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3/5/15 01:51 pm
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We're nearly sorted now. Internet is working (though there's something wrong with the billing which is driving me nuts), polling cards have arrived, we've got a TV license (might still be paying the old one, though), I think the electricity is basically sorted out and the council tax is nearly done and I'm totally not ignoring the pile of bills next to me. I need to charge my laptop, so maybe I'll do that this afternoon? There's no good sockets near the sofa, annoyingly.

The new flat is slightly noisier than the old in that there are student buildings not far away, so if we have the bedroom window open at the weekend we can hear a lot of shrieking. Above and below noise is pretty much what you'd expect for flats. We still haven't figured out the storage heaters - one is on all the time and one is off all the time. The oven tends to blow if the hob gets wet, which isn't ideal. All the shops are that little bit further away which is good for getting more exercise.

I've been getting on with lots of knitting; I've nearly finished the trunk of a jumper (then there's just the sleeves to do). Wool shops are harder to find in Leeds - there's an empty shop near the new flat (they've moved to Chapel Allerton, so 45 minutes walk away) and the one near work is closing down. So I spent £35 there on sparkly stuff.

We're finally caught up on Game of Thrones and started Daredevil, which is good. We're also watching Once Upon a Time s4, and we'll probably keep Netflix long enough to watch Borgias s3 and Orange is the New Black s3 (coming next month), then swap to Amazon for Outlander and Black Sails s2. And at some point watch Lost s2-6. And all the good live TV at the moment, like Gotham and Agents of Shield and Jane the Virgin. I am so in love with Gotham right now.

It's good having a nice lazy weekend with both of us here. Feels more homely as a result. Jack's interviewing people at one of the local museums tomorrow (hope it's busier than friday, when he only got one taker!) while I'm going over to an ex-boyfriend's house to watch lots of Star Wars.
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