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18/4/05 06:42 pm
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You know, the mag people still haven't got back to me. I've got no idea whether they received the files or not. I probably won't know until I see the actual magazine, since I don't feel particular inclined to email and find out. I just think it's always nice to let people know if you've received something, you know? I have being having this issue with other people at the moment, and I know I don't always follow my own rules here, but I try and keep things within a reasonable timeframe. I reply to most emails within a week, even if I haven't got much to say.

This is going to be a ranty post, but without venom. I'm never really that bothered by the thigns I rant about. Next up: work!

I think it was Friday, the first grr. I'm starting to recognise regular customers now. A couple came in, who I recognised, and wanted to return some things without a receipt. I told them I wasn't meant to do that, but said I'd so it anyway. The man kept pointing out they'd spent a lot of money on hte house. Well, who hasn't? They're expensive. And I'd alrady told him I'd do the refund. So the couple browse for a bit, then the man stops to talk to the other person working with me. Tells her I won't do the refund (in a joking sort of way) and described me as her 'assistant'.

I may be the most recent employee (until tomorrow, when two new people start), but I'm on equal fotting with other employees. We're all sales assistants. Yes, I'm considerably younger than most of the staff. Doesn't change a thing. I'd appreciate it if people didn't try to undermind my authority (I had every right to refuse completely, but I'm not a twit) and didn't assume I was inferior to other employees. David and Helen are the supervisors. Everyone else is a sales assistant.

Similar thing today, when a differnt couple decided to insist on having David (I'm assuming they knew him, at least slightly, since they didn't call him 'the manager') called down over slate tiles. Steph and I had both explained that the slate was expensive, and we didn't have the country mix in grey. Slate is grey, antique is red, and country mix is sort of orangey. You don't get orange slate, do you? It's real slate, and it's tiny, so of course it's expensive. I think they were hoping David would somehow produce, from mid air, a cheap slate. They went away disappointed in that respect.

Tomorrow, or soon, I shall probably go and purchase a nice little housey for myself. Dinky little Georgian shop and some glue, expect there's really no point gluing it together until I've got walls and floor sorted out. There's some really nice wallpapers, but I foresee complexity, and I've already made it hard enough for myself by deciding to brick the front.

I still feel guilty about spending so much money on something, especillay something that's going to continue eating money. If I don't do it now, though, I won't do it at all, and I'd like to. I've earnt £105 this weeked from extra shifts, so I've got plenty of cash floating around, and I'll still have enough to eat for the week. Otherwise it'll just filter away on other things. And I'm getting this £25 of booktokens, so that'll satisfy any other selfish desires.

Maybe if i read tomorrow, and go on wednesday, adn buy comics too? Coz that'll help spending guilt. ::eyeroll::

Oh, and because, once more, people prove there's nothing so strange as fact: Police advise against lying down in roads
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