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7/8/05 10:46 am
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I really have not been updating often enough. I keep meaning too, like the night after Toast got me drunk and I talked very loudly for a very long time about Batman comics and entirely failed to watch Batman Returns. And I sure some other stuff happened that I meant to post about.

Regardless, yesterday was brilliant. There was work, which is always okay (though I don't get on with one of the other Saturday worked very well; compeltely different personalities). It started with one of the regulars coming in to get stuff to make Gryffindor Common Room. Fair enough! I spent most of the day bagging all the new items, which isn't interesting but keeps me out of the way of the customers. And then my favourite bit! I got to make up a scene in the shop-shadowbox. I got to play!! And then, and then and thenandthen, I got cake!!!

I love my job ^_^

So, after play and cake, I came home to Dalek building (I love my house ^_^ ) and there was food and icecream and AMVs and pub. All in all, a most magnificent day!

I was meant to be doing the tidying up this morning (since I keep missing things like the washing up) but some how it's magically done itself. Or, you know, Toast did, as according to the note he left. I feel all looked after, but also all guilty.

Alas, I am going back to Surrey on Wednesday (not sad for everyone, I know) and going camping on Friday for about a fortnight, which means I won't even see Surrey peoples. I'll miss the departures of all those who are leaving York forever this Summer too :(

Plans for the day: Get dressed. Update many and varied websites. Possibly go and watch anime. Finish tidying my room (things are now sorted into piles on my bed, ready to actually be put away)
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