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30/3/08 10:55 pm
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Reorganising my bookmarks (because I don't like scrolling) and I realised I hadn't watched Trevis for a while. He dances. And more.

Trevis is actually the name of the car, but since I don't speak German, I'm going to assume it's the guy's name too. And that the site is pitching a small Japanese car to gay German men who like dressing as Americans. As long as Trevis doesn't put his shirt on, I really don't care.

Accordingly to [livejournal.com profile] zombie_thing the categories, roughly translated, are "Dance for me, Baby", "Look into my eyes" and "Surprise me".

ETA - I'll throw in some recut trailers from YouTube, too: Shining, Scary Mary (Poppins), Top Gun, The Ring, Titantic: Two the Surface and The Wicker Man.

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17/3/08 09:15 am
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Ethiopia has the best proverbs (according to QI.com, anyway). Yesterday there was "A burglar with a cough should not pray to God with a grudge in his heart" and today has "To fight with everyone can results in a shortage of pallbearers at your funeral".

ETA today, it has "It is foolish to climb two trees at once just because one has two feet". Ethiopia is a very sensible place, it seems.

Russell Howard was absolutely Awesome. The guy who opened for him was familiar, but I don't think I've seen him before. The question time encore kinda petered out, but in a good way.

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30/11/05 05:07 pm
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How to prevent rape: Don't rape people - because I think it's very, very true.

Today, I agreed to work lunches on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (and Wednesday, in the respect that I already work all of Wednesday). I'm a little nervous about what I'm letting myself in for, since today was manic. My lunch was cut short, and my supervisor didn't get a bite to eat until 3pm. We sold many houses though, which is good. I can see why the boss wants someone in for lunches, and I am the most flexible in that respect. It's near the end of term, so there's less reading, and if I'm in town regularly I'll be far more likely to get Christmas shopping done. I'll be getting around £85 a week, which isn't half bad! I've told teh boss Tuesdays might not work, because of Latin, but we'll see. It's only for three weeks anyway, since I'm going home on the 22nd.

I can't believe it's the 1st of December tomorrow. Ahh! I really need to get my arse in gear. I haven't decided yet whether I'll get an advent calendar - I did't have one last year, nad I didn't miss it, but it does really help me keep track of the days better. It would just be one more thing to take home though, so perhaps not.

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6/11/05 09:58 am
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Yesterday was good. Pretty bangbangs. Whirly light up balls!

I'm half dead this morning. I think NaNo is stressing me out more than I like to admit to myself. I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep. I shouldn't really be this tired, seeing as I was in bed by 10:30.

Annyway, yes. Yesterday! Didn't start to great, when I woke up to discover a book I had left on my windowsill had gone mouldy. I think it's about time we have a word with the landlord about the damp. Luckily it was Dune, and not one of the coursebooks. Still, it's not as though the windowsill was wet, or anything. The book's been there for about six weeks, but it's not as though I haven't moved it regularly in that time either.

Anyway, after that Toast's parents came over. We now have many cool Christmas deocrations. Went out and explored antique shops (my eye was taken by all the gorgeous jewellery, which alas usually cost about £200) and then to a very filling lunch at La Tasca. Came home, went out. Explored York's "woo, fireworks" celebrations with [livejournal.com profile] enyay. Watched several different street performances and sought out a kazoo and some sparklers. Remembered seconds too late that I had some matches in my bag, so we also bought a lighter.

We did get rained on ever so slightly watching the fireworks, but it wasn't really noticeable. We stood on the balcony over the river by the cinema. There were two floating percussionist dudes and some random fireworks on rope. It was... odd. We agreed that it would have been much better if they'd had percussionists all the way up and down the river, and done a Q&A thing. The orchestras were a bit lacklustre too, since they seemed to be playing random notes at random times and while there was some echoing thing going on, it mostly sounded like they were tuning up.

But then the fireworks! Oh so pretty. They mnaged to make flowers and hearts and ringed planets, which impressed me muchly. There were a few we couldn't see properly because they were too low, but other than that it was all very well done.

After the fireworks we took enyay to see the Minster, which if you haven't seen yet you should. Amazing. Then decided to wander back and play 80s Trivial Pursuit, but got distracted bya most amazing juggling troupe. Maneut is from France and has tiny hands. Many light up balls and clubs (which changed colour!) and a guy who had a really good cheeky patter going. All this really impressive stuff with fourteen clubs and the four of them in a line or a square or a T and things spinning eight times and so on. Scared seven kids by putting them in a line and juggling around them. Kid on the end looked terrified, but clapped very enthusiastically when they finished. They seemed to be an international troupe (Maneut is from France!), and it's a pity they're not around longer.

Anyway, much lover to York Council for paying for all these entertainers. It rockethed muchly.

So we all scurried home after that and playing Trivial Pursuit and watched Italian Job, then had chips, then finished Trivial Pursuit (Toast came from the back of the pack for a stunning first place at the last second) and watched some of Princess Bride. Then got tired and went to bed. And stressed about the reading and marking other people's essays and NaNo.

Pretty bangbangs and balls!

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30/10/05 10:03 am
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Zombie night rocked. Not quite as many zombies as expected, but Bad Taste is brilliant, and Evil Dead just funny. The original Night of the Living Dead pawns the remake. Maid Marian and her Merry Men is still brilliant, even in zombie context.

And, of course, the zombie food rocked. And there's enough left for me to have some for breakfast! ^_^ Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] zombie_thing for the delicious entrails.

And, very coolly, my old much-loved but unfortunately worn in unfortunate places jeans have turned into avery cool and rather slinky denim skirt, with pretty patches that look all autumnly, which I adore. Hugs to [livejournal.com profile] toasty_renfield for those.

Our house is so domestic ^_^ Especially on the male side!

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31/8/05 11:39 pm
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My history tecaher's father has died. I wonder how he's holding up. He's far and away one of the best teachers at GHS, and incredible fun. I suppose, at least, this happened during the holidays, so he could be with his family and not have to worry about work.

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7/7/05 04:09 pm
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"friends/skip=495". And that's three days. 0.o If anyone has said anything I ought to read, and might have missed, wave at me in the comments, 'kay?

London. Yes. It feels like it should have been so much worse. I mean, the IRA were doing this barely a decade ago. They gave warnings, but it's still close enough that I imagine most people remember how to react. Timing is interesting, with both the mayor and the Prime Minister out of the capital. Also, timed to coincide with the beginning of the G8 talks, seven bombs, Britain with the most controversial agenda and the talks going on without our Prime Minister... Feel free to conspiracy theory into oblivion.

On that note, we got the Olympics? Yet more 0.o Current theory is Jacques Chirac's (sp?) tirade against Finnish cooking, when six members of the panel are Finnish (and we won by four votes), did the French bid no good. Still, between this and the bombs london transport is going to get the overhaul it desperately, desperately needs.

And in other news, it's my birthday ^_^ I have many books, and a homemade cake, and a digital camera, and a lot more money than I expected. And many many pens and pieces of cheap jewellery from my spam mail beliving grandmother. I'm not ungrateful, I'm just worried. Oh, and I got breakfast this morning, which was delicious!

One more week until we have internet in the house. Woo.

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23/6/05 09:11 pm
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I got the DougSoc Scarborough outing photos developed today. Picked them up with Toast this afternoon. It was just... It makes me grin. I don't think I've ever had so many terms of endearment thrown at me in one conversation. At least one per sentence. Flower, petal, sweetie, honey etc. Some I can't remember, but I remember them being phrases I hadn't expected to hear. But the best bit was when i went back to point out he'd shortchanged me.

"You gave me two pence change, but on the receipt it says fifty two pence."

"That's because I'm a knobjockey."

... There's not really much else to say, is there?
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Yesterday was brilliant.

First I spent fifteen minutes waiting outside the lecture hall with 90% of the rest of the Romantic students only to learn the lecture was going on, just with four people. So we all go in and sit down, and it was manic. One of the fatest lectures I've ever had. Then we had our seminar outside, which was fun. Bit chilly, but good fun.

After lunch I met up with Toast (it's going to sound horribly sappy and tease-worthy, but we had't seen each other for two days, so it was good) and went shopping. Got lots and lots of more freecomics pressed into my hand at the comicbook store (they recognise me, and it pleases me ^_^) and bought vol2 of Fables, which I've yet to read. And on the way back I found a ten pound note!

Said ten pound note then went towards paying for Capoeira. Think BBC ad with two guys in red cartwheeling on a roof. Alternately, it's sort of Brazilian martial arts crossed with dancing. You don't stop moving. Almost an hour's walk that, chatting with Elliot about Anime and Dougsoc et al (he was under the impression I was on the dougsoc committee... I'm not even a member!), then quick change and of we go. Twenty minutes running around the hall in various ways, which was tiring, then ten minutes killer stretches. The instructers were helping everyone. You know the stretch where you sit on the floor with your legs out and spread as far apart as you can, and then you bend between as far as you can reach, and some smug bugger always managed to put their forehead on the floor? They came over nad pushed on people's backs to make them go lower, which was a little painful but I surprised myself by how far I could actually go. Then the stretch where you sit almost crosslegged, but with the soles of your feet together, and they pressed down on your knees. That one I think I let him press too hard, but oh well. When they helped each other with that one, they took it in terns to stand on each other's legs. So then we got started on the actual capoeira, jinga-ing and so on, and I was pleased to see how much I remembered. Lots of practice, then the hodda, which is where everyone sits in a circle, clapping and singing, and two people 'play' in the centre. The aim is to take advantage of people's innattention and show them where they've slipped up without ever actually hitting them, if possible. Lots and lots of energy comes from the hodda, and it's brilliant watching experienced people do it, though we all got a couple of goes.

So, yes, enjoyed that muchly. Tired and spagetti-limbed afterwards, but I'm definitely going back next week, and possibly on Tuesday for the one hour session as well. Capoeira is the martial art for me ^___^ Also, the fun thing is if you see people in a hodda in the park or something, you can just randomly join in. That's half the fun of it.

Anyway, walked home again, saw people at Patch's as I walked past. Showered quickly (yes this has turned into a very precise account of my day now...), grabbed some cutlery and wandered over. We had DIY pizza, tzatziki (sp?), big salad and homemade lemonade. Was all very very brilliant. Unfortunately the adrenaline I was still otherwise high on wore off halfway through pizza making, so I suspect I wasn't particularly good company. All coherent thought tended towards: This is nice... This is nice... Yes... nice.

So yes, very good day indeed. Absolutely brilliant. And now I shall probably go back to bed, and enjoy all my new comics, because my limbs are all nasty stiff. But in a very good way.

Election Day!!

5/5/05 10:28 am
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I just voted. Feel all breathy and nervous. Hee, adrenaline. Voting adrenaline.

Some of the campus groups have been sending emails in a last ditch attempt to swing voters. The Labour one really pissed me off. Very dismissive line about Lib Dems being a wasted vote.


If everyone who was dissuaded from voting lib dems by that line of thought did vote, I suspect they'd be very far from a waste. Even if they didn't get in, next election people will be looking at them and saying "Well, it was so close, my vote will really make a difference". If they don't get in this tme, it doesn't mean it's a wasted vote. It means they're more likely to get in next time.

And lets face it, between Labours lies and rightwing stance, and the mess the Conservatives made last time they were in power (and the mess of the party), do you really want to vote for either? Don't vote for someone you're only half interested in.

Actually, just VOTE. That's really the most important part.

food rant

2/3/05 10:02 pm
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It's not secret that I don't like cooking. I find it boring, and takes too long for the pay off. I'll eat potato smilies, and the occasional microwave meal. I'm a damn fussy eater. I won't eat fruit or veg I haven't had before, in most cases. I guess I'm lucky I was fed a good variety as a kid!

I'm watching Jaime's School Dinners. He's been talking to primary school kids. All but one had chips for dinner, and that one had a pot noodle. Only one kid could recognise and rubarb and a leek, and no one got asparagus. Fair enough for young kids, but when they're guessing celery and kiwi I'm scared.

They follow each other. One fussy kids can put off the rest, and often does. The school dinner is often the main meal of these kids' days, and the most nutrition they'll get until the next school dinner. The kids are happy to eat turkey twizzlers (less than 30% turkey, and I've no idea what makes up the other 70% and I'm scared to know) but think plain turkey is disgusting. I don't get it.

The packed lunches are scary too. Four chocolate bars, a packet of crisps, a bottle of ribena and a sandwich that's promptly binned. Four chocolate bars? Ngh! And the parents are surprised that the kids are irritable and hyper. One of the reasons that ADD medicine is less commonly prescribed in this country compared with others like America is because doctors reccomend a diet change first, and it usually works. I thought it was common knowledge that the chemicals in processed food cause mood swings and so on, and not just in kids. Apparently not. The local doctor talked about a 'constipation clinic' for the kids. For some of them it's been more than seven weeks. If that's not an indicator of bad diet I don't know what is.

What happened to the parents? None of them are so young they can have been brought up on microwave dinners. Fair enough, being lazy or tired or cheap occasionally, but every single meal? I've met the odd person who thinks it's gross to eat stuff that comes from the ground or off a tree, but it never occurred to me there were so many. I'm scared. Is anyone surprised we have an obesity problem in this country?

The dinner ladies don't like working off 37p per meal. They're cooks, not microwave operators. There's no job satisfaction in reheating. Jamie has already proved it's possible to make food for several hundred kids in a few hours, though it was over budget. The budget is government funding. I'm pretty certain a few extra pence in the school dinners budget would save a whole lot of money for the NHS. No more constpiation clinics, for a start.

I just... I just don't get it. I wouldn't do that to a kid. Couldn't. I swear, if I ever have kids, or get hold of someone else's, there will be no squash, no crisps, no salt, no fizzy drinks, no microwave anything. Chips, pizza, even burgers are alright in moderation. By which I mean once or twice a week, not once or twice a day. I've been bad recently with my potato smilies, but at least I could pronounce the ingredients. I will do my best to avoid anything with numbers in. I haven't had crisps, fizzy drinks, or burgers for years. Raspberries are not blue, lemons are not pink and nothing on this planet is that shade of atomic orange.

Jamie spent his last day feeding the kids a healthy meal. In budget. It's popular. As he points out, "it's a big V sign to all those companies that say they're just giving kids what they want." You can feed kids healthily, you can feed them cheapily, you can feed them food they will eat. The companies are scared to give up 'popular' menus because customer will go elsewhere, or go without. Schools don't want complaints, so they go for popular. Give it time, I say. They're kids. They don't know what they like and don't like. Don't let them convince each other they only like what's sold in Mcdonalds and Dominos (both of which were recognised where leeks weren't). let them find out for themselves.


Jamie's accusing Bill Clinton and his mates of being 'plebs'. His restaurant had worked out a meal, confirmed in advance, for 16 people. 30 people turned up, and declared they were on the 'South Beach Diet' and they had to chuck away all the food, prepared over the last fortnight by Jamie's student chefs, and serve chicken, stakes and ketechup. Jamie refused to talk to Clinton. I think it all speaks for itself, doesn't it? (And Clinton's one of the few US presidents I admire)

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21/1/05 07:25 pm
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Police are on the search for a thief who made off with three "male appendages" from a Vancouver-area sex-toy store and may now be looking for batteries.

It seems to be a news article day on my FList, so I thought I'd contribute. Look, it's not about Sponge Bob Squarepants!

We love Yahoo. Especially on slow news days.

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8/7/04 02:54 pm
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I am doing a very passable impression of a drowned rat. Went for walk up hill (part of new summer resolution) and got caught on the way back. I figured it wasn't teh type of rain to just stop, but I kept waiting under trees just in case. The result: the rain got heavier. If I'd walked straight home I'd only be marginally damp. Instead, I'm pretty soaked. This happened to me yesterday, though without the pauses. Hence very few of my 18th birthday photos will ever be seen again, because my hair is plastered to my head like a crash helmet. Not a flattering look.

If meme )

Cuddly Dudley died about a year ago, after being run over. Dudley was a visiting cat, huge and ginger and full of character. Used to come and steal our cats food and sleep on their beds and once opened the breadbin and nicked a maltloaf, carrying away down the garden. Oh, and he once went to Scotland with complete strangers, who reached their hotel only to have to turn around and bring him home. Probably not best pleased, them. Basocally, everyone who had a cat in teh village knew him, and so did many school kids, because he knew when the break times were and used to go to the playgrounds for fuss and cuddles. Hence Cuddly Dudley. And now he's long dead :(

Got to go and charge up my latop battery and keep playing with it now ^_^ And hunt down the photoshop CD yet again.

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28/10/03 07:41 pm
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Say Anything
Say Anything- John Cusack is a God, and you have
good taste

Which cheesy 80s movie are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I've never even heard of that film.

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