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28/11/05 12:27 pm
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I'm really not updating enough at the mo. Mostly it's been work, but now I have loadsa money (well, £70) which makes up for it.

Saturday was ice-skating day, which rocked. All my limbs are achey and my feet and ankles are scabby (I was not most improved, I was not worst, or best, or most fallen over, or friendliest to strangers. My claim to fame is that I bled, which I don't think anyone else did) and there was much flailing (whee!) but I managed a whole circuit and a half, which I'm proud of. Crashed into a few people, crashed into many walls, crashed into the ice a few times. I have no style or grace, no speed, certainly no balance, and a lot of windmilling arms (I really am a danger) but I definitely improved from where I started, so I'm happy about that. And when my feet have recovered, I shall probably do it again.
Prior to iceskating there was blowing up of coke in the extremely muddy stray (my black boots will never be the same, and it's my own fault). Coca-cola + mentos = fwoosh! 50ish 2litre bottles of coke + three packets of mentos + 100 litre butt = big fwoosh! And some rather confused cows, and 100litres of mentoed coke on the stray. Not sure what it's going to do to the grass, but it was the only thing we left, since all of teh empty bottles and packets and so on made there way home again. The profession was most amusing, with a wheely bin full of coke bottles, a water butt, a box of coke bottles, a backpack of coke bottles, and a packet of mentos. Drivers stopped for us. Hee!
There was also Wetherspoons, and a frightening moment when I went to get cash. A woman slipped on the curb and took a very nasty fall (far nastier than anyone ever made on the ice). She rolled over of her own accord, but then lay there with her eyes shut, no responding to me asking sf she was okay.Luckily there was someone with her, who was far more confident about prodding her till she opened her eyes and making her get up (which, personally, wouldn't have been my course of action, but no harm was done by it). Apart from the brief blackout, all she had was a bleeding lip, so I left her with her boyfriend and went on. In conlusion: Happy 21st to [livejournal.com profile] enyay.

Sunday was more work, but also three bird roast. How much does living here rock? Two partridges, a pheasent and a chicken, all inside one another. Absolutely gorgeous. Many trimmings, plus a leek and cheese flan to start and a black forest gateau and an apple pie to finish. And a lot of washing up! Naturally. And then talk of what to do next time. Goat sounds fun, and if we're sticking to slightly old fashioned (since previously we've also had ox-tail soup!) I'm leaning towards mutton, just because I don't know anyone who's ever had it. I struggled to think of anything particularly interesting to try, but I'm happy to try anything because it was brilliant!

Today shall be finishing of Margery Kempe (which, ifI stay here, won't happen), buying of something, probably, and seminar. And probably a very simple dinner! ^_^

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6/10/05 10:48 am
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I'm going to be smug for a moment ^_^ The guy who tried to sell me the iPod has since been suspended from eBay for having his account hacked, or missusing it himself. I think I made the right call there!

Olly's mum has gone home now. It's strange, but nice, being alone in the house. Pity the others are coming back so soon! I've learnt many things, I think. A little bit of Greek, for a start, and that I actually prefer cooking in the kitchen to going out, and that Bill Oddie transcends all language barriers. Yay B'loddie! (you know, I used to think his name really was one word). I relearnt that stress and pressure puts me in head-in-the-sand mode, as evidenced by the fact I ignored both my essays and my reading in the name of 'antisocial', yet spent hours online doing much of nothing (and accidentally purchasing iPods).

Print office haven't got back to me yet, so basically I'm sticking everything as is on a disc and turning up. Then to town for things like haircuts, and possibly boots I can't afford but would look gorgeous with my new skirt, and hey, I need more winter shoes since all my trainers are falling apart and so what if I ought to buy hte black ones because those I need for work? ^_^

Lost is evil, and I adore it. I see and love the Charlie/Claire, and now want an icon with "I came off drugs, I can deliver a baby!" on it. The cliffhanger was truly cruel, and makes me appreciate how well made the show is. It may be slow, and formulaic, and they never run out of makeup, and a lot like Gilligan's Island, but there's some sharp marketing minds behind it.

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8/5/05 03:57 pm
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First, I washed my wages. Literally laundered my money. I didn't have good change for the drier (why does nothing in this universe take £2 coins? What's the point of them?) so I knew my clothes were going to be damp. Then it started raining. It's been busy in there today, so i figured I ought to go nad collect clothes immediately anyway. Got halfway down the stairs, decided to fetch umbrealla. By the time I got outside it was hailing. At which point I remembered I was wearing open toed sandals.


I haven't mnaged to get much done today. Written bits and bobs, and made a new icon, for no real reason. WKG, too. And also uploading an arborwin icon, coz I haven't got around to posting that anywhere. If you want, take, comment, credit. The usual.

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6/5/05 05:44 pm
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For once, 'bugger' isn't strong enough. Fuck, basically.

I've buggered up my laptop. Sloshed a small amount of tea on it this morning, just on one sid. Wiped it up hurriedly, all the buttons seemed to be working, so no worries. Came back after the cleaner was done, switched it on and tried to entre my password. '3' had become a two digit number.

Basically, the tea managed to hit the point where the keyboard qll joined up to go into the hardrive. Hence, no keys at all were working properly. Took it apart with intent to clean it, but found it was all bolted down and the like. Didn't do a very good job of putting the keys back on, either. Called Chris, messed about with it bit more (and decided I couldn't fix the keyboard) and went to a computer repair shop. Since it's a Dell, it's apparently about £100 to fix the keyboard. Bought a new one and plugged that in instead. Keyboard can stay broken now.

Having done so, though, we discovered that the sound card is also bust. Now the only source of music in my room is the radio alarmclock, since I dropped and broke the MP3 player a few months ago.

My laptop is less than a year old. I've broken both the keyboard and the soundcard. Fuck. parents are going to be far from pleased, but there's not much I can do. I've got it fixed up so I can still use it for its intended purpose: essays. That's all I need, really. It's functional, and that's what mattters.

Still, if at the end of the term there's much loan money left, I might see about getting it fixed. As it is, no more DVDs or anime or music on here. And I've got to get used to a 'normal' keyboard again.

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24/4/05 11:02 am
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I had quite the human-disaster-zone day yesterday. First my newest and nicest pair of jeans turn out to have a huge hole in, where the seam that holds the leg to the belt loop bit has parted company. Did quite well when I was just sitting down, playing cards and reading, so that's okay, but while we were at evil eye (gorgeous gorgeous cocktails) the fire alarm went off, and we were on the top floor, then after more drinks at the Rook and many many chips I managed to snap my glasses clean in half on the way home.

Actually, that's not entirely true. They snapped themselves. The joint between the nose piece and the rim on one side has been weak for a while, and I kept meaning to go to an opticians. Fiddled with it a little while we were drinking, but it must have been over an hour later they just parted company on my nose, without me even touching them.

Luckily, I have a spare pair with me, though it's an older perscription, large frames (much dislike for them now) and photosensitive lenses. Already giving me a slight headache.

Woke up at least four times last night: 00:30, 2:30, 6:30 and 8:30. Got up at about 9:45. Waking up at 2:30 I felt completely refreshed and ready to start the day. 9:45 not so much. Guh. What's happened to my sleeping patterns? I understand early morning sunlight, and builders, and loud music, but none of these occured.

Anyways, off to Castle museum today, and hopefully to opticians and places such as.
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All the joys of yesterday! Firstly, Sheffield. It rains in Sheffield ^_^ There are also very good bookshops (I now have a new John Wyndham novel and Pompeii by Robert Harris). Also, meat and potato pie for lunch was gorgeous. And there are some very pretty gardens. Still rather baffled by the complete absence of bins at the station though.

Then, Writer's Soc dinner. Very very good Mexican food, then a tub of Ben and Jerry's to myself.

Then the long and amusing walk home. Less amusing at the time, but still. Very much admiration and adoration for Patch and Toast, who were amazing. I'm sorry I wasn't as much help as I ought to have been.

And then, 3AM trolly surfing. Wooo!!!!! Nothing can express my love of 3AM trolly surfing. And much running, which convinced me I'm maybe not as unfit as I thought I was, and filled me chock full of endorphines nad adrenaline just before bed.

And... Photos! We have visual records. I just need to finish off this film now...

Woke up his morning, bright and chirpy, at 8AM. Looked at clock, decided that no matter how bright and chirpy I felt, I wasn't getting up. Repeat at 8:45, 9:45 and 12, though then I did get up. Then spent most of the day watching the first half of Evangelion. Might go back tonight, or early tomorrow morning. It's a 36 hour anime-thon, you see. I'll definitely be there for the rest of Evangelion, no matter what.

And now food, and Toast.

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18/2/05 02:11 pm
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And Lo, she made a truly great sandwich, for it contained the fruits of the earth, and both the chicken and the egg, and root and milk of the cow, and bread, obviously. And Lo, it was too big for her mouth. And the bread was too flimsy and now she has a pile of bread, sliced cucumber, grated carrot, a whole chicken breasts, two sliced boiled eggs and some watery philedelphia because it didn't react well to the cucumber and the carrtot juice.

And Lo, she's going to throw most of it away, since she doesn't really like bread, and the cucumber is all vinagry and she's made a right mess.


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19/1/05 01:43 pm
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o.0 I made fire.

Lots of smoke coming off suasages, you see, but they weren't cooked (i.e. black, because that's the only way I'll trust meat I've cooked) so I left them in. And then gout of flame licking up around saucepan with pasta in it. So sausages come out very quickly, and I don't care if they're not cooked quite properly. I make fire = time to stop cooking.

I ought to be ringing the bank, or doing shopping, or reading Woman in White, but I suspect yet again today will be spent dossing about on the computer. I didn't even get up til 11. I have some stuff to scan in, and I'm tempted to watch Holy Grail (if people wanna join me, just turn up). But I must ring bank. I'm even turning MSN on so people can nag me to ring bank (flaw in reasoning? What flaw in reasoning?). And hopefully I'll write something. And remember to go to Mag meeting this week.

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29/5/04 11:23 am
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apparantly I've had blood pouring out of my knee for some indetermined portion of time. I hae some vague recolection of scraping it, but I can't remember is it was one the stairs or teh chair, and it certainly didn't hurt. I'm now wondering if I've left blood all over the house.

edit: passport just arrived. I thought these things were meant to take months... I'm half invisible in the photo. Guess that's the problem of a white shirt. Look awful, naturally. much wider face than I have in most photos, and a tad grumpy. Oh, but pretty holographic shiny stuff on top. Bit different from my old passport inside, but outside it's identical. Ten years with a fading out picture coming right up!

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26/3/04 11:40 am
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I have rather less eyebrows than i did five minutes ago.

To quote Stuart from QAFUK: "why does nobdy stop me when I do these things? It's not my fault!"
Admittedly, no one can stop you if they don'tknow what you're going to do. I'm wandering around looking for eyebrow pencil, but I'm settling for mascara, which is daft because my eyebrows now look even thicker and darker than before.

On the flip side, I've always hated my eyebrows, and now there is rather less of them to hate. ^_^ I'm finding all this hilarious. I trimmed them with scissors. Except rather unevenly, so there are some bits with less eyebrow than others. In some ways it's still an improvement. I have kinda Gandalf the Grey eyebrows, when I fluff them out. And sometimes they join in the middle if I'm not careful. Plucking hurts.

It really doesn't look so bad with my glasses on and my fringe down, but still. D'oh. How long to eyebrows take to grow back?


Other note: please, people, stop texting me with questions. I can't answer, I have no credit, I can not afford more credit. Maybe in June I will reply to you.
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I forgot how much i talk to myself as well.

I wanted a sausage sandwhich. Don't know why, but I did. On failing to find sausages and a loaf of bread, I settled for a bacon roll. Put too much olive oil in hte pan, dropped the bacon in, had a nervy moment when the whole thing nearly caught fire. Started cut the bread, cut a gash in my finger with the bread knife. Wrapped tissue round it, stuck the roll under the grill and tflipped the bacon, and found a plaster. Whilst putting on plsater, bread caught fire. Didn't notice for almost a minute. Blew it out, resuced the bacon from the same fate and found another plaster because the blood had almost soaked through the original.

-half a roll, on which was poured several tablespoons worth of olive oil and three shrivelled bits of bacon
-Half a bottle of body freshner used trying to stop the house smelling like burnt bread.
-Black dust everywhere from trying to scrape the burnt bits off
-Sore finger.

And throughout the whole thing, i was nattering away to myself. Why can I not perform a simple task without having to talk myself through it if I'm on my own? And why do i keep referring to myself as 'we'?

The worst part is, I wasn't even hungry.


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