemin'
Ain't gonna get ya to the place ya wanna be.

Okay, done for now. More random inspiration later. Tomorrow. Hopefully. Why is it I can alwya get the beginning of things and never finish them? I have over thrity story-beginnings, but no idea where they're going. Like the above poem. Grr.

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6/5/03 06:52 pm
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Not impressed with Psychology. We turn up cheerful and leave depressed. Something to do with the boredom induced lethargy. (Huggles Anria, who was in a bad mood earlier)

Random spur-of-the-moment poetry )
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Argh. Why is it every time I want to go to bed early events conspire to keep me up? Yesterday I couldn't go to bed because Harry decided, just as I was about to get ready for bed, that he wanted to install a CD rewriter on my computer. Today, mum got caught on the phone and is going to be late picking up my sister and her friends from ATC, which means I have to stay up because her friend's dad is going to get here much earlier than they are. I'm in my pyjamas, and was actually gettting into bed when this news was delivered. Wonder what he'll think?

Well, going to do somehitng productive: I wrote a poem a few days ago. It's odd, somtimes I go through a phase of writing hundreds (most of them crap) sometimes it doesn't even occur to me. I decided a while ago I'd stick things like poems on here and my blog, so ta-da:
Read more... )

It's angsty, adolscent and partially based on real life, but magnified. Just so you know. ^_^ Typical teenaged poetry, really. I swear, I can write better stuff than this, but I can write a hell of lot worse as well.

at school

25/3/03 11:37 am
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Got a break between lessons, so here I am. Can't find the people I normally hang out with at this time. :(

I always seem to attach myself to outgoing, popular people. All of my friends have lots of friends who I don't know. his doesn't bother me, I enjoy meeting all these people, but I feel I out to be making friends outside of our normal group. Girl said hi to me a short while ago. Turned out she's one of Rosie's friends, and sat with us at lunch a few days ago. I recognised her, but was stunned that she recognised me and that she decided to say hi. I think my stunnedness made her think i didn't recognise her. Oops. It was flattering, really. H is always trying to convince me I'm much more popular than I think I am, and that everyone likes me. I know this is probably true, but I get the impression people think I'm nice because they don't know who exactly I am, and I keep a relatively low profile among new people.

Keep getting told I'm abnormally happy. Told H that until I came tocollege I thought unhappiness was abnormal. I guess I jsut had unusually balanced friends back at GHS. Yes, there's irony in there. Espceially when our year wa conisdered most in need of a pyschiatrist. 1 attempted suicide, at least five people cutting their wrists, a bulimic, an anorexic, a compulsive liar and a large number of spoilt bratty bitches... Oh the joys of private all girl schools. It's where I learnt to bitch. Of course, I blame a lot of things on GHS, most of which it doesn't deserve. Honest,i did enjoy my time there. I'm jsut also enjoying my time here. Guys look at my breasts. I doesn't take much to keep me happy. ^_^

Long update. Not unusual, for me. And since LJs work at school, unlike blogs, I can get away with updating multiple times a day.

I meant to put poetry up once in a while. I'll start with one of my favourites, just becasue it's sappy:

When your world comes crashing down
And the sky falls on your head
I will be there
To clear up the wreckage
And clean up the rubble
And pick up the pieces
And set you free
So you can fly again.

See, I like that poem. Not real reason why. It's certainly one of my better ones.


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