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22/1/15 08:40 am
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So I started new job yesterday, and will be working 10-4:30 Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Everyone is very nice, there is no dress code, and I think I can do most things but don't have access to any of the programs or websites so far.

So there were two novice nuns. One was fair and blond and very smart and a wannabe suffragette, who's parents had placed her in the nunnery against her will. The other was dark (in a period novel sort of way) and very good at a lot of things - picked up new skills very quickly - but incredibly lazy. Naturally, they became best friends, the dark one persuading the fair one to stay because where else would she find a community of women running their own home and business? The fair one wears a white habit and the dark one a black habit.

They were preparing for a big festival. In a small room off the great hall our novices were doing something fairly menial and repetitive, that the dark one had picked up really quickly and was very bored of now. Making bunting? Peeling potatoes? And a servant comes in with a pasta dish. The dark one is in a mood and yells at the servant for doing the pasta wrong - wrong sauce? spills it on their work? - and shoves the bowl at him so hard it breaks and cuts him. He falls to the floor and cracks his head and dies.

While they're panicking another person opens the door. Initially in the dream it was a higher up servant, but later it became the mother superior. So the dark one picks up a knife and stabs her to death. She makes a real mess of the body and leaves it a pile of rags in a dark corner. The novices return to the servant they killed and arrange the body so it looks like he tripped over the door and fell.

THe novices go into the great hall and join Sister Evangeline (from Call the Midwife) and another novice, who are also making decorations. Both novices are hungry but daren't mention it in case the body is discovered where they were working too soon. Then it's time for the nuns to process back to the main part of the nunnery, beside a tall wall. Both dead bodies have been discovered but not identified yet.

A serious party of servants are waiting for the nuns at the entrance to the dormitory where the novices sleep. They tell them about the death of the mother superior. The novices initially sink further back into the crowd of nuns, partly because they're worried they look more guilty than sad, and partly because one of the nuns just won't stop talking.

The novices return to the dormitory to find a man with a shotgun there, all dressed in black. Possibly the servant's brother? He takes all the novices hostage at first, but the fair novice decides she can distract him by stripping down to her corset (and tiny panties and stockings, because apparently this was about corset as modern fetishwear rather than Edwardian underwear). The dark one is skeptical, but the others escape. There's a load of nuns crowded outside the door. The dark one decides to strip too (to her black corset and panties and stockings, naturally). The intruder has put his shotgun down, but the dark novice struggles to convey this to the fair. The intruder realises what she's doing and goes for the gun, but the dark novice leaps onto his back and kneels on him, trying to pin him to the bed. They wrestle for a bit, until he's on top of her but she has the gun.

"You don't have the nerve to kill a person," he says.

"I've killed two already today," she says. And, with a bit of working up the nerve, pulls the trigger. Nothing happens, so she does it again. Then she changes the position of the safety (which I don't think is actually a feature on shotguns) and tries twice more. The gun isn't loaded. He was never going to kill them.

The intruder grins.

"Now I know your darkest secret," he says.

And the dream ended there.
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