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20/9/05 10:43 am
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I feel like it's been too long since I've updated with anything substantial. So we'll start with the very large spider. The spider which was to large to fit under a pint glass without breaking it's legs. And, of course, decided to be in a corner, so any such attempt to glass it would be fairly futile. Well, would have been, had not Toast (who I had roped in despite him being no keener on spiders than I am) discovering that it was a very docile spider, and just sort of fell into the large container. It's now living a very long way away.

Work, yesterday, was entertaining. I wouldn't have been in at all if it wasn't for this coachload of Americans who were going to be coming at some point during the day. As usual, I set off a bit early, so I dawdled slightly so I wouldn't have to wander around waiting for the boss (D) to come down stairs, see me, and let me in. Got there maybe seven minutes before our opening time, and peered through the door.

"Ah," thinks I, "the lights are on. D's already in. I can see someone moving about." I squint into the gloom. "That's a woman," realise I. "That's... that's many women. The shop is full of people. Oh god, the Americans are here!!"

Turns out they'd run into D at the hotel they were all staying at for the Dolls House Show, and asked if they could come at 9, before the shop opened. By the time he got home on Sunday he figured it was too late to call anyone, and besides, S (our supervisor) would be in at 9:15. So, he gets there at 8:40, and there's already one woman on the doorstep! The rest appear ten minutes later, and S didn't get in til about 9:20, just before I did. The entire first hour was manic, with the three of us scanning and packing stuff and getting everyone's selections mixed up, and poor St (co-worker) who turned up on time running around opening cabinets. We're not a small shop, and there were thirty or forty people trying to browse and buy.

The tea was well deserved by the time they were mostly done. We spent a mostly lazy day after that, doing some bagging and labelling and stuff. We'd earnt more that morning than we usually did all week. It was quite a last day for St, who's going back to America now her husband has finished his degree. It was funny when the Americans kept failing to notice she was American too, since though she still has a strong American accent to us, apparently to them she sounded very English. I'm going to miss her, since we got on really well and she's one of the few people there around my age (the other being R, who is in her mid teens). From now on there's going to be a roughly 25 year age gap between me and the next youngest, I think. We had cake and tea and poppadoms at about three, which was nice (S is a great supervisor - she always brings stuff like that for us to nibble during the afternoon), and after work we went to the Evil Eye, which a lot of the others complained about since it's the sort of place their kids and grandkids hang out. I can reccomend people avoid the Spiced Lassi and the Virgin Mary, unless they have a taste for curry sauce. We went on to a tapas bar, and then wandered home. I'm glad my route and St's coincided, since it gave me more of a chace to say goodbye.

We probably won't be getting anyone to replace St, unless my timetable is truly cruel. I just wish I knew what it was! I hate leaving D hanging like this, and I'd also like to know my reading list, and so on. It's really not that long til term begins. I still need to get the magazine sorted (I want to have it finished byt the 1st of Oct, so we have plent of time to make small changes and get it printed) and finish off these essays.

Grr at Uni, Woo at Work, Ooh at Spider.
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