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20/7/04 06:23 pm
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The other night I had a dream which included catching a spider and putting hairbrushes away. It bugs me that I can't remember the rest. There is, in fact, a spider in a shoeboxin my room, because I found him at midnight inches from where I'd be sleeping, and I haven't decided what to do with him yet.

When Rosie gets back I won't be working with her any more. I'm moving to a new DP in Debenhams, which means no one's going to come and see me either :( But apparantly it'll be less hectic. I've got to meet the head 'for coffee' tomorrow. Bit... weird. I was just kind of expecting a phone call telling me when to turn up. Oh, and I'm finally going to get paid - turns out they lost my bank details I gave them when I started, so I've got to bring those tomorrow as well. But still, money!

First thing I'm doing is ordering the George Romero's Trilogy of the Dead. Wanted to see that for aaaages. Been reading the SFX horror special, so now I've got this huge list of horror films I want to see, several of which aren't even in English. I can see a Horror phase coming on.

^__^ I have £5 boots! I also have £12 sandals so flat I won'tget either back or foot ache from wearing them at work, but mostly I'm in love with the boots. Marked down from £40 for a teensy bit of watermarking. Quite high, brown leather (or it looks like, anyway), and a bit tight around the legs. Been wearing them everywhere. £5. I love my shopping skills XP

I'm sure I had other stuff to say, but I'm distracted by my boots again, and the prospect of actually getting money for work.


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