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1/9/15 11:43 pm
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So in the Buffy comics Giles died, and got resurrected as a twelve year old, which is boring because Giles was clearly a lot more fun as a teenager. Also Spike and Buffy are a sweet couple, which has killed all the chemistry in their relationship, so that was a poor choice too.

And Buzzfeed is full of Buffy stuff, so I'm craving a little something.

Xander isn't meant to be an arsehole, he just hates Spike and is worried about Giles.

Buffy was my second ever fandom )
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Because I am far too lazy to write this all up as fanfic, so it's just a summary, really.

basically setting up my dream team )

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30/11/10 12:21 pm
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THe recent rumours about Omnific (unlikely to be true, but interesting to see its origins dragged back into the limelight) and this article on turning fanfic into original have me thinking about the process.

So, mental game. What if I turned Caffiene & Saccharine into original fic? It's the best known and probably one of my better written, so it's got a built in audience.

Let's call it... Coffee and Two Sweetners )

All well and good, but. What happens after it's published and I've promoted it here and fans of C&S go and read it? What if one of them tells people it's basically the same as C&S on the fundamental levels? I might have deleted C&S, but there's all sort of quirks to the internet and I know fans have downloaded and saved it before.

What happens when my publisher realises I've essentially used up first rights for this story? Changing names and settings isn't enough to change that fact, and the plot is essentially unchanged. The story has already been available for free online.

Somehow, I don't think my publisher would be very happy. Do you? And that, really, is the essence of the problem with filing the serial numbers off. Omnific may invite it, but there's a reason other publishers don't.

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21/6/09 09:30 pm
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I thought it was worth doing a quick fic roundup for bandom, since half of what I've written is in other people's journals or scattered throughout comments. It's 90% crack. I am easily prompted.

My first attempt at bandom. Gen, not really anything. Clearly hadn't discovered my calling as a purveyor of improbable crossovers

The Young Chemicals

Bat-and-Forth with [livejournal.com profile] apiphile

Hitchhikers Guide to My Chemical Romance

Gerard the Avon Lady

"Stop eating that!", "I thought I threw that out for a reason" and "Someone needs to get that and makes sure it stays got."

I can't remember if there's been anything else. That looks like it's about it, but there might be something else lurking on [livejournal.com profile] apiphiles journal somewhere that I've forgotten. At some point, I'm going to post this to one of the comms, because I'm sick of every fic warning for cutting, character death, suicide, self harm, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, reader abuse oh my eyes what did I do to deserve this...

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29/4/09 09:12 pm
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This is for [livejournal.com profile] apiphile. The casting managed to change a little.

The Young Chemicals )

Now with added Illustrations! The Young Chemicals, with bonus Special Patrol Way.

the young chemicals Photobucket

(I can't stop laughing at Gee. Smiley Rik!)

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2/3/09 08:24 am
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You win this time [livejournal.com profile] apiphile!

Title: Nice Guy
Fandom: Bandom! MCR, FOB
Pairing: Gen. It was going to be Andy/Ray, but I had an interview and couldn't afford to keep writing that long.
Rating: PG. Naughty Language
Disclaimer: makes no actual difference under UK IP law, but I think RPF might actually fall under libel/slander (I can never remember which is which). So, basically, this never happened, and I'm not saying it did, and it's all in my head. And now yours.

This is sort of set during the Summer Of Like, but I actually have no idea about what order canon really happens in, so it's a bit mushed together.

Vegan Muffins )

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13/11/08 07:49 pm
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For today's MiniNaNo, we have Torchwood/Avengers.

These two came with a compliment on Ianto's satorial choices and an offer of a drink. )

That was well (or poorly) timed; the New Avengers has just appeared on BBC4. Peter Cushing, but it doesn't appear to be a Cybernauts one, which is confusing. I've missed nearly all of it, which is a shame. The BBC seems to be utterly in love with Joanna Lumley at the moment, not that I'm complaining.

I was hoping to embed this, since I have no good name for the link, but oh well. Peel the Reel video.

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15/2/08 10:03 am
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I have been writing Roman slash. There's Horace/Virgil/Propertius (where Propertius is Captain Jack Harkness, since that's the point of [livejournal.com profile] sodomy_central) and Horace/Virgil. The two fics aren't related, except in theme. There's nothing too explicit in either, but lots of reference to Roman debauchery and Roman poets' physiques.

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4/1/08 06:01 pm
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So, I wrote an article on UK copyright for the magazine, which was huge and unweildy and a little rambly, so I lopped off the case studies. I'll rework them into an article for next issue (the Lexicon case having gone to court then, which'll help), but I thought you guys might be a little interested in a few examples of extreme stupidity. Sorry about the style; unpolished article can be a little grating, I know. I hadn't really thought that I wrote differently for lj/articles/fiction etc, but I really do. There's not the number of links I'd put into a web thing either, since a paper article full of links tends to be a bit clunky.

plagiarism )

Fanfiction )

Harry Potter and the Lexicon )

Anyway, I just though you guys might find these interesting, since I know a lot of people won't have heard about the Lori Jareo and Lanaia Lee fiascos (unlike the Lexicon, which hit national news). I will rewrite this for the summer issue of the magazine, hopefully incudin the results of the Lexicon case. If you spot any glaring errors, do point them out ^_^

fic fractions

21/4/07 09:45 pm
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His body moved on one plane only, shoulders first, hips following that fraction of a second afterwards. Slink left, slink right. Eyes closed. The lights began to strobe, blue, and he flickered like an old film. They went out, came back on; he was gone.

It grew dark behind her eyes - she let her eyelids bat a few times to make certain of which light was fading - and she fell, graceless, backwards. The water was cold, but that was alright: she was losing sensation anyway. In enveloped her, slower, thicker, more viscious, than it ought to be. It folded over her in navy waves, and she was gone.

Request something. Anything. I will write. Please?

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3/12/05 07:36 pm
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I have been in the mood to write something all day, but I've completely lacked the inspiration. And the motivation, in all honesty. And, let's face it, I really ought to be doing my reading for Monday.

Still, I might as well have a go.

This is, technically, Cambridge Latin Course fanfic. I studied the CLC at school, and Quintus Caecilius Iucundus was far and away my favourite character.

A potted history of Quintus, which isn't entirely necessary to the story )

There are a few technical latin terms knocking about (such as impluvium, which was a small pool in the hall, situated beneath a hole of the same size in the ceiling, that was kept full with rain water), but most of it should make sense. It's fun doing the research for this again. I don't think you really need to know the above to work out what's going on: Quintus is a Pompeii survivor living in the North of England. He has no friends or family there.

Life after Flight 1 )

1 is probably a misnomer, but you never know. There might be more of this. I think Quintus is going to get rather ill (which would be a good reason for him not ratting out Salvius sooner).

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13/7/04 11:38 am
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I think I just drowned in reviews and comments for Caff&Sacc. Whee! ^_^ I've been trying adn failing to write X-men for a while, so it's good to finally find a pairing that motivates me to actually finish fics. (hello new flist people! I assume this is where you came in?)

Sophie's aprty last night was great fun. Met people I hadn't seen for ages and got a few email addresses (less forwards than asking for numbers, I find). Chatted to an obsessive Harry Potter fan, who I must now send website addresses to, a guy I haven't seen since junior school and who's name I forgot the minute I left the building, a girl I would have invited to my birthday except she's the one with a history with Blanchard and I've kinda badmouthed her already to people (she's really nice, but a compulsive liar), and to Sophie's boyfriend. He definitely gets the thumbs up. Great hair (all spiky and eighties!), really long eyelashes, hilarious anecdotes and adores Sophie. I give him my best-friend-of-fourteen-years seal of approval.

Been having randomdreams recently. Night before last it was a combination of global warming and my work, which terrified me because Global warming always does. Nightmares that relate to the end of the world always disturb me. The fact Japan was blowing itself up to help compensate, or something, was also a bit odd. And last night I dreamt about people I know think were at Sophie's party, though in the dream i didn't realise it. I was drunk (in hte dream) and very silly, and pulled one of them. Amused me.

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21/5/04 03:29 pm
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I'm updating this from college (in an IT lesson, no less), but I must admit, I have internet access at home now. Have had for several days. Worm all gone (for now) but me keeping low profile. This weekend I will download an ftp thing and uput up, if nothing else, a 'holding' page for significant kniks. might also upload all of Femme there too. And will go shopping and see PoT finally.

Found Del ^_^ Someone hacked her account, but I hunted her down again. Internet stalking skills whee! Or words to that affect.

Only one week of college left. It's my sister's DInner Dance today. Getting her hair down and all. And I've got a 'book' sorted out now, and Nerol's to take home for the weekend. I can't believe I managed three pages of Anna's. I really don't have much to say to/about people!

Someone remind me to use this properly at some point:

"We can't let him in, sir."

"Why not?"

"Well, some of the other clientele..."

"He's human. As such, any attempt to refuse him entry on grounds of colour, race, religion, whatever means I can sue your arse."

"He doesn't look human."

"And you don't look stupid."

(LadyJaida has bred Xmen ficlets in my head. Evil girl!)

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10/3/04 03:27 pm
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I have spent three hours online today, not counting time in IT. This is bad. It's because nobody's here! It was just me and Hearn at lunch, so I, uh, abandoned him...

Fanfic! HP )

That didn't come out as well as I hoped it would. Oh well. LJ fics are never my forte.

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1/3/04 07:16 pm
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I went to bed at 9 last night. 9. I am still shattered. Haeve been since, oh, 9 this morning. And I've still got this damn cough, which scared Jacobi (hee). I'm going to run back through this thing and check when i first mentioned it, because I know I had it for at least three days prior to that, and I suspect I've had it since before half term, which means we're going into the fourth week. Four week cough, plus scalp ecezma, is implying asthma's back. Yes, the ecezma's relevant to that.

Anyway, Weiss Kreuz drabble fic. Just because.

wk drabble: None of your business )

I got bored writing the D/Hr ficathon fic, and my mind wandered. I really want to write OUAN right now, which isn't helpful. I meant to finish it by February, which might be part of it. Oh, on that note: pinch, punch, first of teh month, and no returns forever.

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1/1/04 12:51 pm
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fanfic writers meme )

I really want to go shoppping, but most of the shops will be closed today. Damn. Mad urge quashed.

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15/11/03 04:42 pm
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Time for another fic written in journal. Weiss Kreuz, this time.

Kitten's Corpse )

We have new furniture. £1200 worth o.0 Apparently mother didn't intend to spend the much, it just happened. Oh well. New seats!

2nd BMB fic

6/11/03 08:43 pm
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Something I have just learnt:
Alexander the Great was short, left-handed, epileptic and bisexual. He also dyed his hair with saffron, to make it reddish.
This is going to get worked into a fic, some how. If not Tybalt, then Schuldig. Some bisexual redhead, who i can get away with claiming is left-handed.

I wanted to write Skibalt, so i figured I'd give it a shot. It morphed through several different plot bunnies. I may take another plot bunny in as a sequel. Or maybe just write another fic.

You know, once you start writing BMB (all characters of which belong to K Sandra Fuhr - you didn't spot a missing disclaimer, honest, this was here all along) fics they suddenly get much easier. I've been trying and failing for ages, and suddenly two on two consecutive days. Woo!

Of Mists and Melancholy fruitlessness )

There may be a sequel. Maybe not. Depends. Hmm. Changing the ending of this.

We have a very large box of Krispie Kremy Donuts downstairs, american style jobs. Aside from the obvious difference in being Crispy and being Cremey (now htere's a word I'll never figure out how to spell), if they aliterate already why changed the Cs to Ks? Huh?

I just noticed I had 'cockrack' instead of 'coatrack'. Sometmes I worry about my typos...

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5/11/03 05:49 pm
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little animations

Poor li'l zinc guy :(

I feel in the mood to write smut. XP Fox/Collin smut, it would appear.
Cold hands )
Ive been manign to write a BMB fic for ages. I actually meant to write Skids and Tybalt first, but oh well ^_^
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