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27/2/08 10:06 am
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I seem to be one of the only people I know who actually slept through the earthquake! [livejournal.com profile] zombie_thing did too, which is vaguely comforting, but I can't have been asleep for more than half an hour before it happened. I may possibly have dreamt it, but I could just be imaginging it. I did dream about snow, and that my sister lived here and wanted to do her washing (but mine takes precedence, because I need ym uniform for work tomorrow).

Biggest earthquake in this country for 25 years (depending who you ask) and I sleep through it. ::Pouts::
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It's Early. And Cold. And I work up at 4:30, and at most only dozed since. And I have no breakfast except a stale tea cake, which I shall ignore. And nothing to do, because I went online when I got home last night and caught up on lj so now I have an hour till I have to be at work and nothing fun to read.


While all that's true, it's hardly something that really bothers me. Staying awake till past midnight freaking out over global warming did, though. It's a surprisingly common occurance for me. Short term optimist, long term pessimist. And it's not the fact We're All Going To Die that bothers me so much as the fact that Everything Else Is Going To Die. All the plants and animals we grew up with will be confined to fantasy novels and Edwardian fiction. It just takes one really cold, or really hot, year to wipe out huge amounts of a population. Then: all gone! Of course, all the crops will fail too, so everyone will starve to death. 50% chance of the Gulf Stream swiching off in the next 50 years (I don't know if this takes gobal dimming into account, though I suspect it probably doesn't), and I my brain helpfully supplied last night, that while that could be when I'm 70, it could also be next week. And this is the sort of thing that makes me honestly believe that suicide will be the best course of action when it all happens, though for the first time last night I realised that, you know, I do have family and friends. I'm not sure how that ties in and affects things, but it certainly isn't something I've considered before in this 'When the world goes to pot, die' plan.

And hence I didn't get a great deal of sleep last night, and now, thanks to having too much free time this morning, I probably won't now. I suspect this obsessing is possibly a way of avoiding more current issues, but it certainly wasn't helped by skimming through a magazine article on the topic. And, wonderfully, around the same sort of time we'll all run out of oil, so there'll be very little power, which I suspect will be reserved for hopitals and the like. Anyway, thats one reason I like to have hardcopies - not in case of computer failure, but in case of the End of Civilisation as we know it.

I should go out and buy some breakfast and appreciate my new MP3 player, shouldn't I? And then buy comics at lunch, and a present for gran after work (or the other way around), and get my Chaucer reading done, and have a shower, and go to writer's, and make sure I have 20p for the lockers tomorrow...

Life goes on. I suspect it always will, some way or another.

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5/9/05 09:57 am
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Anyone else totally freaked out by the storm last night? I've never seen anything like it. As a kid I always thought lightning and thunder were the coolest things ever (... okay, so I still do) but without rain? Is creepy! The whole sky flashing blue every 10-30 seconds, really hot and muggy and dry, and apparently this storm stretched all hte way to Fleet and beyond. My aunt called to tell us about it, and we had to tell her we'd been watching it.

Was all very apocalyptic. I was so creeped out.

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20/6/05 10:11 am
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So, house is all sorted. I've got the downstairs room, which is a good thing. Any other thoughts and opinions I had on the subject were rather obliterated by yesterday.


Yay, seaside ^_^ Greasy Spoon brunch, much much playing on the beach (I have approximately 20 photos of one sandcastle), cold sea, open top bus, small fairground, fast boat ride, DDR at arcades, fish and chips restaurant, thunderstorms and lightning during the train ride home. And lots and lots of sunburn.

Our sandcastle was brilliant, with many towers and a deep moat and bridges and everything, and we waited on the beach until the sea filled up the moat. We also turned it into the DougSoc logo, prior to that. The boatride was great fun (I love stuff like that), very fast and bouncy. I had great fun with seaside food (bacon ahd egg butty, icecream, candfloss, doughnut, milkman's orange juice, chicken and chips), even if an entire pint of orange juice just bfore the boat ride wasn't the best idea. Very tempted to get a DDR mat (and a Playstation with the game) for the house, since playing on the machines, at the very very beginner level, resulted in much sense of accomplishment. I figure it's better than an exercise video, (a) because it's interactive and competetitve and (b) because it's much less repetetive.

And the thunderstorms. So brilliant. Well, not for the rest of Yorkshire, according to the news, but it was the first time I actually saw the forks of lightning, instead of just the flashes. Got a bit soggy walking home, and kept sliding out of my sandals, but it didn't bother me. Probably did the sunburn good. I've managed to get both of my usual patterns (strappy top and halterneck top) on the same day, from wearing my bikini top under the other. It's going to be a bit too sore to wear a bra for a few days, but I can sleep on it, so it could be far worse.

On the way over to anime I got invited to join a makeshift hottub. Big paddling pool full of hot water, Radox and students I didn't know. I think I heard them wondering who I was after I'd made my excuses and wandered on. On the way back I snuck around the back, since it was 11PM and they were still inviting people to join them ^_^ Kudos to them for setting it up, and if it had been cold water I'd have been far more tempted (sunburn again). Picked up first two volumes of Cowboy Bebop manga and the first volume of Demon Diary at anime, from the 'library'. It's basically just all of the books members are willing tyo share with other members, but obviously they have to keep track of who has what over the summer. Demon Diary s very cool, and I don't mind that it reads left-to-right. We watched Alien Nine, which was surreal and a bit creepy and even once you figured out it was a metaphor for female puberty (the clue is in the opening titles song) it still didn't make a great deal of sense. And ends in a very odd place.

Anyway, after all that, I nw have to go back to the essay. I've technically finished it, but I need to start pruning now. Le Sigh.

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8/4/05 02:58 pm
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WTF?? It's snowing!!


It's April. It's snowing. Did the weather forget it already did this bit? I know the weather's been 'unsettled', but this is ridiculous. Strong wind for the past several days, bringing all sorts in, but snow was not something I was expecting to see for many many months yet. I swear, it was warm and sunny yesterday!

Or maybe this is just the bit where the Northness of the North of England begins to take effect. I don't know. Is it normal for it to snow up here this late in the Spring?

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24/2/05 10:41 am
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Yahoo news (living in UK):

The mercury is unlikely to rise beyond 3C (37.4F) and it will feel much colder than that because of the sharp east-north-easterly wind.

Temperatures were expected to plunge as low as minus 3C (26.6F) in many parts overnight and as low as minus 10C (14F) in the glens of Scotland.

[livejournal.com profile] quatorze's journal (living in finland):

With -26C this morning...

It's great being English. We can be surprised at any temperature outside the 10-20C band. Even though, you know, they happen quite often. Still snowy, though it looks like it might have been raining a bit too.

Still trudging on with essay. I'll definitely have it done before my seminar, but I still can't think of a title. It's about doppelgangers and Lacan's 'mirror stage' theories in Wilkie Collins's 'The Woman in White' if anyone feels inclined to help. I'm so tired, and I blame the essay for it. I haven't been able to sleep properly. I need my 8-10 hours, I really do. And I'm working tomorrow, but I want to go to this Dr Who thing tonight and possibly (if it's not too late) drop round to this fajita party. I have to get laundry done, because I need to wash my uniform, but I've got two and a half hours of lecture/seminar in the middle of the day, which makes that awkward too. I think it's going to have to be something of a flying visit to Toast's, otherwise I'll just curl up on his bed and fall asleep.

My fingers are cold and stiff. Damn drafty window. I have it shut and when there's a strong window the door opposite still shakes and bangs. Though I'm getting quite used to hte noise of the building works, even if the building does tremble occasionally. At least when it's snowing they all stop.

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21/2/05 09:51 am
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Skis! Yay!

So, it's snowing again, harder anad heavier and we've got fair amount on the ground now. So someone is standing next to the park benches in the middle of Alcuin, skiing.

It has just occurred to me to wonder why someone would bring skis to university, but meh. Skiing!

I'm going to be so pushed for time to write this essay, and I'm still not putting any more effort into starting. Write a plan today. Leaves me Tuesday, Wednesday nad half of Thursday to write in, since I'm going to have to hand it in in Thursday's seminar since silly man wants it handed into English office otherwise and I'll have been at work for about an hour before it even opens.

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20/2/05 10:42 am
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Snow! Yay!

And I'm eating strawberries ^_^ Anyway, I guess I now have a very good excuse indeed to wear my wellies, even if it's less than an inch deep. And the sun's come ouot and I know it'll all be gone by lunch. At least it's still cold, and even if my fingers aren't bending properly any more I can appreciate it.

Went to see Princess Ida last night. Really enjoyed it. Some amazing voice talents in that cast. I was very impressed that considering all the block had microphones taped to their cheeks, and there was a whole 'choir' (not the word I want, and I know it) behind her, the lead still managed to be heard over all of them. Though I find when girls sing that loud and that high, as impressive and wonderful to listen to as it is you can't make out a single word.

Anyway, twas all good. Considering I spent work putting labels on things from 9:30 to 4:30 with only a break for lunch, it made a nice change. Though Jo did come in with her little sister, which was cool. She bought mini-battenburg ^_^

Today there shall be essay planning, because I've just remembered I'm working on Friday when it's due in, and I only have enough plan in my head to take up half the essay.

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8/7/04 02:54 pm
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I am doing a very passable impression of a drowned rat. Went for walk up hill (part of new summer resolution) and got caught on the way back. I figured it wasn't teh type of rain to just stop, but I kept waiting under trees just in case. The result: the rain got heavier. If I'd walked straight home I'd only be marginally damp. Instead, I'm pretty soaked. This happened to me yesterday, though without the pauses. Hence very few of my 18th birthday photos will ever be seen again, because my hair is plastered to my head like a crash helmet. Not a flattering look.

If meme )

Cuddly Dudley died about a year ago, after being run over. Dudley was a visiting cat, huge and ginger and full of character. Used to come and steal our cats food and sleep on their beds and once opened the breadbin and nicked a maltloaf, carrying away down the garden. Oh, and he once went to Scotland with complete strangers, who reached their hotel only to have to turn around and bring him home. Probably not best pleased, them. Basocally, everyone who had a cat in teh village knew him, and so did many school kids, because he knew when the break times were and used to go to the playgrounds for fuss and cuddles. Hence Cuddly Dudley. And now he's long dead :(

Got to go and charge up my latop battery and keep playing with it now ^_^ And hunt down the photoshop CD yet again.

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13/5/03 07:25 pm
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I went out to buy: pen, comic, possibly a bday present for Gene
I came back with: pen, pencil, comic, SW book, Phys revision book, top, pastry.

The pastry was unintentional. Actually, most of it was, but the pastry espeically. The top was cheap, the book I've wanted for a while, the pencil seduced me with it's swedish designer name and the pastry... Well, the weather changed somewhat abruptly.

my soggy day )

Basically, today combined two of my favourite weathers: sun and thunderstorm, and reminded me why I shouldn't go shopping alone. I am queen of impulse buys, and now, as a result, broke. But happy. New book, new comic, new top... Oh! And Terry Pratchett is going to be signing copies of his new book in Waterstone's on Thursday the fifteenth! Need to gather people to go worship him, methinks.


(I love the smell after rain! So living!)
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I had such a great day yesterday. After much morning on the net, went on long walk up our local hill. I've been going up there since I was about one. Discovered that mum actually walked up there in labour with my sister. ^_^ I knew she was nuts, but that's got to be one of the best I've heard.

So, wandered about on top of hill, decided to defintely have a picnic up there for my birthday, no matter who complains about having to walk all the way to the top from my house because evil woman who owns the land around the bottom doesn't wnat anyone going up there because they have to cross her land. Walked down again. Discovered that when mum went up there last time she climbed the climby trees'on her own. ^_^ There are many reasons I love my mother, but it's things like that which make me adore her. She also believed in fairies as a child and put out food for them.

So, got to bottom again, hearing wedding bels and trying to plan where I would get married (yes, aware that in my last post I was griping about not having a boyfriend...) and we were walking across a bridge as suddenly, in the river, a shape. It swam. It climbed onto the bank. It ran. It was either an otter or a mink!!! It looked more like a mink, according to mum, who knows these things, but they have released otters into a river that joins ours, so hoping! Squee! Otters so cool! Yay!

Other good things that hapened that day - got to spend about three hours sitting in hte garden in the sun reading a magazine. Watched new Buffy videos, because gran records them off sy so we're the only people with terrestiral who know what hapens in s7. Bought some books. Wrote some stories.

On that note, since writin fanfiction al my characters keep turning gay. Started one, had no idea what the charactes wree going to be like, apart from probably not in it much, and suddenly they're snogging. Cue much 'huh'ing and 'hmm'ing. And now I've decided to kill one, about fifteen chapters on from now, for plot reasons. I've got to get out of the habit of believeing that good books have resonating deaths from which THE CHARACTERS DON'T COME BACK. I'm not the only one that bugs, am I?

Today, it is no longer sunny. However, since I have loads of work to do, this is a good thing. Plus, Grand Prix this afternoon, which I enjoy. Yesterday morning I wrote myself into a rant, and was only prevented from making myself completely depressed by hte weather. Today, in hteory the weather ought to leave me a bit down, but I'm writing in a really positive mood.



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