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7/5/07 04:11 pm
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JSTOR is kicking up more and more of a fuss regarding talking to me, which might be a hint that I should finish with researchfor today. I now have a nice chunky notepad file full of quotes from A Room of One's Own, Myslexia.com, 'Speculative Fiction and Black Lesbians', and 'Science Fiction in the Information Age', and filled Joanna Russ's book of essays with bits of postit notes (I'll have to go through that again, though, to find out why, so I might as well type up the quotes from there, too). I have three more JSTOR essays to go, all specifically Tiptree relevant ones. But since it's a choice of 32 pages, 23 pages or 23 pages, I think I'll take a break for now.

I shall endeavour to write some Greenhelm. Failing that, some fanfic. Failing that, I shall sit and plot Greenhelm, and write random thoughts on Greenhelm's female literary heritage. You can see where my mind is, can't you? If our heritage in this world eludes us (it exists, as Mslexia points out, but is ignored in favour of the masculine heritage), then, as Cavendish taught me, in my world it can do and be whatever it likes; in particular, it can be obvious. Mad Lady deGreenhelm (the 19th, seems about right), locked in the attic and starving to death, producing magnificent poetry. An angry Baronness writing under the pretense that she is discovering her late husband's manuscripts. A girl, with seven older brothers, who learns from their books and their tutors, and who goes on to become an Empress when her philosophy books attracts attention. A playwright only discovered centuries after her death to have been a woman. And so on. What sort of utopias (and eutopias and dystopias) to characters living in a fantasy world write?

I can't believe it's only half past four.

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16/8/06 04:29 pm
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Meme taken from [livejournal.com profile] rhube. The prologue and first chapter of Greenhelm, written back hen I was about thirteen. Including footnotes, and some ideas so blatantly ripped from Tamora Pierce I can't believe I thought I'd get away with it. Oh, and spot how much I loved Shadowfax in LotR.

Greenhelm the First )

Oh me oh my ^_^

The other day (quite a few days ago now, but I want to record this) I saw a couple of peahens walking down our road. Random.

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22/6/06 03:21 pm
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I've been wanting to write about Laina as a child for a while now. She's probably about twelve here. Ethan's about fourteen (I've started messing with ages). Quite different to her older self, but this is before either of her parents die. About nine months before her mother dies, in fact.

Little Laina )

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15/6/06 02:21 pm
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this look good for fantasy writing. I will probably add it to my links list later. I've just finidhed writing the penulitmate plot point in Greenhelm (possibly the penultimate chapter, but as I get closer to the end the chapters are getting much shorter), so I'm kinda wiped in that sense now. There is only sSathos to kill, and an epilogue to set up the plot initiaor for the first half of the next book, and I'm done. Whew!

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13/5/05 06:48 pm
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Running through the next chapter of Greenhelm to print for writerssoc tonight and doing some mad editting. I find finding lines like: Silky cold hands squeezed his heart and dripped black water into it, cold is ice and twice as deadly. There are some things lines like that would work in. A dramatic chapter in Greenhelm isn't one of them. It doesn't even actually hint what the feelings involved are. Once I actually complete this draft of the first book (it's draft 2, if anyone's interested, though it's so far removed from draft 1 it might as well be a different novel) I'm going to have a lot of editting to do.

Actually feeling quite pleased with what I wrote today, though. Deleted large chunks from yesterday and put in two very important scenes. Both really deserve their own chapters, but I can't stretch either out that long without it being obviously padded. The irony is, though, that I've actually gone backwards in terms of plot.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
63,547 / 100,000

Looks like I've gone backwards in terms of wordcount, too. Heh. But I better plesed with this bit.

BTW, if people find all this Greenhelm babble annoying, I could friendsfilter it. I need to do a filter survey at some point soon, but I don't have tickybox capabilities (i.e. this isn't a paid account).

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9/5/05 05:56 pm
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In case anyone's wondering, I've hit over 58,000 words on Greenhelm. Not bad for something I've been working on for... five years. Heh. The part that amuses me most is the average novel is 100,000 words, this is the first of a triology and in terms of plot it hasn't actually begun. When I spereate it into chunks in my head it goes:

--- in terms of reading out at yorkwriter's, I'm about here
--- in terms of actually writing, I'm here
dramatic bit
beginning of main plot
hell breaking loose
reconciliation of main cast
decision to solve hell problem

Actually, looking at the notes in [livejournal.com profile] plotting, I've just realised that I've got a lot more plot in book one than I thought I had. I thought it ended at 'dramatic bit', but in fact it goes on til 'beginning of main plot'. I think I may have to revert to original plan. On the other hand, there's a lot more depth to the revised plot later on, which I'd also forgotten about and am now kinda enjoying rereading. I always seem to be in a good (and silly) mood when I plot, which results in lines like 'genocide impractical'. So dismissive.

Of course, now I've distracted myself,I probably won't write any more tonight. I keep finding it really hard to choose what I want to write anyway. I've got about four things I want to be writing simultaneously. My mind wanders at work, and I work out wherre everything is going next, but then I'm usually too tired to write. Plus I quite want to redesign secretgeek, and make some more icons. Though icons make my shoulders ache, because I have to lean over the keyboard, and my fingers ache really badly in a sort of RSI way.

You know, this was going to be a whining about hormones post. Gah, nasty hormones. So if I'm a bit distant, that's why, though any grumpiness is directed at my own body for deciding that after several years it might try this cramps lark that it's heard about. And I really hope this is water retention, or I've been eating in my sleep or something. I've been exercising more than I used to, and eating roughly the same, so being larger is deeply irritating.
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The Prologue and first chapter of Greenhelm are now available to read at Skyehawke! If you are unable to comment there (I can't remember if they allow anonymous reviews) please leave a comment here. I would dearly love some feedback. More of hte story ought to be available soon, though the update pace will slacken once I pass the chapter I've already written.

Please, pretty, please?

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29/5/04 05:03 pm
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I have been online since half eight this morning. I have not been offline at all. Disturbing, non? Spent day reading and drinking tea, and water, and milk, and cranberry juice, nad chocolate milk... You know how if you mix milk and water it curdles? Yeah. I know that drinking different liquids tends to make me queasy, but I haven't been able to stop. It gives me an excuse to get up and go downstairs for another cup of something different every twenty minutes or so. 8 litres a day? Pah, that's nothing ^_^

Since we don't have a scanner, I digital photoed a bunch of drawings. Uploaded them, along with all of yesterday's pics. An excuse to actually use my DeviantArt account! Now all i gotta do is remember my username. Since, as many people are aware, I'm just a tad lazy, I'll link my page there instead of each picture. Oh, though I'm particularly proud of:

Galahad (well, I'm not, but I normally find him very hard to draw, and he's the only character I actually managed to do a half decent job or colouring in with photoshop on.I know it's not great, but you should have seen my other attempts!)
Jacques, a random vampire drawn in a maths lesson last year
Sam Handle, who's a character in a terminated webcomic idea
and Arthur and Guin, who I spent ages trying to colour in photoshop and gave up, because the lines aren't sharp enough for the colours to stay where I want them and the paper texture's too sharp to block colour.
Check out both Deviant gallery and sketchbook, please?

I had to go offline to install photoshop again (gasp! offline for the first time today) since it wants all virus protection software offline. random drawing will appear after. If anyone wants any leaver's day pics, just email or leave a comment here and I'll see if I've got anything along the lines of what you want. I'll try and get a webpage sorted for them, but there are over 100 (much love for almost limitless digital camera capacities!)

(edit: links to pics)
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I want to write, therefore I'll write. And I know what I'll write. And most of my RL friends will be very disturbed. oh I know I could friends-filter it, but I kinda want it for the world to see ^_^ I know it's deeply chessy, but this is kinda a fanfic for my own book. Which I haven't actually written up to this point yet, but anyway... See, the boy's are both straight, Plot depends on that. But, well, this is me, and, well, this is what I write, yes?

Edit: I meant to post this last night, but my sister and her friend came home and wanted to know about Psychology. Figured better to get rid of it (since it was unfinished, and I wasn't going to post it unfinished) before they wanted to know about the boysmut.

behind here is boy on boy smut. I figure some of you might rather want to pass this by )

Slightly clumsy ending, but I have only got a few minutes left before I have to leave. It's so awkward, keeping your own characters in character. Galahad's okay, he's never really been much other than depressed and a bit whiny, but Ethans' undergone a personality transplant in the last few years and I keep forgetting he's much angrier now. That and I'm trying to find a way out of pandering to one of my most hated cliches: the unrequited love couple. Geh. Oh well. If people like, they can beta read the 'real' version, where no one's gay, but teh incident Galahad and Ethan reference about the earlier kiss does actually take place.

Oh, hat, skirt. I keep forgetting it's Thursday!


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