23/8/15 10:35 pm
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Since I was posting some plotting stuff on here earlier, I figure I should do a general update.
I don't remember when I last updated, but it's a while ago. Glastonbury was good. I have a scar on my knee from falling over (again, like last time, same knee). Also I saw Cumberbatch as Hamlet in the Barbican last weekend, which was cool, and Witness for the Prosecution this weekend, which was not as good but in a cool setting. Fancy seeing 1984 the ballet soon, if anyone wants to join us for that.

I have a new full time job, which is taking up a lot of time, though not all of it is doing stuff. My manager is barely a year older than I am and managing for the first time, which mostly means he keeps telling me to go home early because being able to do so pleases him. It's the most money I've earned in my life, which is cool, but they might be closing our office next year, which is less so. My contract is technically until March 2016, which is odds on when the office will close, but if it gets renewed I'll probably work from home. Which is not what I've ever wanted in a career (see: why I'll never be a full time writer) but I can get stuff done if I have to.

J has been prepping for his upgrade, which means I've had more time at home twiddling my thumbs, which has been weird. It's been nice this evening playing board games without that hanging over us (he had to hand it in on Friday, and the upgrade thingy is some time next week). Much more like us being us, at home with a roast dinner and games and nature docs on the telly.

It's out four year anniversary next week. My sister is getting married next year, which is kinda weird. I was jealous at first, because she's younger, but she and Sam have been together longer than J and I have, and it gives me an excuse to watch Don't Tell the Bride and stalk Offbeat Bride, so I'm down with that. She wants mum to breed pigs to serve at the wedding, and grown enough food for 150 people!

Still poking wattpad sporadically. More story ideas than I have any desire to write. Really enjoying just being a reader right now, in a lot of respects. That and knitting. I've started on the Christmas stuff already.

Anyway, that's me. Our oven shorted out again today. Would quite like to be stable enough to buy a place, tbh. This flat is alright, but it's definitely not a long term place.

Date: 24/8/15 02:05 pm (UTC)
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Fancy seeing 1984 the ballet soon, if anyone wants to join us for that.

Wait what? That sounds amazing?! Where/when is this happening?

More story ideas than I have any desire to write.

SAAAAAME, and NaNo this year is promising to be intractable and terrifyingly huge in combination with me having no time to prepare. HOLD ME.

(Your sister's idea of what would be awesome at a wedding is fucking GREAT, when did she become cool like this?)

Date: 24/8/15 07:27 pm (UTC)
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From: [identity profile] minervasolo.livejournal.com
1984 (https://northernballet.com/media-releases/2014-09-26/2-2-1984). It's starting in Leeds, then touring. Hits London next May.

I seem to be mostly telling myself stories in my head, and occasionally plotting them out, but the bit where I share them with other people just isn't happening.

I'm mostly out of the loop on Clo's wedding (I might be a bridesmaid, but I'm not actually sure?) but mum is relaying some of the requests. My parents now have a timeshare in two pigs - Broadband and Dialup - but I don't know how that translates in terms of edible by next July. Also I think the other co-owners will want some of the bacon. Between our family and her fiance's, there's a lot of free trappings for a fun wedding, including horse drawn carriages, massive steam machines, home grown foods, DIY cider making, and a very good chance of flooding. It's going to be an event!

Date: 25/8/15 09:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] apiphile.livejournal.com
I'm not even managing the telling of full stories. :(


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