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I dreamt last night of hundreds of points of light in the darkness staring at me. It made me think of work.

Went to see iron man ii earlier. Its alright, but not quite as good as the first. Next to the cinema is a 3 mobile shop. I'm posting this from my new phone! £14 a month, unlimitedu internet, 3g, gps, 100 texts or minutes. Really struggling to work out how to post though.

Yeah, it's weird.

Btw apiphile, team b has arrived! Thanks so much.

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2/2/09 09:50 pm
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2000th journal entry!

Made mostly because of that, to be honest.

I've been dreaming loads recently. Mostly prosaic late-for-work and hanging-with-friends dreams, but there's a couple of corkers.

[Unknown site tag]Dream lasted about ten seconds. Three pigs are going into a club. They're trying to pay with credit cards (each has their own). All of the cards are declined. The bouncer returns the cards and gives each pig 3p change (a two pence and a one pence coin). He's short changing them, but then, their cards were declined. They go into the club.

Special way of cooking bacon. First, breath on your non-stick frying pan until there is a condensation mist on it. Lay your bacon on the mist. As it cooks, hold it flat with a spatula so it can't bubble or wrinkle at all. Take the yolk of an egg and spread it like butter on top. I dreamt this as instructions, but then I was walking down the road with raw bacon covered in raw egg yolk. I took a bite, and wished I had somewhere to cook it, because I didn't really want to carry it far.

I've had cooking dreams before. The last was spaghetti cooked in chocolate. I'm still resolved to try this some time. And the bacon, now.

I have made more tea punch: 700ml boiling water, 2 tspns tea, zest and flesh of 1 lemon, 300g sugar. Leave to infuse 20 minutes. Add 350ml brandy. Strain, bottle, drink. Mmmm.

If anyone's interested, there's another three versions of that, plus recipes for Chicken Tea Supreme and Early Grey Cream Teas on the writing blog. This month, I'm going to endeavour to come up with four chocolate recipes, at least one historical.

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10/1/09 09:38 pm
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I had a ton of weird dreams last night:

One where my sister and a friend were playing with some pearl necklaces I dreamt I'd been given (though in fact are in an advert on the back of a magazine I can see from where I sit).

Another, I was hanging out with seven girls at a dentist's. They went into town, and there weren't enough seats in the back of the minibus. Six got in, and my and a blonde girl stood lookng at each other, she almost in tears at the thought she;d have to stay behind because it was unfair to leave just one person behind, but I basically pushed her into the minibus and waved them off, then wandered around looking at the sunset.

The third, I was working in a warehouse (also dentist connected) with most of the people I actually working with; my supervisors and manager were still my supervisors and manager. There was a problem at the doctor's surgery we supplied, and we had to close the toilet to stop people with flu vomitting in it.

Finally, I was with a guy and a girl, and we were prisoner's of a man played by Bruce Willis! We were tied up next to a van, but escaped when Bruce Willis went to try and fix his car, leaving his henchman to keep an eye on us (Vin Diesel?). The others climbed into the back of the van and started looking for things to escape with while I kept Vin distracted (mostly by standing in front of them so he couldn't see what was going on). He got suspicious, so I hit him with a metal box, but Bruce called to him, and I had to call back since Vin had been knocked out. Bruce came over, and I warned the others. The guy climbed into the front of the van. When Bruce arrived Vin woke up. He held both my hands and gave me a packet of polos with four left (to show his respect for my ability to knock him out). I called another warning, but Bruce had already climbed into the front of the van.

And then I woke up. Busy night!

WebUrbanist is generally awesome, but today's post is full of spaceship and lunar colony designs from various space programs, which I thought you guys would find cool.

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26/8/08 06:18 pm
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Mammia Mia 14:45
Hellboy II 18:00

Two for one with my membership card, Orange Phone owners very welcome!

The other night, I dreamt I was responsible for Peter O'Toole's death. I don't know what happened, but I was there, and I could have done something to stop it. It was weird.

I am trying to stave off illness (an entire summer holiday surrounded by children has finally caught up with my immune system) with chilli tea, sherry, earl grey with lemon and cointreau, and making lots of moany noises. It's just a cold, but isn't it impressive how it's timing itself for my day off?

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10/10/07 12:42 pm
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Gormenghast (Titus Groan, specifically) is already sneaking into my head. I'm a lot further with it than last time I tried to read it (I didn't even make it far enough to meet Steerpike last time), and the fantastical geography in my drean was rather heavily influenced. A huge, mostly empty castle. An evil old wizard. Me, poisoning people by putting pigeon shit in their desert cup things, and climbing around the architecture. A dream I actually enjoyed both while dreaming and after I woke up; now there's a change.

I also introduced my new housemate to Weiss Kreuz last night. I'd been thinking earlier in the day that I'm not particularly interested in angsty characters (Angel, Torchwood Jack Harkness, Batman, etc), but for some reason that never botheres me with WK. Possibly because it's so OTT, possibly because the terrible animation is wonderfully distracting, and possibly because I like that baddies better anyway, who don't have quite so much angst (or quite so many flashbacks). Also, they're cooler.

Actually, for something made clearly so cheaply, WK is very tightly plotted. Everything links to back to one of the bad guys, which then links forwards to the second half of the season. The writing is surprisingly good (at least, the humour is intentional). There's even some subtlety in the characterisation (flashbacks aside). Oh, and someone in the staff was clearly very much into cars (as [livejournal.com profile] toasty_renfield informed me, when I showed him some of the series ages ago), which is amusing.

If I ever have money again, I will fork out for Gluhen. The difference in art is amazing, but the angst does get heavier than I like it. There's no let up, unlike in the first series. In the meantime, I have to fork out for new work boots, since after their adventures in the rain yesterday I've decided this pair are probably mostly dead. There's a hole from the inside to the heel, the backs are fairly worn through, and a pulled a long bit of metal out of hte inside of one which may have been structurally integral. I guess a year isn't a bad run, espceially compared the few months most boots last me, but having to budget for a new pair of work boots each year is annoying. Why doesn't anything last?

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5/5/07 09:03 am
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Coolest dream this morning. Might-turn-it-into-a-short-story dream. Starring people I only know on lj! When [livejournal.com profile] zombie_thing said I might have strange dreams after watching Clockwork Orange for he first time last night, I don't think this was what he was expecting.

Read more... )

I've been reminded that I agreed to go running this morning. Oops.

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11/10/06 04:53 pm
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Head hurts from the sleepy. Feet hurt from the standing.

Amused by a Shell lorry on the way home, which had "Emo Oil Ltd" on the front.

After having had many people argue at them, the kitchen is now coming tomorrow. At around lunch, thank god (lie in!).

I have just been reminded that, once again, I've probably missed my supervisor meeting. Oops.

Work was good. There were biscuits, but I never got to finish one in one go. I fell kinda bad, because I was helping a very sweet kid and her (slightly pushy) grandparents, and I had to run to the Post Office, and then I had to go home. I wanted to enthuse with the little girl some more. There's a certain age range, about 8-12, that's just brilliant to help. They know how much psace they have, they know what colours will match, they know how much money they have and, most importantly, they know what they want. S is the epitome of this, who once brought in a cardboard cut out of the floor psce to make sure all of the furniture would fit, and who is currently paying for a £500 house in monthly installments. I fully believe she'll do it, too, without help.

Saw Patch at lunch. was good.

Remembered a dream I had last night. I dreamt that [livejournal.com profile] zombie_thing had died in his sleep. Very peacefully, as though of old age. I got kinda stuck on the fact that we'd all owed him for the electric bill, and I'd paid my share online, so he'd got it before he died. The dream may have morphed back and forth between this and a very similar situation involving my gran and her birthday present. It wasn't an unpleasent dream, though i felt kinda like I was in shock and was going to be very upset soon.

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29/11/05 01:45 pm
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Just finished downloading all of the submissions. Once again, I entirely failed to remember that I don't, in fact, have Wednesdays off. I work. And it's not the sort of job where you can take stuff with you. Still, I should be able to get through most of the stuff before and after Latin, which should still leave me time to do this week's reading for monday's seminar. I might even get to 20,000 on NaNo.

Went swimming this morning, which was nice, though I expect the blister on my toe is going to start bleeding again. Knocked the skin off on the ladder more than once. Wandered into town with Toast afterwards and had cake. Mmm, cake. I've got the latin hw done now, but I can't decide if I want to get going on the mag stuff and have to break it off for the actual latin class, or try and etnertain myself otherwise for a bit and do all the mag stuff in one go.

Thinking about teaching people to use InDesign: When are people free? I'm thinking the best way to do this is for me to bring my laptop to someone's house, so I can demonstrate and then you can have a go on your computer(s). I'm trying to work out how to prioritise what you need to know, but in the end it's everything, and there are going to be a lot of gaps where I don't know how to go about something. Lots of experimentation is going to be the best solution, at the end of the day, but I should at least be able to explains suchs things as columns, pictures and text wrap.

Oh, and I also had two very interesting dreams last night (from an analytic perspective), but I can only remember the second, where my mother washed her hair with my chocolate conditioner and it started falling out in clumps. What did hairloss mean, again? I think it had something to do with impotence, so it could be a sign that I don't see my mother as having any power to affect things in my life any more, which makes a certain sort of sense.

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21/11/05 10:48 am
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After all this stress over whether they'd forgotten to charge me for my fees and whether I'd get a huge fine, it turns out they were paid for me! That must be what the other, apparently identical, letter from the loans office must have been trying to say.


a depressing dream, with beautiful scenery )

I think I will go to my seminar today. I probably won't say much, and I don't I can write a coherent one page essay on poems of the passion, other than "didn't touch me, found kinda dull" over and over again. Oh well. And I've jsut remembered another stylistic thing I have to do to my assessed essay.

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27/10/05 12:33 pm
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I get brought food ^_^

Well, actually I don't. Toast brings food for himself, and himself, to eat in my room. I make puppy-dog eyes until I get some. Woo!

(in his words: Bum. No good bum.)

Essay is going very very slowly, but that's mostly because I don't care about it. I just get to babble about the number five. And Gawain, occasionally. But mostly five.

Beginnings of a headache coming on.

some random recent dreams )

Thank you, subconscious.

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21/9/05 09:34 am
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I am GRRing at internet for taking two or three tries to open every page. It's also slowed down recently.

Funny dream last night. It involved a trip into some woods. Sometimes we were doing the whole trip in the car, sometimes on foot, but never switching between the methods. Big fuss over the fact a big road was going to be put through there. I had some chocolate that Harry had bought, and for some reason dragged myself along the ground for a bit. My sister came up to talk to me about mum's birthday present, revealing that she had got her a packet of crisps she'd found on a table at a hotel. She'd even opened the packet and tried one, to make sure they tasted nice. Then I was led into a sort of conservatory, through a side door, by my supervisor. I still had Harry's chocolate, nad suggested we should leave at least half of what remained for Harry, but she took more than that. Then she suggested we take a day or overnight trip to France, since it was so cheap. I decided that as soon as I could get onlin, I'd check for tickets to Bruges, since it was so nice.

So, yes. Now I want to go to Belgium.

Also, for those who haven't seen my post at the forums: I want to get this magazine all laid up by the 1st of October, which is just over a week away. I need stories and many many illustrations. Thank you!

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28/6/05 04:35 pm
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I had the most violent dream I've ever had last night. I figure it was probably stress related.

dream )

The stress that may have caused this was manyfold. There was the box I shouldn't have borrowed (and have now returned), the fact that for a short period the house was empty and we may have missed the washing machine delivery (we hadn't, and it's all installed now), and that I needed to call about the TV license but didn't have the license number.

Once all of that was sorted I felt much better, the silver lining of stress, and went out and spent far too much money on sun stuff and random food, including starbucks. The Writer'sSoc social was brilliant. The restuarant is gorgeous, the food was great and it really is a very reasonable price. And their house white is delicious. And their mints ^_^

so now my stress comes form my family )

And now teh sun has come out agian, I shall head home!

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9/3/05 10:35 am
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Had a very interesting dream last night )

Sophie is in another country now, doing the gap year thing. Hope she's having fun.

Also last night, was randomly possessed with urge to stretch leg out. Resulted in screaming pain. Sat up nad dug infgers into is hissing loudly for several seconds. It's still all crampt now. What is it you're not getting enough of it you get random cramps in your sleep (I was awake, but I've had them in my sleep before) like that?

Back to essay today. Found out yesterday that all these essays were meant to be 1500-2000 words, not 2500. Even after only two essays, the former suddenly seems tiny. I kinda stopped at 700 words yesterday as a result. I got disheartened when I found myself editting bits out before I even finished the damn thing. Completely blagged my way through the seminar (I was doodling when he was reading an extract out, and he called me on it by suggesting I'd been taking notes, and I bluffed it through), and impressed with others who did the same. Thursday is going tobe even stranger. Do I care? Nu-uh. I've got the same tutor next term, along with a bunch of people I know. Romantic era. Trying to play second guess the booklist now.

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18/2/05 11:32 am
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Had a weird dream last night. Went to some kind of school concert, outside. I think it might have been St Nicks, my junior school, because someone ponted out Phillip to me. Anyway, lots of small kids singing. Someone kept getting Miss Young's name wrong, though she was a GHS teacher and shouldn't have been there... Anyway, i suspect all that was rather 'Vilette' inspired. However after the concert finished and it was getting darked I was called by someone to come and take photographs of Madonna, drunk in some public toilets that belonged to the school. Apparently I was some kind of reporter. Anyway, I went there, and there she was, drunk. I asked if I could take photos, she said, no, I took photos anyway. We ended up lying on a couch, her on top of me (why there was a couch in the public loos I don't know) and she declared I ought to take a photo of her breasts, on the basis that she could always delete them later. The camera looked like a disposable camera, but was actually digital. For some reason I wanted my breasts to be in the picture too, but they kept getting in the way and no breast photos were taken at all. Shortly after I helped her outside and her family came and told us she wasn't Madonna at all, just a girl who looked like Madonna. But that was okay, because she was a really sweet girl. And they all got in a car and drove away, The End.

Joyful subconscious. Indeed.

^_____^[livejournal.com profile] toasty_renfield gave me Trigun Maximum! ^_____^

As you might be able to tell, I'm really rather happy about this! The post-it note has lost it's stick though, and keeps falling off. I am keeping it, though.

Why, if I was the one not drinking last night, do I feel like I've got a hangover? I can't even blame the weather or lack of sleep for my headache. And my skin is still coming off! Okay, less drastic than that, but no matter how much moisturiser I rub into my hand my knuckles still crack nad occasionally bleed when I bend then, I have blisters on my feet for no apparent reason and my scalp is giving my all kinds of grief. And it's not like my diet has been bad (says the girl who finished off the cookies for breakfast and is now looking at the wagon wheels).

Anyway, will finish Villete (to anyone else who has read that - it's not just me picking up on the Lucy/Ginerva vibe, is it?), will read Trigun, will write something, will curl up in a ball.

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1/2/05 10:14 am
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Been having some very strange dreams yesterday. The other night I dreamt I bought Absolute Authority vol3, which would cover about eight comics that haven't actually come out. I read it in a very strange lecture, and the Doctor fell asleep in a tureen of soup. I vaguely remember there being some sensible possible plot direction, but the soup stuck with me!

And then there was last night's dream. It makes a sort of logical sense, chronologically. But in no other way!

dream )

So yeah, weird dream. Have since gone out and got food, but forgot bread. I want to run down to costcutters, but I have a problem. I've lost my key. I had to ask the cleaner earlier not to lock my room, otherwise I'd be in real trouble.

Irritating thing is, it's got to be in here. I wouldn't have been able to get in last night otherwise. It's just not where it usually ends up. I've cleared the whole desk, and the bed, and the floor. Checked bag, checked inside books and paper and comics et al. I need it to get in after my seminar this afternoon, I need it to get into the laundry, i need it to get back in if I go to Doug Soc tonight. Without it I'm not going anywhere.
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I had a dream last night. I was wearing my bikini. There was some sort of conspiracy in a raised hut divided into two rooms by a curtain. Though it could have been a play. It might have been a play occurring simultaneously to the conspiracy, to occurring to cover it up, or it might even have been a play about a conspiracy. I just know Iwas not meant to be there, and guards kept appearing. And then i went and failed to buy shampoo and conditioner.

Thank you, subconscious.

Also, Tennyson is cool. I like him more than I like most poets of that era. Haven't got anything to say in the seminar, but at least reading him isn't a chore.

Desperate Housewives would be better if they dropped the suicide plot. It's more interesting and impacting if she killed herself just for being a housewife, rather than because there's some OMGSoSecret past she's hiding.

[livejournal.com profile] pie_girl4005's birthday today! And, there will be rabbit. Which she can't eat. But there's always toast...

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20/1/05 10:11 am
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Good morning, Good morning ... good morning, good morning to you.

I don't know that song. Oh well!

So got bank thing sorted out this morning. I rang three times yesterday, but there was a long queue and I value my phone credit. Got through almost straight away this morning. I actually dreamt about ringing them last night. In the dream I was standing next to a desk when I rang, and when the person answered she said "I'm depressed, please speak loudly and cheerfully." Shortly after the person stood up, having been crouched behind the desk. She told me she'd get me the number, but never took any details, which made me wonder wheter I should ring again or whether I'd get two numbers.

Anyway, real phone call this morning went much better. Plus, I got some very appreciated emails, and in general things are nice. Tonight there will be people here, which is also cool.

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27/7/04 08:43 am
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I dreamt last night.

...no, wait, it's a good one, I swear. Not like the night before when I dreamt I had 20 emails end of dream.

one day I'll get a dream journal, I swear )

More work today. And I'm blatantly going to go and buy FAKE despite my utter conviction that I should wait until I've been paid. And I'm sure some other interesting things have happened to me, but I remember nothing. Well, nothing interesting ever actually happens to me, so fair doos.

updated C&S.

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21/7/04 07:04 pm
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I had a weird dream last night.

Heh, now how many people have deja vu? ^_^

Read more... )

So, meeting with supervisor. Actually went and had tea with her, which was odd. She talked a fair bit about herself. She's getting her vows renewed in the Carribbean, for example. Anyway, got a lot of things sorted out, like when I start (always good). Had a look, afterwards, at where I think it's going to be. Really tiny section. Teensy. Enough space for about four rails. I think I can cope with that!

I have to go in at 9:30 tomorrow for till training. Until 1, weirdly. How long an till training take? Will have to set alarm though, which I haven't done for a while.

Most food has started to smell of vomit to me. I thought it was just meat, especially red, but today it was pizza. Milk isn't much better, though we're still working our way through something of a backlog in htat respect. I'm sure this isn't a good thing, but at least it gives me an excuse to stick to salads. If they start smelling (of anything!) I'm going to be a bit freaked out.

Bought Chloe a legal DVD of Donnie Darko, and me a video of 2001:A Space Odessey. I see what people mean about the trippy. And there is excessive amounts of time watching ships in space with very loud classical music, and then loads of stuff going on with absolutely no sound at all. It makes no more sense than the book, though HAL is very chilling.

Updated C&S, and started working on DD again, which is odd. Abandoned Chloe to babysitting for kids the kids who love me and are expecting me, so pain for her tonight. I wanted to watch The Long Firm a little too badly. I'm also curious as to whether I ought to stay up and watch Red Dwarf, or whether that will make me too tired for tomorrow. I ought to be able to cope, I'm sure.

I do see what Anna meant about long entries. But can she summarise this into one sentence?

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20/7/04 06:23 pm
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The other night I had a dream which included catching a spider and putting hairbrushes away. It bugs me that I can't remember the rest. There is, in fact, a spider in a shoeboxin my room, because I found him at midnight inches from where I'd be sleeping, and I haven't decided what to do with him yet.

When Rosie gets back I won't be working with her any more. I'm moving to a new DP in Debenhams, which means no one's going to come and see me either :( But apparantly it'll be less hectic. I've got to meet the head 'for coffee' tomorrow. Bit... weird. I was just kind of expecting a phone call telling me when to turn up. Oh, and I'm finally going to get paid - turns out they lost my bank details I gave them when I started, so I've got to bring those tomorrow as well. But still, money!

First thing I'm doing is ordering the George Romero's Trilogy of the Dead. Wanted to see that for aaaages. Been reading the SFX horror special, so now I've got this huge list of horror films I want to see, several of which aren't even in English. I can see a Horror phase coming on.

^__^ I have £5 boots! I also have £12 sandals so flat I won'tget either back or foot ache from wearing them at work, but mostly I'm in love with the boots. Marked down from £40 for a teensy bit of watermarking. Quite high, brown leather (or it looks like, anyway), and a bit tight around the legs. Been wearing them everywhere. £5. I love my shopping skills XP

I'm sure I had other stuff to say, but I'm distracted by my boots again, and the prospect of actually getting money for work.


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