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2017-05-01 03:14 pm

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After much finangaling I've managed to make my dreamwidth look similar to my LJ (got my header image back, even if the subtitle still looks weird). I've even successfully forced the massively oversized covers someone keeps posting no [community profile] scans_daily into a default "fit in post" size so the page isn't stretched out any more.
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2016-08-18 08:10 pm

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We have internet in the new house! Will be catching up on lj gradually. Little disappointed you can't 'previous 10' back to 340 odd like you used to, though if I'd been away this long in LJ's heyday it'd be well over a thousand posts. Still, more than a hundred is quite a lot to have missed.
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2016-06-24 08:10 am
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I dreamt that the remain vote had been so strong the result had been announced at half past midnight. Then I woke up, and it was 6am, and I checked the news and we were leaving. I had a very strong sense, suddenly, that I just don't feel English at all. I feel European.

I'm sad that so many parts of the country saw so little benefit from being in the EU they thought leaving might be better. My sister shared some of Cornwall's remain campaigning, which pointed out the county saw far more money from the EU than it sees from Westminster. I think that's true of several poor parts of the UK, but not all, and not visibly enough for people to see it. If your house is in negative equity anyway, and all your local industry has dried up, and your local schools and hospitals are massively underfunded, being in the EU hasn't protected you from that. It should have, but it didn't, and you can't afford to go on holiday anyway, so why stay?

The hope to cling to now is that this splits the tories so much that they crash out of government. There's already a thing with Cameron saying "right, we'll start tomorrow" and the Leave saying "no, not until 2020" because they've realised the massive economic upheaval will fuck them out of power if they don't wait until after the next election, and Cameron gives no shits because he's going to be forced out anyway. There were some interesting arguments regarding if this vote had some up under and leftwing labour government, and maybe it wouldn't be quite so bad then, so lets get them in, shall we?
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2015-09-19 08:13 pm
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Stealing house meme from [livejournal.com profile] jossish

House meme )
I tried to @ jossish at first, rather than tag her. Getting rusty!

*ETA: So we're looking at the lego bible now. I'd never considered before how one might render circumcision in lego. I know now. 0.o
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2015-09-01 11:43 pm
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So in the Buffy comics Giles died, and got resurrected as a twelve year old, which is boring because Giles was clearly a lot more fun as a teenager. Also Spike and Buffy are a sweet couple, which has killed all the chemistry in their relationship, so that was a poor choice too.

And Buzzfeed is full of Buffy stuff, so I'm craving a little something.

Xander isn't meant to be an arsehole, he just hates Spike and is worried about Giles.

Buffy was my second ever fandom )
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2015-08-23 10:35 pm


Since I was posting some plotting stuff on here earlier, I figure I should do a general update.
I don't remember when I last updated, but it's a while ago. Glastonbury was good. I have a scar on my knee from falling over (again, like last time, same knee). Also I saw Cumberbatch as Hamlet in the Barbican last weekend, which was cool, and Witness for the Prosecution this weekend, which was not as good but in a cool setting. Fancy seeing 1984 the ballet soon, if anyone wants to join us for that.

I have a new full time job, which is taking up a lot of time, though not all of it is doing stuff. My manager is barely a year older than I am and managing for the first time, which mostly means he keeps telling me to go home early because being able to do so pleases him. It's the most money I've earned in my life, which is cool, but they might be closing our office next year, which is less so. My contract is technically until March 2016, which is odds on when the office will close, but if it gets renewed I'll probably work from home. Which is not what I've ever wanted in a career (see: why I'll never be a full time writer) but I can get stuff done if I have to.

J has been prepping for his upgrade, which means I've had more time at home twiddling my thumbs, which has been weird. It's been nice this evening playing board games without that hanging over us (he had to hand it in on Friday, and the upgrade thingy is some time next week). Much more like us being us, at home with a roast dinner and games and nature docs on the telly.

It's out four year anniversary next week. My sister is getting married next year, which is kinda weird. I was jealous at first, because she's younger, but she and Sam have been together longer than J and I have, and it gives me an excuse to watch Don't Tell the Bride and stalk Offbeat Bride, so I'm down with that. She wants mum to breed pigs to serve at the wedding, and grown enough food for 150 people!

Still poking wattpad sporadically. More story ideas than I have any desire to write. Really enjoying just being a reader right now, in a lot of respects. That and knitting. I've started on the Christmas stuff already.

Anyway, that's me. Our oven shorted out again today. Would quite like to be stable enough to buy a place, tbh. This flat is alright, but it's definitely not a long term place.
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2015-05-03 01:51 pm

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We're nearly sorted now. Internet is working (though there's something wrong with the billing which is driving me nuts), polling cards have arrived, we've got a TV license (might still be paying the old one, though), I think the electricity is basically sorted out and the council tax is nearly done and I'm totally not ignoring the pile of bills next to me. I need to charge my laptop, so maybe I'll do that this afternoon? There's no good sockets near the sofa, annoyingly.

The new flat is slightly noisier than the old in that there are student buildings not far away, so if we have the bedroom window open at the weekend we can hear a lot of shrieking. Above and below noise is pretty much what you'd expect for flats. We still haven't figured out the storage heaters - one is on all the time and one is off all the time. The oven tends to blow if the hob gets wet, which isn't ideal. All the shops are that little bit further away which is good for getting more exercise.

I've been getting on with lots of knitting; I've nearly finished the trunk of a jumper (then there's just the sleeves to do). Wool shops are harder to find in Leeds - there's an empty shop near the new flat (they've moved to Chapel Allerton, so 45 minutes walk away) and the one near work is closing down. So I spent £35 there on sparkly stuff.

We're finally caught up on Game of Thrones and started Daredevil, which is good. We're also watching Once Upon a Time s4, and we'll probably keep Netflix long enough to watch Borgias s3 and Orange is the New Black s3 (coming next month), then swap to Amazon for Outlander and Black Sails s2. And at some point watch Lost s2-6. And all the good live TV at the moment, like Gotham and Agents of Shield and Jane the Virgin. I am so in love with Gotham right now.

It's good having a nice lazy weekend with both of us here. Feels more homely as a result. Jack's interviewing people at one of the local museums tomorrow (hope it's busier than friday, when he only got one taker!) while I'm going over to an ex-boyfriend's house to watch lots of Star Wars.
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2015-04-03 09:13 am
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Things we already know about the people who lived in our new flat before us:

- Their full names
- Paddy's employer in 2013, how much he earnt and various other tax details (he left his P60 behind)
- That one of the spoke Spanish as a first language (the washing machine has a list of translations next to it)
- They made most of their own furniture out of broken bits of other people's furniture (a table top nailed to a bedside table! A chest of drawers with no handles!)
- That when they lost a key, they almost certainly put off replacing it until they had to move out, and had the cheapest key cut possible (as evidenced by the fact it doesn't work)
- They chose a green electricity company
- They did a decent, but not perfect, job of cleaning the place (the agency clearly didn't get a pro cleaner in, as evidenced by the P60 stuck behind the handle-less drawers. Also, black mold in the bathroom and streaks on the hob, but immaculate oven and cupboard interiors)

What I also know is that our letting agents think it's fine to just bin someone's P60, without even shredding it, which makes me 0.o at their data security. And that they don't check their properties after people move out, since they left the random furniture, a broken lampshade, and failed to move the beds as asked. Oh, and they told us they don't keep spare keys for the flats, which is just a lie (since, you know, they were doing viewings when it was still occupied but no one was home).

I shall be without proper internet for a few weeks until we get the phone set up, but I'll still have my phone (and work's internet!). So, see you guys in May!
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2015-04-01 11:04 pm

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Hello everyone who got the sad livejournal email and checked their flists for the first time in ages. I've been here all along.

::manic cackle::

(We get the keys to our new flat tomorrow. Moving is making me slowly crazy)
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2015-03-25 07:16 pm
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One week tomorrow until we move. Four full days off. Scary. We've started on the kitchen.

We've got more people coming to view our flat tomorrow (we had some yesterday, while we were out). We're going to run away and hide in town. I feel bad because the place is so messy (there's a really manky bit on the carpet that's covered with a box to hide it from viewers!) and I hope they don't report back to the landlord, but I'm sure they get that packing is an untidy time. The wall of boxes is getting bigger (it's four high, four wide and three deep so far), and there's other boxes and crates scattered around the room. We can just about get into the balcony, which is good because that needs clearing as well. We need to take down all the bare picture hooks, but we've left up the masks so far to creep viewers out!

I finished knitting my skirt! It's super cute. I need to put some belt loops onto it, since it doesn't stay up on its own, but it's the perfect length and kicks out at the hem. I want to start something else now, but all the knitting stuff is packed.
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2015-02-21 07:57 pm
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After watching Heathers, and my not being massively impressed by it*, J asked me what my top High School Movies would be. After poking google to find out what I've actually seen, because I've got a terrible memory, and coming up with a list of about twenty and realising I was only rearranging the bottom half, I came up with a pretty slid top ten.

1 Clueless - This is a film I will watch on tv even though we own it on DVD. It's basically flawless. Yay for Jane Austen.
2 Juno - Witty and smart and actually vaguely reflective of a real high school environment.
3 Easy A - I only saw this for the first time recently, and loved it. Self aware without being overwhelmingly meta.
4 Whip It - Yay roller derby. Yay a sports movie structure in a high school movie that's not about men Yay for cool women moving at high speeds.
5 Bring It On - I'm a total sucker for cheerleading movies. They're like musicals, but with less singing and more gymnastics.
6 Cruel Intentions - I love Dangerous Liaisons (movie - haven't read the book mea culpa) and this is a great evil high school movie. It's bitchy more than cynical, and revels in its cruelty.
7 Breakfast Club - Yay for bonding. Yay for musical numbers.
8 Romeo + Juliet - Everyone else in my class saw this at the cinema but I only became aware of it once they were talking about it in school, possible because it was a 12 and I wasn't. Di Caprio was the school crush of '97 (and I did see Titanic at the cinema despite being underage). Baz Luhrman knows how to pile it on.
9 10 Things I Hate About You - It's got a musical number and Heath Ledger. It makes Taming of the Shrew better.
10 Grease - It's so incredibly problematic, but the music is so incredibly catchy, and Rizzo is just awesome. "There are Worse Things I Could Do" is just brilliant.

I kind of love how Romeo and Juliet musical adaptations get progressively more cheerful, from West Side Story (they die), to Grease (they change for each other) to High School Musical (society changes to accept them).

Near misses, in no particular order, are: Mean Girls, Scream, Dirty Dancing, Save the Last Dance, American Graffiti, The Craft, Mona Lisa Smile, But I'm a Cheerleader, High School Musical, Ferris Bueller and the Buffy movie.

*Partly went in with too high expectations, partly went in with completely the wrong expectations. I was thinking a sort of 80s Cruel Intentions, not the deeply cynical film it actually is. Also partly because I started making dinner and missed the ending, where Veronica finally gains some agency.
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2015-02-19 12:08 pm
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We signed for a flat in Leeds yesterday. The agency have been super quick about taking all the listings down, so I can show you its super sexy kitchen (black cabinets, red tiles). It's broadly the same size as our current flat, but a different layout, so hopefully we'll be able to squeeze some more shelves in. We looked at a load of placed, and the houses were cute but all had tiny kitchens. It's not significantly cheaper than our current place, but it's in a much nicer area than the cheap places. We move at the beginning of April.

I've reached a point where I've had so many conversations about fifty shades of grey I can talk about it with a level of depth that makes people think I've read it, so I felt obliged to actually read it. It's sitting on my ereader at the moment waiting for me to finish Bernard Cornwell (god, that's going to be a whiplash change in styles!).

The other night I dreamt that I'd have to devour it in small chunks. Which sort of makes sense, but then in the dream FSOG was a book sized piece of cooked pork, which I was cutting up with a knife and fork. Then I was worried that my ereader would struggle to read the file properly and not know what order the pages went in (because I was cutting the pork into cubs, not slices). So I don't know what I'm going to make of the actual book, but I know it's going to make me hungry.

I slept eleven hours last night and had more crazy dreams, including dreaming I was in bed and had realised I was wearing two hats, so took them off, then I was on a train and I'd been asleep and dreamt I was in bed with two hats, but actually I was on a train wearing two hats. There was another with a street festival in London and a third where security checks at the airport now included checking your teeth for implants and looking under your nails, because of 'hackers'. I think all the house stuff might have stressed me out a bit (plus hormonal, though the cramps have eased up now) because that was a lot of dreaming.
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2015-01-22 08:40 am
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So I started new job yesterday, and will be working 10-4:30 Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Everyone is very nice, there is no dress code, and I think I can do most things but don't have access to any of the programs or websites so far.

last night's dream of novices nuns on the run was brought to you by Call the Midwife and Up the Women )
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2015-01-20 12:34 pm

Things that come with chips in Belgium

Mussels and chips
Steak and chips
Croque monsieur and chips
Croque boum boum and chips
Omelette and chips
Shrimp croquettes and chips
Cheese croquettes and chips
Grilled dover sole and chips
Steak and baked potato and chips
Lamb and potato dauphinoise and chips
Chicken and vegetable stew and chips
Rabbit in beer sauce and chips
waffles and chips

The sad thing? With every meal apart from the dishes that already came with potatoes, it was oven chips. Only with the baked potato and the dauphinoise did we get actual fried fries.
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2015-01-10 05:09 pm

Disappointing days off

So yesterday we went to see a house in Leeds. Good area, probably pretty standard for what's on offer, but we think we can do better for our money. It had a huge basement, but had crammed the washing machine etc into the tiny kitchen. It wouldn't have cost much to create a laundry space downstairs and free up some kitchen room. I think everywhere is going to have small kitchen's (and very narrow stairs to carry bedroom furniture up) but there's no point looking at anything else until we're back from Bruges.

We then went to Armley Mills museum, which isn't great. It's not terrible, and it's pretty cheap, but it's one of those places that basically has everything it owns on display because there's nowhere else to put it, and a lot of it's going rusty. Not as much Victorian stuff as J had hoped, so probably won't make it into his PhD. Started raining while we were there.

Caught the bus to the centre of town then walked twenty minutes to our second house viewing. Which turned out to be in the middle of a massive industrial estate. Waited twenty five minutes until I stole J's phone to check my emails for the agent's number and discovered the viewing had been cancelled three hours earlier. Now, I specifically didn't give them a phone number (and they never asked), but considering the viewing had been fine less than twenty four hours before, and the excuse given was major renovations taking place (when we knew from being there that the house was completely empty), I'm a little inclined to think they double booked themselves and didn't want to own up. That and their website being the slowest thing to load ever - seriously, it's like the 90s all of a sudden - has put us off using them.

Anyway, we trudged back into town and had an early big dinner (since we'd had no lunch) and went to see Woman in Black 2, which was pretty bad. Not terrible, just very meh. Not scary, and not particularly interesting. Surprised it got 3*s in so many reviews.

And then we came home, and I slept for twelve hours. Today I've reclaimed my phone and done my taxes, and also hoovered and cleaned the washing machine (because those are accomplishments, really) and while waiting for my epically slow computer to do anything also started on decluttering the office, which still looks very cluttered.

Might start knitting a skirt this evening.
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2015-01-08 05:28 pm
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holy anxiety dreams, batman!

anxiety dreams )

House viewings are arranged for tomorrow. My phone has been sent for repair. I don't know how long for - they need the parts, and when J asked they just said "a couple of days." "A couple of working days?" "Eh. A couple of days." All the reviews of the place mention poor service, but it's also bloody cheap. I can put up with poor service for a repair that costs less than half the price of the other place I asked. I've been missing it more than I expected, which is partly having had a smartphone for much longer than last time I had to go without it and partly a reflection of how lax I've got about fiddling with it at work.

ETA J, meanwhile, dreamt he ran the pea_facts twitter, which was just made up facts about peas. He should do this, y/y?
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2015-01-06 07:03 pm
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Decs are down. Tree is still up (naked) because we want to go to the cinema tonight and haven't got time for hacking and sawing at it. I always want to keep the tree at this time of year; it just seems like a nice addition to the house plants. And it was a lovely tree this year, really narrow and tall and dense.

We're off to see Birdman later. Should be good :)

Notice etc are work are all sorted. My request to become a casual has been denied (which feels a bit passive aggressive from HR, which means it probably is!) which isn't necessarily a bad thing because at least this way it's a clean break. Of course, it does mean I need another job in Leeds. I've applied to lego, since there's a lego store there, but their online application is design for all possible lego jobs all over the world, which makes it a bit strange! None of Leeds' museums appear to be hiring, or even owning up to the fact they employ people, so it's probably back to shop work for me. Might drop a CV into some of the cinemas as well.

I've also taken more holiday than I get on pro rata, but it's already booked so there neh (it'll just turn into unpaid leave!). I technically have two days back at work after the holiday, but I think I'll take those as unpaid leave as well. Not a sensible decision financially, but more sensible in terms of having a few days before starting new work. Might have my leaving do after I get back though, since otherwise I'll be having it then getting up at 5:30 the next day to catch a plane!

We're going to check out two houses in Leeds on friday, and Armley Museum (because J's phd means going to all the museums all the time!). Then I'm doing my taxes on Saturday. Yes I am. Honest. Cross my heart.
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2014-11-22 12:36 pm
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Just done a massive FList purge, especially of old comms and people who haven't updated since 2009. If you are, in fact, still here and still watching, shout and I'll add you back. I've also deleted a load of RL people since I have more contact with them through other means, but I've left my sister's journal even though she hasn't used it in literally a decade because it seems weird to delete your own sister.

It's still a bit strange having J at home. Like, we have two days off together every single week, instead of once every two months! He starts his PhD on the 1st, and in the meantime is writing a football book. He's doing basicall all of the cooking and cleaning, which is fun :)

I have been doing a little bit of writing, on a book of ghost stories J and I brainstormed together. So far with have a Bridget-Jones-esque woman having her hair stolen by a wax doll and an accountant being wanted by a pearl necklace he took from a shipwreck. It's inspired by the Whitby Museum, which is brilliant. It's stuffed to the gills with wax dolls, ammonites with snakes' heads carved on them, hangman charms, random stuff brought back by explorers (like a headhunters skull and accessories, a stuffed turtle, and a pouwhenua - a lot of stuff that really should have been left where it was!), bits of shipwrecks, corsets, and a leech barometer. You know, normal museum stuff.

I had first aid training the last two days. The world's most annoying woman was in the group. "Our Ruth is like me," she says, "she values her privacy," the 54 year old woman who works as a technician at a local school, who has three sons (middle one a drug addict who left home at 15) and two granddaughters, one of whom just got out of a bad relationship and works at 60 hours a week -- at the designer outlet, who's father died at 61 of a hearth conditions, who doesn't believe in calling ambulances except when absolutely necessary, who judges her neighbour for texting while pushing a pram, thinks byron burger is too expensive and will only eat beef and lamb cooked until there is no pink left. I knew this woman for a day and a half. I know more about her life than I do about saving lives now. And she was shit at CPR!

I potentially have a new job, working for CAB in Leeds. It's part time, so I'd still be at the museum as well, but it'd be a step away. It's only maternity cover, but I'm kinda pleased about that because if I hate it I only have to stick it out for a year, and it's a nice big organisation so there'll be plenty of internal opportunities. We'll probably be moving to Leeds (which is where J's PhD is anyway) because it's much cheaper - we could save a couple of grand a year and live somewhere bigger. We're going to be very skint, but we have the savings and I need to make an effort to move forwards, not just stay in the increasingly uncomfortable comfort zone (but the museum is a subject for a locked post!).
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2014-09-17 07:13 pm

(no subject)

Oh hello gut clenching anxiety. Obviously the exercise hasn't put you off.
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2014-09-13 06:34 pm
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Freaking out a little because I've been offered an interview by the military museum for activities coordinator, which I'd love, but the interview dates are while I'm in Cornwall. I now have to phone a Wing Commander and ask for special treatment, which is going to be fun.

I'll say one thing - apparently I write an awesome covering letter. First the Enid Blyton Boarding School, now an interview with a Wing Commander. Applying only for slightly weird jobs is apparently working for me as well.

I think I'm going to ask if I can have an interview first thing on Monday, and rebook our train. If not, then first thing on Tuesday will have to do, and J and I will spend as much time traveling as relaxing seeing my parents.

In other news, my anxiety has been bad recently. I think I've over the peak today, but it's definitely a cyclical thing. I'm going to a Legs, Bums and Tums class on monday at one of the local gyms - it's a nice gym because it doesn't charge the earth for classes for non-members, but it's a scary gym because it's full of very intense patrons who look at you weirdly for not being intense - which required a phone call to book, so at least the anxiety isn't being social anxiety right now. I think I'm saving that up for calling the Wing Commander. Anyway, I'm going to the gym because exercise is supposed to be good, a sort of serotonin reset, before I try going to the doctor. I'd rather do yoga, but my preferred yoga teacher doesn't have anything I can get to easily from work, what with all the office staff having moved back in and the odds of leaving work at 5:30 like I'm meant to have massively dropped. I have done yoga at this gym, but it was scary yoga, not relaxing yoga.