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24/6/16 08:10 am
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I dreamt that the remain vote had been so strong the result had been announced at half past midnight. Then I woke up, and it was 6am, and I checked the news and we were leaving. I had a very strong sense, suddenly, that I just don't feel English at all. I feel European.

I'm sad that so many parts of the country saw so little benefit from being in the EU they thought leaving might be better. My sister shared some of Cornwall's remain campaigning, which pointed out the county saw far more money from the EU than it sees from Westminster. I think that's true of several poor parts of the UK, but not all, and not visibly enough for people to see it. If your house is in negative equity anyway, and all your local industry has dried up, and your local schools and hospitals are massively underfunded, being in the EU hasn't protected you from that. It should have, but it didn't, and you can't afford to go on holiday anyway, so why stay?

The hope to cling to now is that this splits the tories so much that they crash out of government. There's already a thing with Cameron saying "right, we'll start tomorrow" and the Leave saying "no, not until 2020" because they've realised the massive economic upheaval will fuck them out of power if they don't wait until after the next election, and Cameron gives no shits because he's going to be forced out anyway. There were some interesting arguments regarding if this vote had some up under and leftwing labour government, and maybe it wouldn't be quite so bad then, so lets get them in, shall we?


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