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22/7/04 08:24 am
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Why do i always sneeze just after eating cereal? I do not appreciate being up at this hour, and am rebelling in the form of huge fleece wearing. Harry's meant to take me to work, since he's running errands all day anyway (left at 6 this morning, which was not what I needed to listen to having gone to bed at midnight), but I'm not 100% certain when he gets back and traffic is dire at the moment.

Oh well.

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22/7/04 06:10 pm
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Today's planned timetable:
9:30 Arrive at Debenham's for Till training
13:00 leave
Spend rest of day bumming around at home.

Today's actual timetable:
9:20 arrive at Debenham's
9:40 Get sick of waiting for someone to come to desk, so go to Customer Services to find someone
9:50 End up in main office
10:20 someone arrives to deal with Till training
10:30 person finally finds till training manual
10:40 person (Jo) realises we have not had an induction day
10:45 Jo establishes that till training is hence illegal, and takes us on store tour because till training can't commence without that anyway
10:55 Jo complains to manager about being illegal, but told to go ahead anyway
11:00 finally begin till training
15:00 finish till training
15:15 talk to our manager about illegality and generally ballsing up of day. asked to work in store
15:30 eat very hurried lunch under mistaken impression I only had half hour before having to work
16:15 start working, having spent previous hour learning how Debenham's have cut our till off making till training useless until till reattached
17:30 finish work
18:00 get home and start bumming about as planned.

Not the most efficient of days, really. And I was wondering this morning how till training could possibly last til 1pm! The girl I trained with seemed nice, and she'll be the one I work the most with, so I think we'll get on okay. Though she does seem extremely two-faced. She'd worked with the girl who trained us, Jo. Jo seemed really nice, easy to get on with. My first thought on seeing herwas that she was gay, but then I reprimanded myself and told myself she just happened to dress boyishly. Turns out she is gay (little self congratulatory moment there, because generally I'm completely blind to sexuality), and when she worked with my coworker at the local leisure centre she'd got a lot of stick for it. Coworker was lovely to her face, and they spent rather a long time chatting about coworker's best friend, who has my name, who Jo fancies. When Jo wasn't around my coworker kept referring to her as a complete dick. Not a homophobia thing, but just a hate thing. Jo was lovely! So I can be a bit paranoid that she is slagging me off behind my back, but then, I never care when people do so it's no skin off my nose.

This whol thing has been terribly organised. Generaly, you get an induction day months in advance and till training doesn't take place until after you've stared working at Debenham's. I only found out I was going there on Sunday. I'm going to have to spend Tuesday doing induction, when we had originally planned to open. The supervisor's haven't had the right training, only two other girls will get till training before it opens and our manager leaves for the Dominican Republic tomorrow. They've got to have knowqn about the new store for ages, so why weren't any staff sorted out then?

There was also very brief mention of picking up uniforms. I had heard nothing of that before then, so I'm going to wait and see and if I don't get handed something on Sunday I'll find out on Monday. Next week is going to be insane for me. Working four days out of five (all of which ought to be hectic because we're opening this new section) and packing for cruise, missing out on seeing family who came down specially to give me rpesents (sorry, only one other person is available to work that day and you can't have just one person on the floor) and then bang, holiday. Bet I forget something vital.


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