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Idea for series of articles for WSAAC: I can't get you published, but I can help you avoid getting mocked )

Just playing with ideas. Any suggestions for further links and resources are welcome. I've lost my manuscript format links, if anyone happens to have any good ones.

Reading the comments here has left me with a terrible desire to send tea bags with my covering letter for Greenhelm, whenever it's in a state to have a covering letter. It's not chocolate, but it is memorable, and Ilike to think it's the kind of story that'd go well with a nice cup of tea and a comfy chair. Also, I feel sorry for the people who have to plow through all those manuscripts.


21/5/07 05:59 am
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4944 and 2980 words. Both may get poked once to twice more before I print, but nothing major (mostly checking I've got my candidate number right!)

Woozy is kicking in a little. Really no point going to bed now, since it's light enough to the past hour plus to have my curtains open. I think I might go for a walk. Oh, and apprently I don't have to actually sleep to dehdrate overnight, regardless of how much tea and fruit tea and water I drink. I know going without sleep dries you out, but this is kinda dumb.
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I click on a Vanessa Mae album, and hit play. Monty Python's Medical Love Song starts playing. Um?

I'm now under the maximum wordcount again on the essay, which is good, but the ending still needs yet more poking. Lost the tables, lost the Butler, shuffled it all about. I'm smudged a paragraph on sci fi and the conclusion together, but neither connects to the preceding paragraphs about the effects of women being recognised in "ones and twos" byt the Culture Business. So, still needs work, and there's a few bits earlier on I need to go and poke, and then I'll probably have to do another run through to cut down the word, and then there's the ever dull bibliography. But we are getting there, it must be said.

Media Player's now moved on to "Goin up" by Great Big Sea. Apparently it knew I wanted something more perky than Einaudi, but didn't agree with my choice, or something.

(okay, so it's doing the play all random thing, but I still don't know why)

More Lara Croft icons

It occurs to me you don't all want to wake up to a million posts about my essay, so we're back to editting posts again. It's a quarter to four and I have 40 words before I hit the word limit. I have shuffled things and prodded things and deleted things and I have half a conclusion. The second half. I don't know how to get to it from the paragraph about, though. It's still kinda punchline-y, but Toast said it looked alright, and it's better than just trailing off. I've been doing bibliography stuff in notepad, and bed looks tempting, but I can't go to bed until I finish the essay, and if I don't finish soon there really won't be any point. I'll just have to sit adn watch DVDs and play games, the horror. Presuming I finish the essay, of course.

Noisy birds. That can't be the beginning of the dawn chorus, can it?

Dalek annual crack.

Anyone know how you references something like the TimesOnline? And random websites?

It's getting light. ::pouts:: Still no further on conclusion (though I've managed to pass the word limit with additions elsewhere). On the other hand, I did just find this in my notes, which made me giggle:
"In 1988 Larry McCaffery notes, "[I]t has only been during the past twenty years that truly major literary talents have been drawn to sicence fiction in the country that produced the atom bomb and landed on the moo"
Though it might just be the hour of the morning that makes landing on the moo so funny. Oh, and Kevin Reynold made 'Waterwold', which makes me think of very soggy hills.

By jove, I think I've got it.

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12/5/07 12:41 pm
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You know when wasn't a good time to rediscover DeviantArt? A week before my final deadline. I just spent an hour uploading photos from last year on there, and I'm now restraining myself from uploading photos of several years ago (such as the one I based this icon on). It's beginning to look like photography is my medium of choice, which it generally isn't (I like taking photos, but if you consider the few I put up come from folders of literally hundreds, you get an idea of what my 'hit' rate is).

Anyway, indulge me. Otherwise I have to get on with editting the 1000 words I wrote yesterday and writing another 1000 today, which I don't wanna do. ::pouts::

essay wordcount stuff )

Oh, and I did make a breast!icon out of the DA pic:

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11/5/07 11:55 am
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Essay wordcount - feel free to ignore )

This essay feels depressingly like an article right now, especially with all the tables. I'm not sure what my argument is now, expect "look at the eb1l publishing companies". I seem to be doing a lot of setting up before I do any knocking down.

Couple of icons I made randomly before I started today. drowning!Batgirl and dead!Spoiler. Comment, credit, take (not that anyone'll want them).

I also made a DakitaAmarantal icon, though god knows if I'll ever use it. Not for sharing, alas (though I'd be really confused if anyone wanted a poorly made icon of one of my original characters)

There's something rather ironic about having so much difficulty trying to torrent a track that's actually legal now (Rhapsody in Blue).

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7/5/07 04:11 pm
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JSTOR is kicking up more and more of a fuss regarding talking to me, which might be a hint that I should finish with researchfor today. I now have a nice chunky notepad file full of quotes from A Room of One's Own, Myslexia.com, 'Speculative Fiction and Black Lesbians', and 'Science Fiction in the Information Age', and filled Joanna Russ's book of essays with bits of postit notes (I'll have to go through that again, though, to find out why, so I might as well type up the quotes from there, too). I have three more JSTOR essays to go, all specifically Tiptree relevant ones. But since it's a choice of 32 pages, 23 pages or 23 pages, I think I'll take a break for now.

I shall endeavour to write some Greenhelm. Failing that, some fanfic. Failing that, I shall sit and plot Greenhelm, and write random thoughts on Greenhelm's female literary heritage. You can see where my mind is, can't you? If our heritage in this world eludes us (it exists, as Mslexia points out, but is ignored in favour of the masculine heritage), then, as Cavendish taught me, in my world it can do and be whatever it likes; in particular, it can be obvious. Mad Lady deGreenhelm (the 19th, seems about right), locked in the attic and starving to death, producing magnificent poetry. An angry Baronness writing under the pretense that she is discovering her late husband's manuscripts. A girl, with seven older brothers, who learns from their books and their tutors, and who goes on to become an Empress when her philosophy books attracts attention. A playwright only discovered centuries after her death to have been a woman. And so on. What sort of utopias (and eutopias and dystopias) to characters living in a fantasy world write?

I can't believe it's only half past four.

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9/4/07 12:44 pm
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I have editted the laptop posts together, and this shall now be the essay post for today (save clogging up people's FLists). I have just reminded myself that I have 20% off vouchers, so I may make a repeat trip into town later, to purchase something shiny from Borders. Any recomendations?

beginning of today: 2,750ish
13:30: 3,234
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
3,381 / 5,000

Target for today was 3,500. I might up that now. We'll see where I am when I get bored of writing.


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