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6/1/15 07:03 pm
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Decs are down. Tree is still up (naked) because we want to go to the cinema tonight and haven't got time for hacking and sawing at it. I always want to keep the tree at this time of year; it just seems like a nice addition to the house plants. And it was a lovely tree this year, really narrow and tall and dense.

We're off to see Birdman later. Should be good :)

Notice etc are work are all sorted. My request to become a casual has been denied (which feels a bit passive aggressive from HR, which means it probably is!) which isn't necessarily a bad thing because at least this way it's a clean break. Of course, it does mean I need another job in Leeds. I've applied to lego, since there's a lego store there, but their online application is design for all possible lego jobs all over the world, which makes it a bit strange! None of Leeds' museums appear to be hiring, or even owning up to the fact they employ people, so it's probably back to shop work for me. Might drop a CV into some of the cinemas as well.

I've also taken more holiday than I get on pro rata, but it's already booked so there neh (it'll just turn into unpaid leave!). I technically have two days back at work after the holiday, but I think I'll take those as unpaid leave as well. Not a sensible decision financially, but more sensible in terms of having a few days before starting new work. Might have my leaving do after I get back though, since otherwise I'll be having it then getting up at 5:30 the next day to catch a plane!

We're going to check out two houses in Leeds on friday, and Armley Museum (because J's phd means going to all the museums all the time!). Then I'm doing my taxes on Saturday. Yes I am. Honest. Cross my heart.
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