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In the first one I was walking down Walmgate, behind an asian guy on a bicycle. The sides of the road had been boarded off for building work, and then the boarding extended over the road as well (to protect us from falling debris). I was walking at a brisk pace, the cyclist in front was pedaling fairly slowly (we remained about the same distance apart) and other cyclists would pass us occasionally at some speed. I noticed I was having to stop walking and press against the side of the boarding. THe tunnel kept getting progressively smaller and shorter, until in some places I had to lie on my belly and pull myself through with my elbows. I was concerned about getting stuck, but had faith they wouldn't have built the tunnel that small. I could feel the builders walking about on the other side of the boarding, and was worried about them kicking it. I wondered what had happened to the guy in front's bicycle. When I got out, the guy in front had turned into someone I knew and suggested we go to the council offices to complain. So we went, and they were kind of a mess, and the assistant (who was a hippyish guy) said she was out but my companion insisted the councilor knew him and tried to go straight in and the assistant persuaded him to wait, and then game my a Rolling Stones lips sticker with optional teeth you could add to it.

In the second I'd got up for work at 6, as I had to this morning. For some reason my mum and sister were staying with us, and mum had been sleeping in the living room so she was up as well while I was making breakfast. I was trying to make toast, but I had knocked the gas rings off the top of the stove and it was leaking gas. In order to keep the amount down I was lighting it with one of those long reach lighters (designed for lighting gas hobs) because I figured that was how you normally stop the hob filling the room with gas - by having it on fire and cooking things on it. Only then mum was asking about toast and coffee and I lost the lighter, and the flame went out so the area was just filling up with shimmering (slightly purpley if you squinted but noticeably no smell) gas, so I backed away and tried to look up the gas helpline on my phone. I didn't really want to wake everyone up, but the gas was making the dirty washing up in the sink crackle. I kept pulling up old google searches on my phone instead of the right number. ...And then I remembered we have an electric oven, and the dream ended.

House viewings are arranged for tomorrow. My phone has been sent for repair. I don't know how long for - they need the parts, and when J asked they just said "a couple of days." "A couple of working days?" "Eh. A couple of days." All the reviews of the place mention poor service, but it's also bloody cheap. I can put up with poor service for a repair that costs less than half the price of the other place I asked. I've been missing it more than I expected, which is partly having had a smartphone for much longer than last time I had to go without it and partly a reflection of how lax I've got about fiddling with it at work.

ETA J, meanwhile, dreamt he ran the pea_facts twitter, which was just made up facts about peas. He should do this, y/y?

Date: 9/1/15 09:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ultharkitty.livejournal.com
Y. He totes should.

Best of luck for the house viewing!


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