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13/9/14 06:34 pm
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Freaking out a little because I've been offered an interview by the military museum for activities coordinator, which I'd love, but the interview dates are while I'm in Cornwall. I now have to phone a Wing Commander and ask for special treatment, which is going to be fun.

I'll say one thing - apparently I write an awesome covering letter. First the Enid Blyton Boarding School, now an interview with a Wing Commander. Applying only for slightly weird jobs is apparently working for me as well.

I think I'm going to ask if I can have an interview first thing on Monday, and rebook our train. If not, then first thing on Tuesday will have to do, and J and I will spend as much time traveling as relaxing seeing my parents.

In other news, my anxiety has been bad recently. I think I've over the peak today, but it's definitely a cyclical thing. I'm going to a Legs, Bums and Tums class on monday at one of the local gyms - it's a nice gym because it doesn't charge the earth for classes for non-members, but it's a scary gym because it's full of very intense patrons who look at you weirdly for not being intense - which required a phone call to book, so at least the anxiety isn't being social anxiety right now. I think I'm saving that up for calling the Wing Commander. Anyway, I'm going to the gym because exercise is supposed to be good, a sort of serotonin reset, before I try going to the doctor. I'd rather do yoga, but my preferred yoga teacher doesn't have anything I can get to easily from work, what with all the office staff having moved back in and the odds of leaving work at 5:30 like I'm meant to have massively dropped. I have done yoga at this gym, but it was scary yoga, not relaxing yoga.
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