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So yesterday we went to see a house in Leeds. Good area, probably pretty standard for what's on offer, but we think we can do better for our money. It had a huge basement, but had crammed the washing machine etc into the tiny kitchen. It wouldn't have cost much to create a laundry space downstairs and free up some kitchen room. I think everywhere is going to have small kitchen's (and very narrow stairs to carry bedroom furniture up) but there's no point looking at anything else until we're back from Bruges.

We then went to Armley Mills museum, which isn't great. It's not terrible, and it's pretty cheap, but it's one of those places that basically has everything it owns on display because there's nowhere else to put it, and a lot of it's going rusty. Not as much Victorian stuff as J had hoped, so probably won't make it into his PhD. Started raining while we were there.

Caught the bus to the centre of town then walked twenty minutes to our second house viewing. Which turned out to be in the middle of a massive industrial estate. Waited twenty five minutes until I stole J's phone to check my emails for the agent's number and discovered the viewing had been cancelled three hours earlier. Now, I specifically didn't give them a phone number (and they never asked), but considering the viewing had been fine less than twenty four hours before, and the excuse given was major renovations taking place (when we knew from being there that the house was completely empty), I'm a little inclined to think they double booked themselves and didn't want to own up. That and their website being the slowest thing to load ever - seriously, it's like the 90s all of a sudden - has put us off using them.

Anyway, we trudged back into town and had an early big dinner (since we'd had no lunch) and went to see Woman in Black 2, which was pretty bad. Not terrible, just very meh. Not scary, and not particularly interesting. Surprised it got 3*s in so many reviews.

And then we came home, and I slept for twelve hours. Today I've reclaimed my phone and done my taxes, and also hoovered and cleaned the washing machine (because those are accomplishments, really) and while waiting for my epically slow computer to do anything also started on decluttering the office, which still looks very cluttered.

Might start knitting a skirt this evening.


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