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18/7/09 05:54 pm
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The Now Show lifted exactly the same HYS quotes as Speak Your Branes (obviously not all of the ones SYB picks up, but all of the ones in the Now Show had previously appeared on SYB). I'm disappointed, really.

Anyway, I recall owing some HG Wells recs ^_^ An excuse to waffle about a favourite author?
Read more... )

Preface to the 1941 Edition

Here in 1941 The War in the Air is being reprinted once again. It was written in 1907 and first published in 1908. It was reprinted in 1921, and then I wrote a preface which also I am reprinting. Again I ask the reader to note the warnings I gave in that year, twenty years ago. Is there anything to add to that preface now? Nothing except my epitaph. That, when the time comes, will manifestly have to be: 'I told you so. You damned fool.' (The italics are mine.)


(The italics are his)

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1/5/09 07:01 pm
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Games to play while you're waiting for Swing Flu:

Pandemic II - or "The Madagascans are going to outlive us all"*

Swine Flu Sneeze

Got any more illness based games?

Television Theme Tunes - I've maintained for a while that we have brilliant sport's music in the UK (to make up for being crap at sports, I guess). This was a good line of thought to follow (BBC Cricket, Match of the Day, Grandstand, Snooker, Wimbledon...), but now I'm just downloading every theme I every liked.

Going to work on Tuesday is going to be so much fun. Knightmare, Crystal Maze, Avengers... I need walls to vault and dragons to hit on!

Ohshit, they have QI. Now there's a theme that makes me smile.

*All of the islands are hard, but Madagascar's a running joke now, to the extent it made it onto the Swine Flu wiki

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13/4/09 05:47 pm
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Since people appreciated the link to betterworldbooks, I figured you might like some more online shopping!

Ethical Shopping:
Ethiscore rates shops by environmental, animal welfare and human rights records. Good place to check out high street shops.

Better World Books does brilliant cheap and secdonhand books, but there's a bit of a skew towards kids' books, and the postage is charged per item. It's free if you're in the US, but outside of that it's a bit of a flinch.

The Literacy Store and other affliated charities are awesome. I got a stack of brilliant jewellery from them, a lot of which (as usual) I've now managed to lose.

Oxfam is one of the charities I give to monthly, though the Oxfam Bookshop gets quite a lot of my money too. You can get secondhand stuff in the online shop as well.

EthicsGirls sells ethical fashion, though I've not tried buying from them myself. I don't tend to buy clothes online often, but when it comes to eco-friendly stuff it's easier than trying to hunt them down and pay through the nose in town.

I don't know an ethical dvd/cd seller off the top of my head, but I quite like CD-WOW because it managed to get The Avengers boxset when everywhere else claimed it was long gone. It took three months to get here, but it did come.
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Oh god,this is just brilliant. The Numa Numa song (Dragostea din tei) with operatic stylings. It's really really good. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] osprey_archer for the link

Since I'm video linking, have FettDance and that Drench Ad with Brains for some puppet awesomeness (okay, so Fett is stop motion, for the most part, and both have a little cgi...).

While we're on puppets, the muppets have their own youtube sites. Bit of viral marketing there. That's Statler and Waldorf's, though they've favourited all the others so far. So they can mock them, of course.

And to sum it all up, thanks to aearonlinn on insanejournal for linking The Evolution of Dance, one of the few YouTube videos of that length that I don't get bored and navigate away from.

ETA That Quantum Of Solace vid I keep talking about. HmHm Hm HmHm Hm, de-da de-de da. The Something of Boris, is that what is was?

I acheived a proper lie in today. Well, 9:40, anyway, which is after work normally starts, so I had that satisfaction. For me, that's quite an achievement, though I did stay up to 1AM reading about how LJ (and most large social media and social networking sites) is following an unsustainable business model (parts 1, 2 and 3). With OpenID so easy to use these days, I'm thinking about Inksome, and keeping an eye on DreamWidth. To be honest, none of the LJ clones are likely to attract venture capitalists for a long time to come, thanks to LJ itself, which means most will stay fairly stable. I just find it all fascinating (and I won't be taking advantage of the account sale, as a result).

Related: backed up LJ using Lj-Backup, and now I can't find it. I moved my original backup folder to my second drive (weird Acer thing), and LjBackup stopped working, so I uninstalled and downloaded it again. It worked, but I can't find the folder again. I wonder if it's been confused by the other backup folder, despite being on a different drive.

Nothing to do today, not even washing or shopping if I don't want to, except proofread an MA thesis (meep!) and get around to doing the magazine. Oh, and watch tons of scrapheap challenge.

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23/8/08 10:42 am
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Webcomic selection! [Bad username or site: scans+daily @ livejournal.com] has recently added a few new ones to my usual list, and I've skimmed through some old ones as well. Have some random strips!

My Life In Blue: Portia needs a new dress

Girls With Slingshots: Working at a Florists and Lost Kitten!

DAR: Mmmm, scarf

Punch an' Pie: Buying a book and Porn, please?

Medium Large: Wall-E?

I have to go make cake now.

Hard work insanely large cake is baking. Needed bigger bowls. And stronger arms. But, oh god, so good. Mmm, cake batter.

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20/8/08 07:00 pm
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13 Tremendous treehouses

I finally picked up my new shoes. They're a bit tight across the toes (I have freakishly wide feet for their length), and I probably wouldn't walk back from the post office in them again, but they're very cute, and cost just ove £5.

I wish some of those publishers I emailed would reply. Especially the one whose competition ends soon.

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30/3/08 10:55 pm
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Reorganising my bookmarks (because I don't like scrolling) and I realised I hadn't watched Trevis for a while. He dances. And more.

Trevis is actually the name of the car, but since I don't speak German, I'm going to assume it's the guy's name too. And that the site is pitching a small Japanese car to gay German men who like dressing as Americans. As long as Trevis doesn't put his shirt on, I really don't care.

Accordingly to [livejournal.com profile] zombie_thing the categories, roughly translated, are "Dance for me, Baby", "Look into my eyes" and "Surprise me".

ETA - I'll throw in some recut trailers from YouTube, too: Shining, Scary Mary (Poppins), Top Gun, The Ring, Titantic: Two the Surface and The Wicker Man.

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3/3/08 10:01 pm
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Cool stuff on the internet:

Jackson Pollock
The sound of Pi

Also Simon Pegg on the US remake of Spaced. gacked from [livejournal.com profile] apiphile and spread for indignant outrage.

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25/2/08 04:41 pm
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I knew I wasn't better, but I didn't realise I was worse until I spoke to people today. My voice is... croaky. Desirous of frequent soothings. I have a nice rotation of Lemsip, Strepsils and Cough Syrup going on. The mess room at work reeks since it flooded, so I spent my fifteen minute break in the costume corridor.

Halfway through the day, I got this stuck in my head. Who knew STDs could be so catchy? XP

Also in my very small collection of Youtube links (I don't like watching stuff on my laptop, but that's rant for another time) are Shirley Bassey doing Pink's Let's Get This Party Started and Peel the Reel, an Avenger fanvid set to an official mix of the theme. You've probably already seen the medieval help desk, and I've pimped HSM2's I Don't Dance for it's extreme slashiness before (but it's also available in hindi!). There's the fast forwarded scene from Dr Who's Human Nature episode that a lot of Who fans have probably seen (or should!), and Simon Amstell being out-gayed by John Barrowman.

Abslutely unmissable: Star Trek and the Holy Grail, and the Lake District's Tourist Board's reimaging of Wordsworth's Daffodils... as a rap... by a squirrel. No, seriously, it's on their website too, should you want to download a copy, in case you're ever caught hort without the internet and really need a rapping squirrel to remind you roughly from behind of Wordsworth's most famous.

I should really consolidate my youtube links in my favourites list. I actually have quite a few.

ETA Jonathon Ross snogging Neil Gaiman and Neil Gaiman's Youtube account

ETA2 Get 'Being Human' made into a series - courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] rhube, for all those who saw and loved it. iPlayer has it, if you missed it.

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18/2/08 07:17 pm
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I've been meaning to write post about why I like genre fiction. I much prefer it to, well, non-genre fiction. I'm not terribly fussy about what genre, either; scifi and fantasy, horror, romance etc. Genre fiction is, it's true, formulaic; you know roughly what's going to happen. This means, to write it well and keep it gripping, you have to be really good. And it's so satisfying when it's done right; more so, I find, than more avant garde fiction.

musing on genre fiction, and really cool animals )

That got... long. I should have stuck to waffling about squid, really. Squid are damn cool.

There's also a very good show on BBC3 about a werewolf and a vampire that work in a hospital and find thesleves renting a flat that's haunted. With added Ho-Yay. XP

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15/2/08 04:22 pm
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Been catching up on the last three episodes of Torchwood. I'm actually quite glad I didn't read any spoilers/summaries/reactions for episode 6, Reset.

Havesome DW/TW links:

The 10 Doctors - Very well drawn webcomic, featuring all 10 doctors (in the styleof The Three Doctors or The Five Doctors).

Torchwood babiez - 'nother comic, this time featuring Torchwod and Who as toddlers.

Captain's Blog - BBC America provide with with Jack's blog. Few episodes out of date at the mo.
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Idea for series of articles for WSAAC: I can't get you published, but I can help you avoid getting mocked )

Just playing with ideas. Any suggestions for further links and resources are welcome. I've lost my manuscript format links, if anyone happens to have any good ones.

Reading the comments here has left me with a terrible desire to send tea bags with my covering letter for Greenhelm, whenever it's in a state to have a covering letter. It's not chocolate, but it is memorable, and Ilike to think it's the kind of story that'd go well with a nice cup of tea and a comfy chair. Also, I feel sorry for the people who have to plow through all those manuscripts.
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[livejournal.com profile] llassah has posted the Fandom 'That's Amore', which gives me so much geeksquee.

Oh, and those random Dalek links I mentioned: Strange Dalek facts, Daleks are defeated by a mole and the anatomy of a dalek.

The random kitten generator, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] daeger

Latawnya the Naughty Horse Learns to Say No to Drugs

The QI website, including many clips of Stephen Fry, Quite Interesting news, and information about the QI Club.

Inky Circus. I don't really know what or why this is, other than an ezine, but some of the articles are interesting. I found it while looking for the below:

Lots and lots of pretty stock photos of land, sea and air

Project Gutenburg. Lots of books, out of copyright, online, for free!

That'll do for now. If you want any links to games, random time-wasting websites, useful resources, or fandomy stuff, ask and ye shall receive. Tihs is just a fairly random selection of recently discovered links.

Well, that'll teach me for going looking for references for Greenhelm clothing. Now I am suffering from fantasy want. Medieval-style clothing. I want the bowman's and the warrior's tunics!

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26/4/07 02:48 pm
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Virgil is such a chore, even when just typing his stuff out. So very long winded, and I like to be very literal about latin, which means there's a lot of "having been done"s and so on. He and Ovid probably tie for most awkward to translate (there's some wonderfully transparent bits in both, but on the other hand they both like to throw themselves into the Epicness of Epic poetry a little too hard). Mostly, I'm loving Catullus and Horace and the lyric poetry, with a nice side order of Propertius because I think he writes beautifully. And poor Tibullus gets left out in the cold because he's just a bit too average amongst this lot (and picks up on Horice's themes).

Anyway, since I just typed out my entire set of latin transations for tomorrow's exam (that's 4400 words to learn), I'm going to inflict some on you.

Latin )

Now to the grammar and vocab, I guess. And then the essay material. And then to read the translations, over and over and over...

Latin links:
Poetry in Translation
Latin Tests
Latin Grammar
Latin radio
The most important Latin Link ever: The best online dictionary I have ever encountered

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11/4/07 04:28 pm
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More random online gmaes. Because if I'm not getting any workdone, neither should you. I found most of these on LittleFluffyIndustries

Kitten on the Keyboard - Stroke your keyboard to make the cat purr

Endora's Dream - distort that guy of Bewitched's face. More fun than I'd expected it to be

Stackopolis - It's like lego and tetris had a baby. A competitive baby.

Grow - Everything on here is great. There;s a whack-a-mole equivalent, there's a growing plant thing, and there's the many variations of Grow: logic puzzles where you have to work out what order to add the items (sometimes hte wrong order can produce cool results too).

Zookeeper - I lost this, but have found it again. One of those 'swap the squares to get a line' games. I'm addicted ot many of these, so I'll just leave you with this one.

Sveerz - a remember-the-sequence game. After playing this too much, I started hearing the voice in my dreams.

Zuma - relatively well known (Yahoo has nicked it), but still very addictive

Lasers - Mmm, physicy.

Fly Guy - A nice, non-competitve stress reliever.
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I am sitting in my room, alone in the house, laughing so hard I hurt. I was getting scared that I wouldn't be able to stop: I just kept scrolling down.

The problem with translating a menu when you don't speak English

Normally, Engrish just gives me a bit of a grin, and a faint sense of guilt for taking the piss (god knows I'd do no better). Most of the mistakes are normally fairly obvious, and really, it's only a few items. However, i think I would have struggled to order anything from this menu. 'Cowboy leg' anyone? How about some 'Fragrant spring onion sauce explodescow son'? Or 'red date silk tube-shaped container steams frog'? Oh, and the ever popular 'Benumbed hot vegetables fries fuck silk'.

I want to know what dictionary they used. I've seen 'untethered chicken' and 'stened tomatoes' in a Brazilian restaraunt, and you can kind of see how they got there (though I still can't work out what 'golf pod sauce' is), and, okay, 'cowboy' is probably 'veal', but what the hell are you trying to translate that comes out as 'fuck'? Or 'explodescow'?

ETA There's a lot of debate in the comments as to whether it's faked (not improbable) and whether it's racist. Despite my above comment, I don't see having a laugh at something like this as particularly racist: I absolutely expect people in China to get a good laugh out of something terribly translated into Mandarin or Cantonese. It's not the languages, or the countries/cultures, that are funny here; it's the simply act of literal translation. I mean, can you imagine 'spotted dick' translated into Mandarin? What the hell would they think they were about to order? (actually, there's a good exmaple here: lots of silly people getting Chinese and Japense character tattoos without being completely sure what thery're gettnig. I especially like "stop woman flow", which seems to imply some sort of sanitary product)

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15/2/05 09:54 am
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Heheh. Neil Gaiman versus Margaret Atwood. (and Neil's reaction)

In other news, I really will be reading today. No, honest. Not hitting refresh on Skyehawke repeatedly in the hope that I can update Greenhelm, or adding more to the vampire thing I started last night, or praying yet again that my package has arrived. Or making grumpy noises at my body for deciding to act like every other girl's after years of mutually beneficial ignoring of each other. Or watching Look Around You, which we taped last night.

Or going to lectures... Oh, right. ttfn.

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11/1/05 06:48 pm
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So, you have a blog. You have a job. Sometimes, you vent about the job on the blog. Mildly insulting, mostly satirical.

So, you get fired.

I'm sort of outraged about this (because, seriously, is a word in the ear of an eleven year employee so hard?), but also kinda amused. Because, as someone else pointed out, Waterstone's have really shot themselves in the foot here. First, a friend of his takes it up, followed by Diversebooks, then he makes it onto boinbboing, shortly followed by The Register. Then it gets really unfortunate for Waterstone's, as there's a mention of it on the Timesonline, and the blogs of Neil Gaiman and sci fi author Charlie Stross.

The last and the first links are probably the most informative. It ads to my amusement that this guy, Joe, is apparently the one responsible for getting most of the authors to come for signings (inc Gaiman). So, fewer signings by heavy hitting authors, and a lot of bad press for Waterstones. Apparently it's also been mentioned on the BBC website, though I couldn't find it anywhere.

Depending on your contract, yes, you could be fired for negatively discussing your job. The issue here is whether (a) this is any different from chatting about it in a pub and (b) whether they have any control over what you do outside of work hours. What's interesting are Stross's assertions about the company, i.e. that "Waterstones has no company policy on employee weblogs".

Basically, it comes down to this: Be careful what you write. But also: be careful who you fire. People are pushing to see how far this can be spread (including me, here) and to see what action can be taken. If Joe wins recompensation then it wouldn't surprise me to see this in a few national newspapers, especailly with Gaiman's name linked to it.

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4/5/04 02:27 pm
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sites that could be imitated so far: )

Problems include:
- desire to make my own image
- dislike of tiny spaces for text (which seems to be bizarrely fashionable)
- need it to work at 800x600
- lack of idea of what I actually want, other than horizontal and static menu bar always visible.
- desire to actually build it myself...
- ...it's not that I can't build my own site, I'm just too lazy to and I get easily distracted when things don't happen hte way I want them to

Basically, I want it quite simple, low graphics (but something nice), and easy to navigate. minimal scrolling. I like my pictures and links to sit still while the content scrolls, which isn't possible with most of these. I'm trying to avoiding liking the above sites for their graphics, because I'm going to change those, but then I see that mst of the layouts are not only basically the same, but not what I want.

The more sites I look at, the better an idea I get of what I want, and the less it looks like any of those sites. Most of them would suit weblogs down to a tee, but I can't imagine having that many links on a site. I'd end up with something that looked dreafully lopsided and empty. I guess I'm one of the few who prefers text to graphics when it comes to layout.

sites with free layouts )

Must go now. will edit and continue this post later. Tis another linkspree-designated post, see.

ooh fuck. just been told by norton we have a virus. right. will finish this later. again.
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