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2/9/14 12:33 pm
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Click here to permanently switch to the new feed? No. No no. Where do I click to never see the new feed again? It is very means of you to do this to me after I come back from holiday, livejournal.

End of the Road was nice. Bit chilly during the day - three days of solid wind and constantly changing weather - but gorgeous on the last day. Bands were a bit variable, but the food was lovely as always and for the first time I finally found the woodland disco. The gardens are gorgeous after dark; all these light installations and interesting places to explore. All the teenagers perched in the trees and pretend to be peacocks (there's a ton of peacocks on the site) like another extra installation. There was a karaoke shower cubicle and a photobooth with an artist inside and a bear made of straw. Popped down to the comedy stage a couple of times. We saw Sarah Bennetto and Ryan Coffey during the day, as well as Knightmare Live after midnight (and got told off for being too loud). What else? Oh, a Q&A with Ben Wheatley and Andy Starke in the cinema, which was in a building this year, which was weird. Looked like it was built for weddings.

I think it was busier this year, though the camping seemed about the same the stages were much busier from much earlier on and the bars kept running out of booze, which was odd. The local cider was limited to one barrel per bar per day, so was usually gone by lunch, while the ales were running out by about nine. The gin and tonic bar ran out entirely and flogged their tonic water to one of the main bars that had run out, then did a supermarket run to restock. Only place that didn't have a problem was the cider bus, because this year's cider was shit. The medium had a vinegary tang and the dry was so harsh. In previous years I've loved the cider bus, so I don't know what's going on beyond a really bad harvest.

Music-wise: British Sea Power were pretty boring, as were Wild Beasts. Good year for concept albums: Gruff Rhys's American Interior was a lot of fun (we missed the showing of the film sadly) and the Gene Clark No Other Band was great. tUnE-yArDs have got a bit more mainstream since last time they were there, which was a good thing (it's more musical now, rather than just playing with sounds) and a good summer afternoon sound. Jenny Lewis was good too, and Rosie Lowe was a glimpse of groundroots pop (she was mixing her own vocal track as she sang, but not in a tUnE-yArDs way). There were two post Low Anthem bands, of which I preferred Arc Iris and J preferred Futur Primitif. My favourites of the weekend were The Wave Pictures, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and St Paul and the Broken Bones. I wanted to buy St Paul's album pretty much as soon as I heard the track on EotR's website, so that was no surprise. The BBC Radiophonic stuff was really cool; experimental 60s electronica, AKA the soundtracks to a lot of BBC Sci Fi. We missed Dr Who, but saw a bit of H2G2, and a whole bit of music to watch nuclear testing too.

Best discovery of the weekend was the Crump Monsieur, courtesy of @goodpropertea. Crumpet, mustard butter, ham and melted cheese. Going to be making a lot of those.

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20/9/09 09:33 am
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Off to Scotland! See you in a week.

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18/8/09 06:51 pm
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Imagine the following constitutes an actual description of my holiday:

9 1/2 days of sunshine out of 10. A sky clear enough to see the milky way. Dancing like a mad thing ’til three am to the sound of drums. Homemade hot tubs under the stars and saunas before bed. Outdoor showers and compost loos. Cooking for thirty people on an open log fire. Learning to swing dance, relearning the can-can, recognising the playford dancing, attempting belly dancing and going to a creative writing group. Fetching wood and water daily. Sewing buttons onto a piece of material to spell “Sublime”.

There would have been more, but I've been in a hippy haze of lovely loveliness (dehydration + dancing + sleep deprivation + hormones), and I came back to two awesome things.

Firstly, Swan Made was accepted for the Fairy Tales Anthology! It's a sort of second teir acceptance, which explains why they took so long getting back to me - the anthology has been split in two, one m/m stories and one f/f. They've put out a call for more f/f stories, so I might enter that too!

Secondly, the Beeb posted this article this morning. Unlike the Cambodia one from 2005 and the H1Z1 article from this year, this is actually a genuine BBC article. About the research of a man called Robert Smith? (to distinguish himself from Robert Smith of The Cure). Someone on JournalFen even linked me a copy of the actual report.

Plus I've had two days off work, in theory to get everything sorted post holiday. I've washed all my clothes, emptied my inbox and bought food, but mostly I've slept in nice and late and watched Hammer Horror films. :)

What's everyone else been up to?

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12/7/09 08:57 pm
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Went to Flanborough Head today. It's pretty, if a bit seaweed-y. We went rock scrambling and found some awesome caves carved by the sea; one really looked like it had been built with the coloumns, arches, and the strata in the rock looking like separate blocks. I saw puffins for the first time, and a large family of what were either stoats or weasels (orangey-brown, short, fluffy, back didn't look like they had any white or black on them at all). We missed out on the lighthouse because they wouldn't take plastic, but we can always go back.

I probably wouldn't wear hiking boots again, since their grip is variable (especially on chalk), and I'm thoroughly bruised and grazed. But then, last time I went to Surrey I fell over twice on the walk to the station, so it's nothing I'm not used to. Good old clumsiness.

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23/3/07 03:35 pm
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Facebook scares me. It's full of popular-type people. Or it makes people popular-type, I'm not sure. Talking to people there is strange.

Bruges )

And the Facebook album again. Photobucket isn't playing, so Gent and Diksmuide will have to wait.

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23/3/07 10:06 am
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This is me, back from Belgium. Still quite tired, and all chocolated out (for now). I have much chocolate for other people, though it has just occurred to me that it's lent. Also, lots of people aren't here.

I found it really hard to shake the feeling that I wasn't going back to my parents' on the coach home yesterday. Very grateful to see hills again. Watched Jurassic Park, The Italian Job and most of Toy Story on the coach - lots of delays.

Belgium was good. There will be photos. Mostly of buildings, I think. There was chocolate and waffles and pancakes and fruit beer (and other beer). I had a look round two museums while people were rehearsing, watched two concerts, and visited two places other than Bruges. I got hailed on and rained on and snowed on and sleeted on and occasionally beamd on by the sun, but only weakly. I wished I'd brought a different coat and bag. I bought loads of random souvenirs, some of which have been retconned into gifts (though I'm not sure for whom for all). I have done no reading. I was sick twice on the coach on the way down. I made new friends (mission accompished!) and shall be going out for a drink tonight.

I'm hungry, but I have a choice of chocolate cereal or potatoes. Or fruit beer. I know I have a stack of things to do soon, but no clue when or in what order. I am still terrified by my essays, and the stress is making me itchy again (mmm, bleeding legs). The burn on my hand is almost healed now (after more than a fortnight). I am disappointed that there was not more to read on my FList. I shall go into town soon. I shall regain my ability to form complex and compound sentences soon. My fingers are numb and I can't type.

ETA: Link to the facebook album containing mainly people pictures. It was hailing while they were playing on that bandstand. Also, does anyone know what's in Flemish Coffee(tm)? All the sites I've found are in dutch. Alternatively, can anyone translate Dutch or show me to a site which can?

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25/8/05 02:05 am
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It's 2AM! WTF am I still doing up? I swear, Dance Camp can't have screwed up my sleeping schedules that much. I was usually in bed by ten there anyway!

I still haven't done that dance camp post I promised myself. This seems to be my productive period (I even emailed my tutor about the magazine), so off we go!

Dance Camp is... )

Dance Camp. Brilliant. Complete destress for ten days, independence, co-operation on all fronts, green living, and never being alone if you don't want to be (though if you do want to be it gets a bit harder). Some of the people who go are, yes, nutters, and to be fair I'm far to practical to appreciate the whole spiritual side of it, and the sharings (always hated those, but we were lucky to get a circle of knew people this year and avoided having any) and so on. I just like running around like a mad thing for a bit, and the fact that when it takes half an hour to boil water life slows down to a very manageable pace. I seem to have picked up a lot more confidence this year, which was great. I approached people I didn't know, I danced like a mad thing (I keep meaning to see what I looked like in the mirror here, but I haven't got around to it. It's nice to maintain the illusion that I looked cool, for once) and, well, I didn't quite wander around naked in the showers, but more so than I used to.

And I lost weight, which was cool. Now to keep it off. Pity the healthy diet's already crashed out of the window. I'll just have to keep up with the walking.

Since I've got back, mum and harry have already left, chloe and her boyfriend spent all day in bed together, I finally learnt the name of the guy I've known for years and even goes to York too, and I gave myself nasty blisters walking to gford and back, but had a very nice icecream.

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21/8/05 08:36 pm
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I have just, just, got back from Dance Camp. I have read emails, but I shan't be replying to any until tomorrow, maybe even the next day. I'm just not in a place to deal with such things right now. I still find it weird that it's not taking half an hour to boil water in a kettle. Anything big on lj I've missed, point me a link to it.

Especially let me know if anyone emailed Helen, as I asked, because otherwise I've got to email her and explain why i've left her and the English department hanging for two weeks.

I danced solidly from 11:35 to 1:00AM last night, so I am tired and not in a place to deal with much. It doesn't help that almost immediately after walkinmg through hte door mum toldme some news that feels like it ought to be worse than it is, but judging by mum's delivery she isn't shattered by it either, though it's still an unpleasant surprise.

I'vejust noticed that I've used the phrase 'not in a place to deal' twice now. Guess that's how detached I'm feeling. Partly I blame hormones anyway, and too much chocolate in the car. Tomorrow (or Tuesday) I shall get sorted, and update things and organise things and maybe even talk to people, if I start having social withdrawal having spent the last ten days doing almost everything with at least 30 people.

In the meantime, it's fair to say that unless I talk to you, don't talk to me. There shall belengthly hyperbolic descriptions of dance camp tomorrow, and probably a seperate post (because the two really don't go together at all) explaining what the bad news was.

In other words, I'm Back, and Good Night!

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20/6/05 10:11 am
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So, house is all sorted. I've got the downstairs room, which is a good thing. Any other thoughts and opinions I had on the subject were rather obliterated by yesterday.


Yay, seaside ^_^ Greasy Spoon brunch, much much playing on the beach (I have approximately 20 photos of one sandcastle), cold sea, open top bus, small fairground, fast boat ride, DDR at arcades, fish and chips restaurant, thunderstorms and lightning during the train ride home. And lots and lots of sunburn.

Our sandcastle was brilliant, with many towers and a deep moat and bridges and everything, and we waited on the beach until the sea filled up the moat. We also turned it into the DougSoc logo, prior to that. The boatride was great fun (I love stuff like that), very fast and bouncy. I had great fun with seaside food (bacon ahd egg butty, icecream, candfloss, doughnut, milkman's orange juice, chicken and chips), even if an entire pint of orange juice just bfore the boat ride wasn't the best idea. Very tempted to get a DDR mat (and a Playstation with the game) for the house, since playing on the machines, at the very very beginner level, resulted in much sense of accomplishment. I figure it's better than an exercise video, (a) because it's interactive and competetitve and (b) because it's much less repetetive.

And the thunderstorms. So brilliant. Well, not for the rest of Yorkshire, according to the news, but it was the first time I actually saw the forks of lightning, instead of just the flashes. Got a bit soggy walking home, and kept sliding out of my sandals, but it didn't bother me. Probably did the sunburn good. I've managed to get both of my usual patterns (strappy top and halterneck top) on the same day, from wearing my bikini top under the other. It's going to be a bit too sore to wear a bra for a few days, but I can sleep on it, so it could be far worse.

On the way over to anime I got invited to join a makeshift hottub. Big paddling pool full of hot water, Radox and students I didn't know. I think I heard them wondering who I was after I'd made my excuses and wandered on. On the way back I snuck around the back, since it was 11PM and they were still inviting people to join them ^_^ Kudos to them for setting it up, and if it had been cold water I'd have been far more tempted (sunburn again). Picked up first two volumes of Cowboy Bebop manga and the first volume of Demon Diary at anime, from the 'library'. It's basically just all of the books members are willing tyo share with other members, but obviously they have to keep track of who has what over the summer. Demon Diary s very cool, and I don't mind that it reads left-to-right. We watched Alien Nine, which was surreal and a bit creepy and even once you figured out it was a metaphor for female puberty (the clue is in the opening titles song) it still didn't make a great deal of sense. And ends in a very odd place.

Anyway, after all that, I nw have to go back to the essay. I've technically finished it, but I need to start pruning now. Le Sigh.

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8/7/04 09:46 am
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year I was born thing )

Well, that seems mostly American. But approriate for birthday. I had no idea I was the same age as teh Olsen twins. Scary.

So, birthday. Spent day at Forest Mere health farm. Brilliant. Manicure, epdicure, massage and facial, plus random Iridology, which is looking at your eyes to determine genetic strengths adn weaknesses. Pretty accurate, considering what I know about myself so far. And very interesting. If I start attacking people's faces with a magnifying glass, that's what I'm doing. Anyway, spent day in towelling robe (mostly) and got taken for a walk by random Dog.

Then, Shrek2. Shrek gets fit, which is scary. Harry booked tickets for 16:40, instead of 6:40pm, so we technically arrived two hours late ^_^ Got in anyway, and missed the adverts neatly. Then to Wagamamas for dinner. Very long day. Didn't get to open most of my presents until past 10 o'clock. Stayed up to watch RedDwarf, and was woken at 6 by Harry this morning. ^_^

So, laptop came without Office. May borrow copies from this computer, or may save to buy just the programs I want (Word and Frontpage). Also does not appear to have any way of getting stuff off it, i.e. a floppy drive or a CD-R drive. Hmm. Still, shiny and new. Also got an MP3 player, which is baffling mother. And received a ridiculous amount of university stuff. Makes me regret having a summer birthday a bit. Three cooking books, plastic mugs, a suitcase. Though still, useful, and my sister made me a personalised mug and plate that I honestly thought were professionally done, so much love to her in Newquay.

I spend today tidying up ^_^ And playing with laptop, naturally.

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6/7/04 05:02 pm
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Back from Cornwall. Really really want to live in Falmouth now. National Maritime Museum is full of videos and buttons and model ships, which kept me entertained for Sunday, when I would have otherwise been at work. Got rather badly sterssed over that, and had to put up with people telling me I was looking very pale all day. Bit of a 'huh' moment, because I'm always pale. And they didn't even ring (I had my phone turned off ^_^ but no missed calls). After ten phone calls. Ten. Grrr. But Falmouth is lovely and I want to live there. Came home with many cheap clothes, as per usual.

Birthday tomorrow. Spending the day being pampered, which is definitely the best way to spend birthdays (even better when someone else pays), then going to Waga Mamas, then to see Shrek2, though the last two may change order. I have a pile of presents downstairs. It wouldn't be a pile, except laptop and free printer both came in large boxes. And got very pretty rings in Flamouth, far cheaper than I expected. But that's how I like it - cheap.

Um... Hello, new person on friend's list. That hug thing is very cute, isn't it? And in other fandom news, since I'm getting a laptop I intend to get another chapter of OUAN, DD and C&S up before the end of July. May not be much more than that, because what I really want to concentrate on right now is original stuff. Greenhelm only really gets written during the summer. Without college, there is this sudden hole five days a week. Current plan - walk up the local hill once a day, join an aerobics class I can reach by bus, and write. I can see the third being the one that takes up hte most time.

birthday tomorrow! Meep.

Side note:

25/8/03 09:56 am
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Dance Camp East website. This is how Damien found the place. He was a complete sweetie. Most people come because they have a friend who's been previously, so they know someone there and know what t expect. He turned up completely alone, and he was probably the most helpful, nicest, sweetest guy there. Plus he brought body paints. ^_^

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24/8/03 08:58 pm
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The screen is jumping arond and flickering madly. I don't like that. I did not just get back from ten days internet deprivation to have the computer die on me.

And on that note, hi, I'm back! My typing is going to be even worse than usual, and I shall subject you all to mad recap of hippy camp holiday.

Sooo... Dance Camp East. Utterly utterly mad. It didn't really sink in til last night, when 50+ Pip, who trains gas fitters and is the strictest vegetarian I know, offered Roz and I a spliff. Then Fillipa (sp? Portugese name, you see), mother of three, wanted to know how strong it was, and Julie, mother of two and wife to a guy to talent spots business executives, was the one who provided the weed. My mind went "but, but, but, respectable adults, adults, respectable... oh, right, ex-hippies". Jon, who spent the entire time in a purpler sarong, under which only about 50% of tbhe time he wotre speedos, used to own a huge IT company. My mind can't comprehend that. People I know at Dance Camp never strike me as the sort of people who have normal lives and jobs during the rest of the year. Having said that, Harry, my mums partner, who's a civil engineer, wanders around dance camp in a orange sarong all the time, and also doesnt always wear stuff under it, so I suppose other people think hte same about him.

Open Air Showers. I m going to miss those. Don't look so horrified, they're asolutely amazing. Cold air, plus warm water (all heated and pumped without any electiricty or gas whatsoever, thank you very much). The only aguely similar experience I can think of it the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, and the swimming pools there too. It's jut ww. And they were even better that previouis years, in that they tended to stay hot. Compost Loos. Don't smeell reat, but v enviromentally frendly and cheap, and much nicer than hte portaloos. Dear god, did the portaloos stink! They looked ugly, they ran out of water, they kept filling up and they smelt hideous. Compsot loos really nice by comparison.

At dance camp, people set up tents in circles. You then get to know everyone in your circle, and cook communally in the evening. It's good fun, but cooking for thirty on a log fire can be a chalenge. You generally end up doing vegetarian stuff, because (a) a lot of people are vegetarian and (b) you're much less likely to get food posoining. We did get some bacon and sausages and marshmallows this year, which was good, and thevegetarian dishes weren't all ratatoui (sp?). There were curries and pealla and chinese and a Blazing Saddlws night, all of which were fun, and our neighbouring circle invited us all over for a 'date', since so many people knew each other. In the evnings you get people wandeirng around in hte dark and sitting around camp fires, playing drums and guitars and improvising the most amazing music. The newbies don't like the drumming going on til 3Am ,but I can't think of anything more soothing. Plus flutes and violins and al sorts of stuff. They might stick that in the brouchure next year, to falstall any complaints. Personally, i find sitting in front of a huge fire at midnight, watching for shootingstars and listening to usic no one has ever heard before and no one ever will again, and occasionally joining in, absoluytely exhilirating. ^_^ Just thought I'd explain all this stuff now, since I reference 'circles' and the improv music a fair bit.

We took Roz with us, or rather she joined us there. So happy, she wants to come back again! Shows how fun it is, methinks. She's very good for the go, too, and we left half her stuff there so we have to meet up again before the end of the hols. I felt very protective of her; we broke her, you see. She sprained her ankle badly on Thursday. :( Good thing about dance camp: 90% of the people are massueres and homeopaths and osteopaths and whatevers, which means she can already walk without limping, which is great considering the original diagnosis was that she'd be sitting down for at least a week. I am also ill :( Really sore throat, or rather swollen and throbbing. Mother keeps trying to feed me soup, but it kills to swallow. Doesn't make a difference whether it's water or splintered wood, it hurts to swallow even when my mouth is empty. And I was throwing up the other day, which was also not fun, but managed to recover in time to watch the sumo egg wrestling (ask and I'll explain) and go to the caberet, in which my sister and her friend performed the caan with multiple other girls (and one guy who used to be a ballet dancer and is now simply extremely camp!).

I learnt CanCan too, but didn't feel well anough to bounce about. I consider it a life skill, and Roz, Clo and I may have to show people our new talent It is so much fun! Also learnt Capeiora (pronounced cap-a-wear-a, roughly). That's the Brazilian Dance/martial art that's on one of the BBC advert whatsits. It's great fun, and you don't hit people, which is useful! And the musics nice too. Oh, nad the Brazilian teacher was FIT. There was much "Psst, Marcello shirtless over there". Mm! There was a Brazilian girl as well, who was in the cancan and the afro-brazilian samba, who was grogeous. Stunning. And bendy. And stunning. And that's the closest I've ever come to a purely physical attraction, and I don't even know her name. She ended up with Marcello though ^_^ Two pretty people being pretty together. Clo's friend Sara ended up with Jake, who's four years older than her and is coming to stay with us on Tuesday, because he wants to look at Gford school of Music. Joy.

Hmm, what else? Face painted small children. Drew pictures. Found Elijah Wood lookalike, who turned out to be younger than us and abnormally thin. As in you could see his ribs, backbone, hips etc, and yet his stomach stuch out futher because it was muscled from doing capeiora. But with his shirt on he was nice to look at. Plus he was really sweet. Guy called Damian, who was in our circle (group of tents) was quite possibly the most alarming nice guy I've ever met. He also brought body paints. Woo! Body paints!

Strange things about being home: typing. Cutlery being in drawers instead of on a handmade kitchen unit oustide. Eletricity. Loos with water. Lack of drumming at night. People wearing trousers. Electricity. Not cooking for thrity people, or having other people to cook for you. Not being able to see the Milky Way, and just Gford's orange glow instead (light pollution sucks!). Typing. Being able to do things after it gets dark, other than sit round a camp fire. Electricity.

And so on and so forth. Roz sugestd we take Tor next time, since she'd probably love it. No fear, Anria, we know you'd hate it. mJ would enjoy it - a lot of women wander around topless (give it a few more years and I'll probably be one of them, but when I'm not camping with family, perhaps ^_^). I think there's soemthing everyone in my groups of friends would love, but not everyone would enjoy the whole experience. The best bit's are teh opening night caberet, where all the teachers show off what workshops they're going to do, and the final night caberet, where all the punters show off wha they learnt at the workshops. We also had a cardboard Karma Sutra, which was hilarious, and very very bizarre. All shadow-puppets, you see. And then Peter, the ex-ballet dancer, grabbed a tennis racket and started acting it all out behind hte curtain, with someone he kidnapped from the audience, which was just as funny. Pete is a darling, and it's very hard to beleive he's striaght some times. Tour guide IRL, apparantly.

So, that was the Dance Camp experience. I'll probably keep going on about it for at least another fornight, until it finally sinks in that I haven't touched my psych coursework and college restarts soon. I'm going up to Cambridge the day after tomorrow, which is a pity because DCE was damn close to there, so it's way too much driving around in a short space of time. Jake appears here the day I leave, so my sister may well dump him in my room, which she better not. Now, I must go and curl up and find paracetamol, because ill :( nasty throat blargh. Oh, and bath. As nice as hot outdoor showers are, baths are good to and much missed. Oh, and lok up Capoeira places in surrey, because that's a martial art I think i can bear. ANd finish reading up on comics, lj entires, forums etc that have hapened while I'm away. So, basically, bed may be a long way off, but at least I won't be woken at 7 by sun through the tent blinding and boilinge and smal kids shouting outside.

*pouts* just heard that most of our circle is still there, singing and dancing and having fun now that a lot of punters are gone. Damn coming home so soon. No one ever wants to leave Dance Cam, not once they've adapted to it. I do hope they do it again soon.


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