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19/2/15 12:08 pm
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We signed for a flat in Leeds yesterday. The agency have been super quick about taking all the listings down, so I can show you its super sexy kitchen (black cabinets, red tiles). It's broadly the same size as our current flat, but a different layout, so hopefully we'll be able to squeeze some more shelves in. We looked at a load of placed, and the houses were cute but all had tiny kitchens. It's not significantly cheaper than our current place, but it's in a much nicer area than the cheap places. We move at the beginning of April.

I've reached a point where I've had so many conversations about fifty shades of grey I can talk about it with a level of depth that makes people think I've read it, so I felt obliged to actually read it. It's sitting on my ereader at the moment waiting for me to finish Bernard Cornwell (god, that's going to be a whiplash change in styles!).

The other night I dreamt that I'd have to devour it in small chunks. Which sort of makes sense, but then in the dream FSOG was a book sized piece of cooked pork, which I was cutting up with a knife and fork. Then I was worried that my ereader would struggle to read the file properly and not know what order the pages went in (because I was cutting the pork into cubs, not slices). So I don't know what I'm going to make of the actual book, but I know it's going to make me hungry.

I slept eleven hours last night and had more crazy dreams, including dreaming I was in bed and had realised I was wearing two hats, so took them off, then I was on a train and I'd been asleep and dreamt I was in bed with two hats, but actually I was on a train wearing two hats. There was another with a street festival in London and a third where security checks at the airport now included checking your teeth for implants and looking under your nails, because of 'hackers'. I think all the house stuff might have stressed me out a bit (plus hormonal, though the cramps have eased up now) because that was a lot of dreaming.
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