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3/4/15 09:13 am
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Things we already know about the people who lived in our new flat before us:

- Their full names
- Paddy's employer in 2013, how much he earnt and various other tax details (he left his P60 behind)
- That one of the spoke Spanish as a first language (the washing machine has a list of translations next to it)
- They made most of their own furniture out of broken bits of other people's furniture (a table top nailed to a bedside table! A chest of drawers with no handles!)
- That when they lost a key, they almost certainly put off replacing it until they had to move out, and had the cheapest key cut possible (as evidenced by the fact it doesn't work)
- They chose a green electricity company
- They did a decent, but not perfect, job of cleaning the place (the agency clearly didn't get a pro cleaner in, as evidenced by the P60 stuck behind the handle-less drawers. Also, black mold in the bathroom and streaks on the hob, but immaculate oven and cupboard interiors)

What I also know is that our letting agents think it's fine to just bin someone's P60, without even shredding it, which makes me 0.o at their data security. And that they don't check their properties after people move out, since they left the random furniture, a broken lampshade, and failed to move the beds as asked. Oh, and they told us they don't keep spare keys for the flats, which is just a lie (since, you know, they were doing viewings when it was still occupied but no one was home).

I shall be without proper internet for a few weeks until we get the phone set up, but I'll still have my phone (and work's internet!). So, see you guys in May!


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