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19/3/08 09:32 am
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So LJ is run by bastards, and IJ is eye-bleedingly ugly, and JournalFen is all about the comms. None of these are things that are making my happy right now.

LibraryThing pleases me, though.

It's quite sweet, really. You catalogue your own books, and you can get reccomendations based on them, see how many other people I have them (I am one of only two people to have Roman York, for example, and one of ten and a half thousand to the The Odyssey), read reviews and summaries, and generally just have mutual booksquee. Adding books can be a bit of a pain if, like me, you tend to buy second hand and from British publishers. But you can search by ISBN, which really helps (especially if you persuade Amazon to list everything you've ever purchased from them, which is why my list is mainly made up of course books). They've borrows CSS Zen Garden's idea for a hihgly customisable user interface, too, which is nice ^_^
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Been reading [livejournal.com profile] rionaleonhart's post about writing strengths/weaknesses. It's quite fun to analyse your own stuff, trying to avoid the Dunning-Kruger effect. I am, overall, quite happy with my writing, though I feel I lack any kind of concrete style, so this is a fairly self-deprecating list (I'm arrogant enough to start out assuming I'm perfect, and so this is me picking holes in that).

- I like to think I'm fairly good at both dialogue and description, but I can't do both at once. People have conversations in voids, or hang out in scenery with nothing but indirect speech to tide them over. Mushing together tends to end up with something along the lines of:

"Dialogue," he verbed, actioning.

"Dialogue dialogue," she verbed adverbly, actioning in scenery. "Dialogue."

He improbably-verbed, "Dialogue." He actioned.

Characters either hang in space for the entire the conversation, or accompany every sentence with some form of fidget. I also can't handle a conversation between more than three people; characters go completely mute. Council scenes in Greenhelm are a pain, because there are just too many characters, all of whom ought to be saying something relevant (often the same thing, or over the top of each other). This is why some of them tend to fall asleep, or sulk.

Also, it's the same actions over and over. All the show-don't-tell has left me with a group of actions that I use as shorthands for emotions, but they don't always show the same emotion (which is realistic, but when the one character uses the same action twice in one conversation for two different things, and another uses it in response for something else entirely, it's kinda meaningless). Characters are constantly tilting and cocking their heads, chewing on their lips, and tugging on their own hair. I have to watch myself to make sure I don't use any of them more than once in a section, and not by multiple different people in a chapter. All my characters are bald with terrible neck strain and ragged lips.

Also, improbable verbs and adjectives. Which, later, I can't remember why I used. Sometimes it's cool, but a lot of them time they just feel like typos. I just get sick of words like "said" and "asked".

And I continue... )

Your go! Also, comment. Am I right about myself?

Simultaneous speech. How do you convey it without priviledging one statement over the other? Or am I asking the impossible for text?

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18/2/08 07:17 pm
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I've been meaning to write post about why I like genre fiction. I much prefer it to, well, non-genre fiction. I'm not terribly fussy about what genre, either; scifi and fantasy, horror, romance etc. Genre fiction is, it's true, formulaic; you know roughly what's going to happen. This means, to write it well and keep it gripping, you have to be really good. And it's so satisfying when it's done right; more so, I find, than more avant garde fiction.

musing on genre fiction, and really cool animals )

That got... long. I should have stuck to waffling about squid, really. Squid are damn cool.

There's also a very good show on BBC3 about a werewolf and a vampire that work in a hospital and find thesleves renting a flat that's haunted. With added Ho-Yay. XP

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4/1/08 06:01 pm
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So, I wrote an article on UK copyright for the magazine, which was huge and unweildy and a little rambly, so I lopped off the case studies. I'll rework them into an article for next issue (the Lexicon case having gone to court then, which'll help), but I thought you guys might be a little interested in a few examples of extreme stupidity. Sorry about the style; unpolished article can be a little grating, I know. I hadn't really thought that I wrote differently for lj/articles/fiction etc, but I really do. There's not the number of links I'd put into a web thing either, since a paper article full of links tends to be a bit clunky.

plagiarism )

Fanfiction )

Harry Potter and the Lexicon )

Anyway, I just though you guys might find these interesting, since I know a lot of people won't have heard about the Lori Jareo and Lanaia Lee fiascos (unlike the Lexicon, which hit national news). I will rewrite this for the summer issue of the magazine, hopefully incudin the results of the Lexicon case. If you spot any glaring errors, do point them out ^_^

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11/8/03 08:57 am
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Had Anria here yesterday. Was good.

We stuck WinMX and WinAmp on my computer. Not long after she left, AOL and BT Broadband decided they didn't like eachother any more, so i had a server that refused to link to the internet via my modem. Cue much pnick, and me begin very resentful of the idea that I'd have to take all these nifty new programs off the day after I got them. Fortunately (depending on how you look at it) it was just the modem on the glitch. Stress+heat+sleep = nngh. My brain doesn't work anymore.

Whilst packing for Dance Camp, I found an old school book. It wsa an attempt at a diary while I was on a five day school trip back in yr 6, staying on a boat that only floated at high tide. It was really great fun, actually. And I feel like sharing it with you! :p Oh, and 'Bosham' is pronounced 'bosom'. It amused the 10 yr old boys, it did.

Minerva's Bosham Diary - complete with original spelling and punctuation )

And that's all there is! I'd forgotten how bad my diary keeping skills were. I just don't write stuff down like that. But, for some reason, I can keep a blog and an LJ. I've always wondered why that was.

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3/8/03 12:52 am
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It's almost 1 am. Usually, I'm in bed by ten, just because I get bored. Recently, that's not beeen happening, even though I'm always deathly bored anyway. Tonight, I had a sudden darkfic craving, and went into melodramatic 'essay' mode. Livejouanl does that to me - ever since I got this I've been writing really random nothings, which are generally just very pretentious. Like the following, really.

Sleep Grows Dull )
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Interesting things happened in our pond today, so I figured I'd use it as a bit of writing practice. It's a slightly verbose account of what happened, but I think Anria may what to consider the snakes now allied with the toads (if you don't get the reference, it's coz you're not Anria). When I began it had a happy ending, but tradegy struck as I wrote... That's the sort of style the whole story is written in, since I'm writing the introduction after writing the story. Perhaps 'a lot verbose' would be more acurate, if less grammatically correct.

The tale of the frog and the snake )

In other news, I'm going out to dinner with Sohpie in about an hour, and need to go and finish getting ready. It's so hot today!


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