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13/5/09 10:04 pm
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Man With A Plank! Best Physics A level video ever.

(the full thing also included the presenter stripping off and sitting on a vibrating chair so you could watch his flab wobble due to resonance)
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Oh god,this is just brilliant. The Numa Numa song (Dragostea din tei) with operatic stylings. It's really really good. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] osprey_archer for the link

Since I'm video linking, have FettDance and that Drench Ad with Brains for some puppet awesomeness (okay, so Fett is stop motion, for the most part, and both have a little cgi...).

While we're on puppets, the muppets have their own youtube sites. Bit of viral marketing there. That's Statler and Waldorf's, though they've favourited all the others so far. So they can mock them, of course.

And to sum it all up, thanks to aearonlinn on insanejournal for linking The Evolution of Dance, one of the few YouTube videos of that length that I don't get bored and navigate away from.

ETA That Quantum Of Solace vid I keep talking about. HmHm Hm HmHm Hm, de-da de-de da. The Something of Boris, is that what is was?

I acheived a proper lie in today. Well, 9:40, anyway, which is after work normally starts, so I had that satisfaction. For me, that's quite an achievement, though I did stay up to 1AM reading about how LJ (and most large social media and social networking sites) is following an unsustainable business model (parts 1, 2 and 3). With OpenID so easy to use these days, I'm thinking about Inksome, and keeping an eye on DreamWidth. To be honest, none of the LJ clones are likely to attract venture capitalists for a long time to come, thanks to LJ itself, which means most will stay fairly stable. I just find it all fascinating (and I won't be taking advantage of the account sale, as a result).

Related: backed up LJ using Lj-Backup, and now I can't find it. I moved my original backup folder to my second drive (weird Acer thing), and LjBackup stopped working, so I uninstalled and downloaded it again. It worked, but I can't find the folder again. I wonder if it's been confused by the other backup folder, despite being on a different drive.

Nothing to do today, not even washing or shopping if I don't want to, except proofread an MA thesis (meep!) and get around to doing the magazine. Oh, and watch tons of scrapheap challenge.

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3/5/08 10:25 am
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List of the 106 books most likely to be unread on a bookshelf to make the bookshelf owner feel clever, apparently. Italicise the ones you own and haven't read, bold the ones you have read.

As I recall, this meme actually started a LibraryThing's books most commonly tagged as 'to read', which explains why there's several books that are unlikely to be there just to make the owner look clever (and why people like Dickens and Gaiman turn up repeatedly). A lot of these I've read and don't own, and I'm bolding the ones I've started but not finished, since there aren't any that I don't intend to finish (unike some books).

the list )

26, not bad. And only two italicised (one of which I suspect I may not actually own).

Also, BBC's year of reading ad (and the behind-the-scenes ad)/ I recognised Bill Bailey, Sean Lock, Jo Brand, Lenny Henry, Ronnie Corbett, Meera Syal, Jon Culshaw, the ubiquitous Omid Djalili, Jenny Eclair, Robert somebody, She came to my work place and I’ve forgotten her name! and Geri Halliwell. Anyone wanna tell me who I missed?

And the Discovery Channel thinks the world is awesome, and prove their case admirably (Stephen Hawking sings!).

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30/3/08 10:55 pm
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Reorganising my bookmarks (because I don't like scrolling) and I realised I hadn't watched Trevis for a while. He dances. And more.

Trevis is actually the name of the car, but since I don't speak German, I'm going to assume it's the guy's name too. And that the site is pitching a small Japanese car to gay German men who like dressing as Americans. As long as Trevis doesn't put his shirt on, I really don't care.

Accordingly to [livejournal.com profile] zombie_thing the categories, roughly translated, are "Dance for me, Baby", "Look into my eyes" and "Surprise me".

ETA - I'll throw in some recut trailers from YouTube, too: Shining, Scary Mary (Poppins), Top Gun, The Ring, Titantic: Two the Surface and The Wicker Man.

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25/2/08 04:41 pm
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I knew I wasn't better, but I didn't realise I was worse until I spoke to people today. My voice is... croaky. Desirous of frequent soothings. I have a nice rotation of Lemsip, Strepsils and Cough Syrup going on. The mess room at work reeks since it flooded, so I spent my fifteen minute break in the costume corridor.

Halfway through the day, I got this stuck in my head. Who knew STDs could be so catchy? XP

Also in my very small collection of Youtube links (I don't like watching stuff on my laptop, but that's rant for another time) are Shirley Bassey doing Pink's Let's Get This Party Started and Peel the Reel, an Avenger fanvid set to an official mix of the theme. You've probably already seen the medieval help desk, and I've pimped HSM2's I Don't Dance for it's extreme slashiness before (but it's also available in hindi!). There's the fast forwarded scene from Dr Who's Human Nature episode that a lot of Who fans have probably seen (or should!), and Simon Amstell being out-gayed by John Barrowman.

Abslutely unmissable: Star Trek and the Holy Grail, and the Lake District's Tourist Board's reimaging of Wordsworth's Daffodils... as a rap... by a squirrel. No, seriously, it's on their website too, should you want to download a copy, in case you're ever caught hort without the internet and really need a rapping squirrel to remind you roughly from behind of Wordsworth's most famous.

I should really consolidate my youtube links in my favourites list. I actually have quite a few.

ETA Jonathon Ross snogging Neil Gaiman and Neil Gaiman's Youtube account

ETA2 Get 'Being Human' made into a series - courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] rhube, for all those who saw and loved it. iPlayer has it, if you missed it.

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23/9/05 05:31 pm
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Ah, the most recent cooking experiment. Apparently we're killing enyay's bandwidth, and we're number one in FYRMacedonia (see, pie_girl, I remember!). And the lamp is all greasy, but otherwise useable.

Got called iyesterday because they needed help at work today, and I turn up to find that not only do we have christmas stuff to be labelled, catalogues to be made up, mail orders to do, but also the till has decided to stop working. Made for an interesting morning. Well, actually, it didn't, because all I did was catalogue. And then rearrange the pegboard.For all that I love my job, 90% of the time is extremely dull. I spent most of the time self-analysing. I'm nuts, obviously.

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15/9/05 12:16 pm
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So, while I was away, people ironned breakfast. I was not there, and was sad to miss it. However, yesterday, we made pasta in a kettle!

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7/9/05 11:14 pm
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I have not posted enough recently. Loads has happened, but since my mother's 'four hours three days a week' job is still goin at 'eleven hours seven days a week' I haven't really been able to get online. So, in summary: Sunday with gRosie and Neroli was great, monday with Tor was great, Today with almighty_frog and Sophie was great... Tomorrow I am meeting shy_dramaqueen, which is making me a bit nervous, but should be very fun.

Of course, while I've been doing all this, my housemates in York have been ironing breakfast.

Also for the attention of York people: arts mag bank account. Do we have one, how to do we get one, can we get it done very very soon because the English department is just waiting to give us a cheque and I don't really want to ask them to make it out to me.
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Onion Cricket, from the Dalek building day. Including the now shorn Toast, which many people haven't seen yet. And that onion really was huge. Bigger than a cricket ball. ^__^

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18/1/05 09:44 am
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Rainbow terrified me as a kid. Creeped me out completely for reassons i couldn't define.

Now I know why.

Dear god, I hope there's not a Worzel Gummidge episode like that...


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