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15/11/08 07:28 pm
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Realised I don't have any BTVS icons, so I raided [livejournal.com profile] superherofan's picspam on [livejournal.com profile] marsters_daily for some inspiration. I may add some more icons to this later, but I'll edit them into this post.

Spike icons )

More NewsQuiz icons )

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17/10/08 09:20 pm
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More News Quiz icons!

included some animated! )

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14/10/08 11:10 pm
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Catching up with the News Quiz on iplayer. Made some icons from jokes that tickled me.

text icons, and me messing about with textures )

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13/8/08 04:34 pm
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I warned you there'd be icons.

Comment, credit, take. Blank icons can be used as bases (but please still credit!)

Ryan and Chad icons, from HSM )

Jubilee and Jono icons, GenX )

Tomb Raider )

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21/4/08 06:01 pm
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Yesterday's search for Avengers wallpaper sources meant I had so many images I, well, iconned them. Some of these could do with sharpening and brightening, but my fingers are cold and stiff after 42 icons. I have a few images left (including the infamous Peel one) that still need iconning.

42 Avengers icons )

Comment, Credit, etc. Feel free to use bare ones as bases.

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18/4/08 09:51 pm
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I got a little annoyed at my inability to find any decent Avengers wallpapers, so I made... well, I don't know if it's decent, but at least it's not just a screencap, and it's actually big enough for my screen.

...and I made another some more.

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So, I was going through my icons, and I got frustrated at the lack of a decent writing icon. Something reasonably personal, but not too esoteric. So I started making icons out of pictures on my harddrive.

I made 70.

They're all blank, and you're welcome to use any of them as bases, but please credit me for the base. Standard "comment, credit, take" rule applies. I'm willing to alter any on request (as far as I can!) and supply original images.

Landscapes include Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Cornwall and York. Skyscapes include Clouds, Sunsets and Lightning.

A Whole Lotta Icons )

Well, that was a productive use of my afternoon. Marginally more so than going to give blood, and being told I can't until after my MRI. (Actually, that was reasonably productive, because the Merchant Taylor's Hall is purdy).

I've still not done the washing up. Ugh.

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28/9/07 10:31 pm
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Spent the afternoon playing with icon effects, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] iconzicons tutorials.

| | | |

Also, 4 on demand is celebrating 25 years of channel four with stacks of free stuff. Like QAFUK, and Whose Line is it Anyway US, and Shameless, and Black Books, and Father Ted, and Smack the Pony, and Brass Eye, and The Comic Strip Presents, and Spaced, and Sugar Rush, and... yeah. You may not see me for a while. I just wish you got more than 48 hours to rewatch them. Though 30 days to watch them in the first place (compared with BBC iPlayer, which is seven days after download, to watch and rewatch). Anyway, Post National Trust Sunday will be the entire first series of The IT Crowd, and however much of Whose Line I've managed to download by then.

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28/8/07 10:53 pm
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Quick random icons post

Star Wars manga


Breakfast at Tiffany's

Marvel Comics

| | |

DC Comics


Comment, credit, enjoy!

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2/8/07 10:21 am
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Have some completely random icons. I shall tart them up some more at some point, I suspect.

Read more... )
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I click on a Vanessa Mae album, and hit play. Monty Python's Medical Love Song starts playing. Um?

I'm now under the maximum wordcount again on the essay, which is good, but the ending still needs yet more poking. Lost the tables, lost the Butler, shuffled it all about. I'm smudged a paragraph on sci fi and the conclusion together, but neither connects to the preceding paragraphs about the effects of women being recognised in "ones and twos" byt the Culture Business. So, still needs work, and there's a few bits earlier on I need to go and poke, and then I'll probably have to do another run through to cut down the word, and then there's the ever dull bibliography. But we are getting there, it must be said.

Media Player's now moved on to "Goin up" by Great Big Sea. Apparently it knew I wanted something more perky than Einaudi, but didn't agree with my choice, or something.

(okay, so it's doing the play all random thing, but I still don't know why)

More Lara Croft icons

It occurs to me you don't all want to wake up to a million posts about my essay, so we're back to editting posts again. It's a quarter to four and I have 40 words before I hit the word limit. I have shuffled things and prodded things and deleted things and I have half a conclusion. The second half. I don't know how to get to it from the paragraph about, though. It's still kinda punchline-y, but Toast said it looked alright, and it's better than just trailing off. I've been doing bibliography stuff in notepad, and bed looks tempting, but I can't go to bed until I finish the essay, and if I don't finish soon there really won't be any point. I'll just have to sit adn watch DVDs and play games, the horror. Presuming I finish the essay, of course.

Noisy birds. That can't be the beginning of the dawn chorus, can it?

Dalek annual crack.

Anyone know how you references something like the TimesOnline? And random websites?

It's getting light. ::pouts:: Still no further on conclusion (though I've managed to pass the word limit with additions elsewhere). On the other hand, I did just find this in my notes, which made me giggle:
"In 1988 Larry McCaffery notes, "[I]t has only been during the past twenty years that truly major literary talents have been drawn to sicence fiction in the country that produced the atom bomb and landed on the moo"
Though it might just be the hour of the morning that makes landing on the moo so funny. Oh, and Kevin Reynold made 'Waterwold', which makes me think of very soggy hills.

By jove, I think I've got it.

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12/5/07 03:49 pm
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Right. Having made 23 icons of yet another pointy-eared, snarky comic book character who's name begins with 'n', I'm going to get back to that essay.

... I might have lunch first. Ten to four's a reasonable time to have lunch, right?

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11/5/07 07:10 pm
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I went on a bit of an icon making spree. A Namor icon making spree.

Namor is the Prince of Alantis. He doesn't really like humans much. He's also very pretty.

Golden Age Namor (Pre-WW2):
| |

Sexy Namor:
| |

Mini Namor:
| | |


As evidenced by the blank speech bubble, I'm not very good at making up captions. Suggestions will cheerfully be taken (for all of the icons, I add). I don't imainge many people on my FList are actually interested in Namor icons, but if anyone knows a comic icon community that wouldn't mind my amaeurish attempts, I've now got a stack of comicbook icons.

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11/5/07 11:55 am
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Essay wordcount - feel free to ignore )

This essay feels depressingly like an article right now, especially with all the tables. I'm not sure what my argument is now, expect "look at the eb1l publishing companies". I seem to be doing a lot of setting up before I do any knocking down.

Couple of icons I made randomly before I started today. drowning!Batgirl and dead!Spoiler. Comment, credit, take (not that anyone'll want them).

I also made a DakitaAmarantal icon, though god knows if I'll ever use it. Not for sharing, alas (though I'd be really confused if anyone wanted a poorly made icon of one of my original characters)

There's something rather ironic about having so much difficulty trying to torrent a track that's actually legal now (Rhapsody in Blue).

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5/5/07 03:19 pm
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I wrote maybe fifty words, and took an icon making break. Um.
1. 2. 3. 4.

If you can't tell on your screen, 4 is transparent (there is a transparent version of 2, but it didn't come out so well). Comment, credit, take.


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